must have summer handbags

today we’re all about handbags for summer. i have combed the archives to find my most used, most favorite summer handbag styles. these are timeless styles that can be found each and every summer. some of these styles cross over to fall and spring and few can venture out all year long. these are my must have summer bags.

wicker and woven 

let’s start with my favorite summer bag style – wicker and woven grass or straw. it’s hard to narrow down what my favorite summer bag style would be, but when going back through the archives of summer’s past, one thing was very clear: i love a wicker or woven bag! i have them on style repeat all summer. there are so many styles, shapes, colors and sizes, that you’re sure to find a few that fit your personal style. here are just a few of my most-toted woven and wicker bags. 

how to wear black with grace and style

this wicker bag goes so beautifully with a monochromatic black outfit. it adds the perfect neutral tone to compliment the all-black ensemble. it gives this sophisticated all-black outfit a summertime laid back feel, especially when you tie it all together with a pair of espadrilles. similar handbag here

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why i love summer dresses

this is a very recent post, but i have had this bag for years, and i use it all summer long. i am sure, if you’re a regular reader you will recognize it as one of my go-to summer bags. its cylindrical bucket shape is so unique and whimsical. similar bucket bag here

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my quest for the perfect summer dress

i love this particular wicker bag because of its shape and size, but i really love the blush pink leather detail of the strap and closure flap. it’s just such a light and fun bag to pair with casual and dressy outfits. similar wicker bag here

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here is a more casual look with this same bag. similar rattan bag here. [read the original post…]

woven grass

paisley pants

this round woven grass bag is a perennial favorite of mine. i love the navy sides and the brown leather handles. it’s a versatile bag that adds a fun spiral design and visual difference with its round shape. similar round woven bag here

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tunic and chinos the perfect weekend outfit

this style of woven bag reminds me of a beach vacation. the fun pompons are colorful and adds some whimsy. i’ve paired it here with a casual weekend outfit, but look below for a more dressed up pairing. a woven grass bag should be at the top of your must have summer bags list. similar woven bag here.

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key summer accessories

a ladies lunch or brunch date al fresco is a perfect occasion to sport a woven handbag. similar woven bag here

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patriotic palette

another vacation favorite is a woven tote. a nice flat bottom keeps this oversize bag upright, holding up all your beach accessories or shopping finds. i love the punchy colors of this woven tote, so many outfit options with all those stripes. similar striped woven tote here.

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fisherman net bag

the fisherman net bag (so named for its modeling after a traditional fisherman’s net) is also known as a French grocery bag. the two i have are slightly different than what is commonly known as a fisherman’s net bag due to their having a more structured bag inside the netting. but the overall look is similar, and i feel more functional for what i keep in my handbag. 

the little black dress

since i have paired this lbd with nude heels, the neutral color of this net handbag goes perfectly and adds a great texture and interest to my otherwise monochromatic ensemble. similar fisherman net bag here.

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a classic pinstripe blazer and skinny jeans

a handbag can add so much to an outfit. and this bag surely delivers on that promise. i could have paired this outfit with any number of bags and it would still be a great, classic outfit. but when i add this net bucket bag to the mix with the espadrille sandals, the whole outfit comes together in a fun unexpected way. 

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canvas tote

another must have summer bag is the humble canvas tote. a canvas tote bag can work all year long. i particularly love them when they have leather details, like the one pictured below.  i think this style is great for summer. because the nude/brown combination goes so well with olive green and khaki which i love to wear in summer for a fun safari-style look. 

summer basics | a tunic, blue jeans, nude pumps and a canvas tote

this tote bag is a little more dressed up than your typical summer tote. a structured flat bottom, a leather fold over flap and metal closure put this bag on the sophisticated end of the canvas tote spectrum. similar tote here.

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summer style with Land’s End

this iconic tote from Land’s End is perfect for hauling stuff around on errands, or at the beach! i have a couple of these bags and this one is fun for its metallic details. it just adds a little something extra to a “plain old” canvas tote. similar canvas tote here

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jackets, chinos and tees – oh my!

you all know i love stripes, so this bag with the wide green stripes suits my preppy tastes just fine! this summer tote is just the ticket whenever i want to add a fun pop of pattern to my casual outfit. the gold details make it easy to glam it up a bit. add gold accessories to tie it all together and you have a casual ootd with a little pizazz. similar striped canvas tote here.

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metallic handbags regularly make year-round appearances. because metallics are neutral they go with everything all year long. they are the easiest way to add a little pizazz to any outfit in the heat of summer. you should have at least one metallic bag on your must have summer handbags list.

blue jumpsuit and white blazer

is there anything more gorgeous than the combination of royal blue and gold? royal blue is a very saturated color so it can be a tough color to pair things with sometimes. but gold just works so well with it. similar metallic clutch here.

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why i love summer dresses | the maxi dress

same bag but a more laid bag summer look. another favorite color combination is olive and gold. the shiny effect of this dress fabric made adding gold accessories a no-brainer. similar metallic clutch here.

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why i love summer dresses | the shirtdress

this canvas hobo bag has a subtle metallic sheen coating on the canvas that i really love. this bag is such a versatile neutral. its rope handle detail adds a casual vibe to it. similar version here.

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bamboo handle

bamboo handled bags are the must have handbag for summer this year. but they can come out every season with style. you wouldn’t necessarily bring out your wicker bamboo handle bag in november, but if the bag material is  leather, it can work. look at the bag i have in the picture below. a black leather bag with a bamboo handle is a chic fall bag. and still perfect for summer.

how to wear shorts

i mostly use this bag in summer, as seen here with my how to wear shorts post. i do have a bamboo handle bag that i have styled for fall, you can see the post here. so don’t think this style of bag is a one hit wonder – just for summer. similar here.

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how to wear gingham and polka dots

this bag combines a bamboo handle with a wicker body. the black leather closure flap adds sophistication and contrast to the natural colors of the bamboo and the wicker. similar here.

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summer blockbuster

today’s summer blockbuster is E.T. chosen by junior style. while it premiered before he was born, he has fond memories of watching it for our friday family movie nights. one of Spielberg’s best movies, E.T. is an emotional tale of a boy and an extra terrestrial. they form an unlikely friendship, which ultimately ends as E.T. returns to his home planet. interestingly, Spielberg has said that the character of E.T. was modeled after an imaginary friend he created during his parent’s divorce in the 1960’s. 

i hope today’s roundup of must have summer handbags has given you some inspiration to add to your handbag collection. along with some ideas for how to style them. 


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  1. Jen wrote:

    I love all those bags! The striped canvas tote is my fave, especially with that outfit. You’re so pretty and always look so classy. You’re my style icon!

    Posted 7.9.20
  2. Pati wrote:

    Loved this post as bags are my jam. Look forward to the time when I can go out more to use different accessories.
    A side note, I always enjoy your style but in looking at a retrospective I do like your hair when it is at it’s shortest.

    Posted 7.9.20
  3. Diane wrote:

    I love purses. You show how they can make an outfit complete. You look classy even when you are in your casual weekend look. You are an inspiration. Thanks

    Posted 7.9.20
  4. Eve wrote:

    Such great looks and I love all the bags. The straw and pink bag with the pink sandals is one of my favorites. Just so many bags to love here. Thanks Beth.

    Posted 7.9.20
  5. Andrea wrote:

    I usually have only cross body for comfort and posture or clutch for special or evening events and then I saw that fisherman bag of yours! The one you have with the black dress on the steps made my heart flip. I’m too short for it – but I pinned it, just because. A girl’s got to dream.

    Posted 7.9.20
  6. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    You’re so good about switching up your bags. I have shelves of nice bags, and honestly, I reach for the same few every time. These all look nice. I do admit I spend on some nice bags, but if you take care of them, they really do last for years and years. Lovely looks!

    Posted 7.9.20
  7. Carroll Niesen wrote:

    I loved your gingham and polka dot post and I missed it the first time around. A mix of patterns looks fabulous to me!

    Posted 7.9.20
  8. Doreen Wray wrote:

    When you 4ft 9 o rround about but pettite but a 12/14
    In size.

    Posted 7.10.20
  9. Chevonne wrote:

    Really attractive and doable.

    Posted 7.11.20
    • Hi Chevonne, this recipe is very simple, I am sure you would enjoy it! Have a great weekend! xo Kelly

      Posted 7.11.20

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