how to wear black with grace and style

  1. Linda J. Blessing says:

    Love your new hair style! thank you for all of the fashion, decorating, and recipe

  2. Karen says:

    Your surgical scar looks great! Walking will really strengthen your knee but be careful walking Oscar you do not want to be tripped or knocked off balance. I was able to walk my Corgis about four months after surgery safely and confident ly. Take care love the blog and Kelly’s Kitchen.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      you are so right about not walking oscar yet. one of my kiddo’s is living with me so he takes oscar by the reins or i venture out on my own. but boy-oh-boy does oscar look sad when i head out the front door without him…

  3. Karen Landis says:

    Yay! Already bought those shorts from BR! I picked them because they’re a little dressier, good for lunch out, etc. And I have a blouse and straw bag nearly similar, I don’t have the shoes, but I’ll select something lighter to go with, maybe a light python sandal?

  4. Diane says:

    What your secret to keeping your legs in such good shape?

    • Beth Djalali says:

      well aren’t you sweet? they’re a bit out of shape at the moment but squats, cycling and walks keep the muscles strong and healthy.

  5. MaryLynne says:

    Hi Beth,
    It looks like spring in Michigan with flowering trees and tulips but it doesn’t feel like it with temps in the 50s and 60s. Summer seems like a long way off. I love the outfit but would add a black and white necklace and purse that I have. I bet you would have lots of ideas on different ways to accessorize the same outfit

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i hope spring arrives before summer! you don’t want to miss that gorgeous season. i don’t want to add insult to injury but this year Georgia put on a spectacular spring show. and i’m so thankful. some years we head straight into summer with hot temps right off the bat. but this year it’s been glorious.

  6. Andrea says:

    You look great in black, Beth. It’s one of my go to combinations, regardless of season. I think it’s one of the most versatile, underused colours. People who don’t think they can wear black, just need to wear it buffered with a scarf, or as a cami under a jacket or sheer top. Even a Simple V-neck can do the trick. So many options.

  7. Natalie says:

    I like this monochromatic outfit, and your knee looks great!

  8. Great black dressing article.

  9. Eve says:

    Beautiful in black! I don’t usually wear black in Summer because we really get hot days here but it does look stunning on you. I like an all white look along these same lines. Thank you for showing us your beautiful home.

  10. jackie says:

    Lovely look but then I am a person who wears columns of black, navy or white. You are looking great by the way and the first thing I turn to of a morning with my coffee here in the subtropics is your post and have done since you Sanr Fransisco days. I must say it is freezing here at the moment… wearing a polo neck. Stay well and safe

  11. Nelda Pattillo says:

    You are looking great! Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine is great for recovery. Just be careful not to overdo! Our bodies really do tell us what we can and should do!
    Love the black shorts and top!!😇

  12. Suzanne Smith says:

    Looking great, Beth! your leg looks like it is doing well, and it’s good to hear you’re out and about some. After 3 weeks, I was walking all over, and it hit me just how bad my knees had been before surgery. Still today–every single day I am grateful. I hope you are feeling the same.

    I like the all black with the espadrilles. Classy Lady! And your hair looks good this length! I am discovering how my hair really looks–I still don’t have lots of gray at 65–I wish it would all just come in white as could be! I’ve got my locks in a pony tail as we speak, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done that! Thanks, Covid! 😉

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Covid has all sorts of gifts to give especially when it comes to our hair! mine isn’t quite ponytail length but that’s my goal.
      i know you must be over the moon to have your vibrant life back thanks to knee replacements. surgery isn’t necessarily a cakewalk but i’m like you and thrilled i can go on long walks again.

  13. Sapna says:

    You look graceful yet stylish Beth!


  14. Cheryll says:

    Just an aside here, some of us do not wear black anymore. I used to because it was convenient, but I finally realized that it really wasn’t the best for me. So now when I see outfits in black I simply substitute navy for the black. BTW, I am really enjoying your blog. It’s nice to have someone showing fashion, etc. For those of us not so young (I’m 71). Thanks for what you do!

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