how to wear a tunic this summer

  1. Eve says:

    It’s a wonderful and cool look. I do have to make sure that it hangs right though so the side view looks as good as the forward view. I don’t wear knits on top very much but I do have linen and cotton and even some blends so I don’t have to iron. For coastal living where it gets very hot in Summer, these little tops fit the bill.

  2. MaryLynne says:

    Hi Beth,
    I’m still waiting for spring. It’s 58 in Michigan. Is that a recent picture with you in high heels? I haven’t been able to wear heels since my knee surgeries. I have some lovely shoes in my closet that I would love to wear Maybe someday?

  3. Pamela says:

    I have unusual fashion restrictions in that I cannot wear slacks or shorts due to a damaged nerve. Can you show a way to wear a tunic with a skirt and flats or sandals? I’m 66. Thanks

  4. Sangita M says:

    I agree. Tunics are great. Go with just about anything and great for travel. Makes me want to go dig out my summer ones now!
    It must be hard to keep your posts fresh during the shutdown, but I must say, you do a fabulous job and I look forward to them!
    Take care and be well

  5. Jane Powell says:

    Love the looks, I’m a tunic lady myself!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I adore your style! Following you lead here, I just scored the cutest rattan bag from Nordstrom – and on sale! I can’t wait!

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