what’s trending on pinterest? | a focus on health & wellness

hey gang!  i decided to do something a bit different today.  given everything that’s going on in the world, i went over to Pinterest to see what the trending topics were.  i just wanted to know what people are talking about—what they’re thinking about and focused on—given the changing landscape. …

how to make a french omelette | kelly’s kitchen

hey gang! it’s beth.  for a long time now, i have wanted to open up the blog for a guest column.  and with the new “normal”, now is the perfect time.  saturday is our down day over here on the blog—so why not open it up for some new content? …

street taco friday | mexican beer cocktail | fridays with oscar

as we close another week, i hope you have been digging into some long put-off household projects and tasks. now is the perfect time to do just that. it feels good to clean out the garage, the cupboards, the basement and just generally spring clean. having these things done before…

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a day in the life | my front porch refresh

staying healthy and fit by walking while maintaining social distancing

embracing the homebody in me

skincare, makeup, and boosting your immune system

is it time for a drink yet? | fridays with oscar


hosting a virtual dinner party from home

just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t throw a dinner party for two or more.  today, we’re talking how to host a virtual dinner party.  it might take a bit of planning on your part to send the invites and get everyone on board as far as date…

working from home | tour of my bedroom

it’s Wednesday, gang, halfway through the week! that’s an accomplishment in and of itself these days. right?! many of you have asked if i am growing out the ‘mop’, and yes, i am growing it into a chin-length bob. good timing as haircuts will be few and far between for…

timeless classics | stripes, plaids and blue jeans

even with everything that’s going on, we’re continuing to show up for you in both new and familiar ways.  i guess you’d say the blog is social distancing at its best. right?!  yesterday we brought you a beautiful spring outfit featuring a lavender poncho.  but today, i wanted to mix…