overcoats, sweaters, and wide-leg pants

how to dress stylishly during the holidays?  that’s our theme for this week. each day, we’re focusing on a different holiday.  specifically, i’m giving you fashion ideas as well as decorating tips and tricks. yesterday, i modeled my first true winter outfit. it was all about cashmere, cashmere, and more…

cashmere from head-to-toe | thanksgiving gift guide

the leaves are turning, the weather is getting colder, and we’re headed straight into Thanksgiving.  the transition is upon us from fall to winter, and this week i’m bringing you my first real series of warmer outfits.  today:  cashmere from head-to-toe.  after all, what is more luxurious than cashmere?  last…

blazer blowout and gift guide

other than denim, there is nothing i’ve featured more on the blog this fall than a blazer.  i’ve worn them with sweaters, turtlenecks, and denim boilers to name a few.  i’ve dressed them up.  i’ve dressed them down.  earlier this fall, i put together a guide on how to wear…

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jcrew gift guide | pet gift guide | fridays with oscar

remembering the holidays : new year’s day

remembering the holidays: new year’s

remembering the holidays: christmas

remembering the holidays: thanksgiving


french dip & five rules every woman over 50 should break

we’ve got a really fun fridays with oscar for you this week.  to kick things off, there’s a new installment of friday fives on our YouTube channel.  this week, we talk about breaking women’s fashion rules, namely five rules every women over 50 should break.  you’re not going to want…

beauty & makeup gift guide | fall rewind

it’s been self-care week over here on the blog.  today we’re bringing you a beauty and makeup gift guide.  Kelly and i put this together, and our guide includes everything from budget and drugstore makeup to higher-end facial care.  below, you’ll find selected ideas split between myself and kelly.  we’ve…

putting the “self” back in self-care

this week is all about self-care during the holidays.  we’ve focused on managing grief during the holidays, and the self-care involved in selflessness.  today, we put the “self” back in self-care.  there can be a tendency during the holidays to lose ourself.  when we’re totally focused on the needs of…