top 4 summer wardrobe essentials

are you ready for summer?  with all that’s been going on in the world, it’s easy to forget it’s right around the corner.  spring came and went, much of which was spent under quarantine. it’s easy to lose sight of—easy to forget—simple constants and milestones like the passing of seasons.  it’s unclear what this summer will look like.  although some of the country is slowly beginning to reopen, it’s hard to imagine this summer will be filled with, say travel like years past.  and that’s going to take some getting used to, no doubt.  but as we’ve said on the blog:    opens in a new windowwe have to look upwards first and forward second.  in the spirit of positivity, today we’re going to herald in summer in only the way we can over here on the blog:  we’re going to run through our top 4 summer wardrobe essentials that will serve you well June, July and August.


there’s always a lively discussion when it comes to jumpsuits. some women can’t be bothered with them. but i’m a fan. just like a dress, they are one and done. and they’re perfect for those hot summer temps that are on the horizon. jumpsuits look fabulous with a blazer. but they can fly solo just as well, which is why a jumpsuit makes the 5 summer wardrobe essentials list.

banana republic jumpsuit

opens in a new windowsimilar wrap top jumpsuit | opens in a new windowsimilar stripe jumpsuit | opens in a new windowsimilar wide leg jumpsuit

stripe jumpsuit


beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a black jumpsuit, gold sandals, gold belt, and gold clutch handbag

white pants

whether it’s white denim, white chinos, or white straight leg trousers white is more than all right all summer long. white pants are crisp, and clean, and cool. 

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a denim duster, striped tee, white denim, suede sandals and wicker handbag

opens in a new windowwhite denim | opens in a new window white trousers | opens in a new windowwhite chinos

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears Ann Taylor floral tie neck blouse, pleated pants and suede slingbacks


what i wore in florida

summer sandal

get your tootsies summer ready with a pedicure ‘cuz it’s time to slip into a pair of summer sandals. 

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a floral top, denim joggers, gold metallic block sandals, and carries a drawstring crossbody handbag. Walmart we dress America

opens in a new windowsimilar metallic block heel | opens in a new windowsimilar jack rogers | opens in a new windowsimilar strappy sandal | opens in a new windowmetallic wavy sandals

boden gingham pants, talbots embroidered sweater, talbots white shirt, jack rogers sandals


summer dress

summer days and summer nights call for a summer dress. let’s make sure our wardrobe has more than a few on hand. maxis are perfect for the evening. sundresses for beach chic vibes. and let’s not forget a shirtdress for lunch with the girls. 

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a dress from JC Penney

opens in a new windowsimilar black dress | opens in a new windowsimilar shirtdress | opens in a new windowsimilar striped dress | opens in a new windowsimilar white dress

stars and stripes





  1. Val wrote:

    I love the shirt dress. Does it run true to size?

    Posted 5.19.19
    • hi val! yes, the jc penney shirtdress runs true to size. xo

      Posted 5.20.19
  2. That striped dress just makes me gush. I know you linked a similar but who is that one by?

    Posted 5.19.19
    • hi shelley! the dress is by Ralph Lauren. it’s about two to three years old. xo

      Posted 5.20.19
  3. Rhonda wrote:

    You are absolutely beautiful ( and classy) even in your swimwear!
    Thank you!!

    Posted 6.2.19
    • what a lovely compliment, thank you!

      Posted 6.2.19
  4. Jeanette KELLY wrote:

    Hi Beth, you look lovely. Could you please share where you got the white dress and green shoes? Love both. Thanks!

    Posted 6.2.19
    • both the green shoes and white dress are from J.Crew. they’re several years old.

      Posted 6.2.19
  5. Karyn Bray wrote:

    Always enjoy your posts….did notice the nice handbag in the photo with the red dress….; )

    Posted 5.14.20
    • mr. style bought that for me years and years ago. one of my favorites.

      Posted 5.14.20
  6. GL Gardener wrote:

    Love all your choices. Beautiful and colorful. After one of your posts on white jeans I purchased a pair from Talbot’s petites. Now I have many choices. I love summer dresses and as you said one and done. They are actually cooler than a top and pants. I love shoes and like to see your choices. Great work!
    Thanks so much.

    Posted 5.14.20
    • nothing better than a dress to beat the summer heat. and shoes? they always make or break the outfit.

      Posted 5.14.20
  7. Vikki Andrews wrote:

    Love all of the looks on this post. U look fantastic in jumpsuits!

    I’m only 4’11”. I’m kinda shy with wearing these but I do have a black one that is still waiting on me that take to make alterations lady. Everything is always too long.


    Posted 5.14.20
    • i am certain you will look adorable in your jumpsuit. a nice change of pace and worth the wait for alterations.

      Posted 5.14.20
  8. Linda wrote:

    Love your style!! If possible could you put size you are wearing and if it fits TTS or not.


    Posted 5.14.20
    • i will try to remember to do that. thanks for the feedback.

      Posted 5.14.20
  9. Karen Happnie wrote:

    Ok, WHERE did you find that adorably fun hot air balloon blouse!?

    Love the colors!
    love your website!


    Posted 5.14.20
    • one of my favorite blouses from Anthropologie. if you’re ever in the mood for a touch of whimsy Anthro is your bet.

      Posted 5.14.20
  10. Susan wrote:

    Black jumpsuit with gold belt, hands down! You look terrific in al the looks but that is my favorite!

    Posted 5.14.20
    • and it’s truly a comfortable outfit. so glad you liked it.

      Posted 5.14.20
  11. Francesca B. wrote:

    Thank you Beth for your wonderful post. I get so many new ideas and it is so much fun! I love the LBD you posted from Ann Taylor and managed to snag one in the sale, and yesterday I bought a super belt to go with it to match my bronze shoes…something I would have never have done without reading your posts.( In the past I would have just used the boring black belt the dress came with).
    So I am learning! Thank you:)
    Have a gorgeous day!

    Posted 5.14.20
    • i was thrilled that Ann Taylor restocked that black dress. it’s cute and comfy. what’s better than that?

      Posted 5.14.20
  12. Mary wrote:

    I love the black shirtdress and the black and animal print sandals shown with the dress. Fantastic outfit. Can you share brands please?

    Posted 5.14.20
  13. Suzi wrote:

    In my day, I had several jumpsuits and I loved them, now as a much “older” woman, I find that sometimes I can’t get them undone fast enough! Sorry, but it is what it is–
    Love the ones you showed and makes me long to have one again, I love the blue striped one, but alas, old bladders can’t often wait! Enjoy as you can.

    Posted 5.14.20
  14. Bee wrote:

    Beth, I really like seeing outfits styled with flat and low heeled shoes. There must be many women “of a certain age”, like myself, who do not wear higher heels! Thanks!

    Posted 5.14.20
  15. Cathy Justice wrote:

    I love the black and white dresses. I don’t usually wear a dress it’s a great piece for summer.

    Posted 5.14.20
  16. Susan wrote:

    Lots to love here. You look like a boss in that black jumpsuit with the gold accessories! I really love the coral (?) sling back heels with the white pants. Where did you get those? And — non sequitur here — I was trying to find new summer pajamas today. I get hot so I want sleep shorts that aren’t too short and could be worn around my daughters teenage friends or extended family when we vacation together. Any suggestions? I ordered some from Soma to start. We’ll see how that works out!

    Posted 5.14.20
  17. Cheryl wrote:

    You are one positive lady !!! “We need to look up before we look forward!!”And you look so fantastic!! Such a wonderful role model- I wanna be like you when I grow up!!

    Posted 5.14.20
  18. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    As always, lots of gorgeous looks. I do love a simple dress during hot summer months. It’s been cool for us this spring, but I heard the other day that we’re supposedly in for a hot summer to break records. Ugh. So I’ll definitely be wearing light clothes and simple dresses. You look great! And your knee seems to be doing very well. I hardly notice mine at all now, other than to be thrilled they’re done. I commend you all for the creative posts during this insanity, and with your knee healing as well. Take good care.

    Posted 5.14.20
  19. Nancy A Reed wrote:

    Great outfits that leave me inspired for summer. You look terrific

    Posted 5.14.20
  20. Lyn wrote:

    I love the look of jumpsuits. Years ago I had a beautiful black jumpsuit. During our stay at home time I have rethought my wardrobe, and I wanted to add some items for summer that were casual, but not the typical tees and shorts, etc. I wasn’t sure about fit so I wanted to order a jumpsuit in a lower price point in case it didn’t work out, and it was going to be too hard to return. I browsed the Old Navy site, and I ended up buying a navy blue jumpsuit with a tiny white print – for $17!!! It is adorable!! I also purchased some looser fitting lightweight floral pants – how cute. Even though we are spending 99% of our time at home I still want to look put together. I would say if in doubt about a jumpsuit try to find one that is reasonably priced and try it. Now I am searching for just the right pair of sandals.

    Posted 5.15.20

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