why i love summer dresses | a glance of my new haircut

  1. Lisa Simmons-Yarbro says:

    Hi Beth! Love this dress! What type of bra are you wearing with it?


  2. Good morning Beth! ThAts my haircut! Only problem is (for me) Is that it frizzes with the heat and humidity no matter what Product I use. 😔. 9 months of the year it stays straight and smooth naturally. But summer? Curly wavy and frizz. You look great! Hooe your hair behaves better than mine!🤗

    • Christine says:

      I have the same problem …

    • Ileana Carrillo says:

      Madam, I admire her, I love her style and her bearing. I watch his videos on YouTube and I am his follower, all his advice to me
      They have served a lot. Thank you!

  3. Paula Kopczynski says:

    Love your new haircut!! Love floral summer dresses, too, but not shift style for me. I am very short and this dress style is not too appealing! Looks great on you, though!! Thank you!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I like your hair cut. Your hair always looks pretty. After four months of no hair cut I asked for just a trim. Kinda liked it longer.

  5. Arna says:

    Your hair looks beautiful. The cut is great on you.

  6. Lezlie Davis says:

    I love your new hair style. It’s perfect for you!!!

  7. Amy E Partridge says:

    You look fabulous Beth! I am loving your new cut and style. The fringe of bangs gives you a little extra pizazz. Happy Summer!!

  8. Adrian says:

    Dear Beth,
    I absolutely love the new hairstyle, I’ve always liked bobs anyway, loving your blogs keep up the good work.
    Adrian xxx.

  9. Mare says:

    Dear Beth,

    You look stunning in your new haircut!! Wow!!


  10. Catharina Koskimies says:

    love the haircut

  11. Sue says:

    Love the new look, Beth! It’s fabulous on you, very flattering and highlights your beautiful face!

  12. Shara Smith says:

    Loving your new haircut! I’ve worn a variation of the classic bob for so many years (ok, decades!LOL) that I can’t count..they always look updated. Since we moved back to Georgia, I need to get mine shorter now too:)
    I favor a sleeveless knit A-line mini dress for keeping cool, but loving your floral as well!
    Hydrangeas rock!

  13. Marilyn says:

    Cute hair! Honestly, you have the ability to wear your hair in different shorter styles! This is very nice.

  14. Janet Reading says:

    Your new cut is so becoming! You have great hair and I have liked all of your styles, but I agree with you—it’s always fun to switch things up and keep fresh. I have also decided to make a change. My hair grew a lot during isolation and the color faded (and all of the gray roots are front and center!). Interestingly, all of my family and friends who have seen me said they really like my hair lighter and longer, so I am going with it! For the first time in years, I can do a ponytail! I have a an appointment next week and my hairdresser said many of her clients are liking their hair longer now that they have gotten past the “awkward” phase. Interesting! Keep up the good work—reading your daily post is one of my morning rituals—thank you!

  15. Carley says:

    Good morning Beth!
    Yes you start off most of my mornings, as I always look forward to your fashion and style advice. Beautiful dress and I’m loving your new hairstyle. More than anything this season I’m loving your outlook on life right now. Thank you for all that you do for us out here in the social network land!

    • Kathy Ludgate says:

      Love your new hairstyle and your series on dresses. I am thinking of keeping my natural hair color now that it is past the growout. I had not seen my real hair color for 20 years. Now it is white in the front and silver in the back. Think I like it.

  16. My compliments to you.

  17. Violet L O'Brien says:

    Hi Beth, Your new hairdo is gorgeous, of course it doesn’t hurt that you have very good hair, You look fabulous!!

  18. Sheri says:

    I love the new haircut, Beth!! I finally let my daughter trim about 3 inches of “quarantine growth” to a little past chin length. You’ve inspired me to get a little shorter bang . What do you call the shaping of the sides and back… is that an undercut, stacked bob? Tapered? I’m not sure of the terminology to ask for… cold you help? Love the shift dress ensemble, too!🙂

  19. Cheryl Smith says:

    Hair is so cute and fresh! Love the adorable dress.

  20. Deborah says:

    I love your haircut and color. You have inspired me to embrace my natural hair color, so I am transitioning from golden brown to my authentic white. I just retired from teaching school for nearly 40 years and had planned to start the hair color transition this summer. Along came the Covid quarantine, which helped give me courage to speed up the process.
    Keep encouraging us to be our best true selves.

  21. Linda M Dickey says:

    Love love love the new do. Very flattering!

  22. shirley simkus says:

    love the new haircut……
    do you product on your new haircut….

  23. Leoda says:

    I love your new haircut! It’s so cute on you!

  24. leila chouikha says:

    you are very beautifull xith dress

  25. Nelda Pattillo says:

    I understand the hair issue! I also tried a longer look but finally decided that my shorter hair really was my best look!
    Love your new cut!!💕

  26. Janis says:

    Love your hair!!

  27. Carol B Luff says:

    Love the haircut on you. Change is good!

  28. Jeanne Myers says:

    I love the new haircut! Great shaping for your face ❤

  29. Gladys says:

    This is a very pretty, fresh and happy outfit. We need happy.
    Your haircut looks modern and elegant. Hoorah to hair which can always be changed.
    Best wishes.

  30. Lee Wilson says:

    Beth, your new hairstyle is adorable! As usual, you look lovely.

    Lee Wilson

  31. Lee Wilson says:

    Beth I love your new hairstyle! It looks so fresh and contemporary. As usual, you look lovely.

    Lee Wilson

  32. rosalie frawleyl says:

    I also let my hair go grey and I love it, looks like yours, I love to shop, and am looking for a summer casual dress, but I prefer maxi style. Some of the things you wear are not a good buy for me, especially the bags.

  33. Lin says:

    LOVE your haircut. Looks to me like you have fabulous hair to work with. (You are adorable in that dress as well.)

  34. Stephanie says:

    Love your new cut but you have lovely thick hair that always looks great…and the dress is so cute, might even work for some of us with pear shaped bodies

  35. Barb says:

    LOVE your new hair cut, and it makes you look younger!!

  36. Holly Kurtz says:

    Oh Beth, I love your new hair cut. The fringe frames your beautiful eyes perfectly. You look absolutely stunning!

  37. Priscilla C Herrera says:

    Wow, love your hair cut! Who would of known, I got my hair cut yesterday in the same style! Love it! So enjoy your daily postings.

  38. Melissa Wulff says:

    Love the shorter haircut with bangs!

  39. Martha Williams says:

    I also let my hair grow out during the quarantine. Love your new haircut.

  40. Cyndi says:

    Hi Beth – you haircut is darling, but then i’m prejudiced (it’s the haircut I most often wear). It’s so easy to maintain.

    I most often wear knit swing dresses, when I wear them. I’m most comfortable in pants, and don’t wear shorts anymore. I wear dresses mostly on the hottest days of summer.

  41. Belinda says:

    Cute. Sassy and summery. Both the hair and the dress!

  42. Cindy D. says:

    Beth, love your new do. Do you use mousse and blow dry with a round brush?

  43. Andrea says:

    Wow, Beth, now I can hardly wait for my hair cut in 2 weeks! Love the length and back, perfect for your hair. My fav style was actually when you wore the beige jumpsuit post surgery. Wearing one side behind the ear really opens up your face.

    Love the lipstick you have on – bright but not dark. Those shades are hard to find these days – gorgeous.

    Covid has really impacted our ability to feel our best. You’re like a bird in the breeze at last – happy and joyful🌷

  44. Andrea says:

    Wow, Beth, now I can hardly wait for my hair cut in 2 weeks! Love the length and back, perfect for your hair. My fav style was actually when you wore the beige jumpsuit post surgery. Wearing one side behind the ear really opens up your face.

    Love the lipstick you have on – bright but not dark. Those shades are hard to find these days – gorgeous.

    Covid has really impacted our ability to feel our best. You’re like a bird in the breeze at last – happy and joyful 🌷

  45. Mary Grogan says:

    Love the new haircut. It suits you to a T.

  46. kim says:

    Hi Beth, love your new hair style! I have had a bob for yrs. it suits my hair texture the best. Summer is terrible though for my hair with the humidity, makes it wavy and frizzy. Do you use any product in your new cut? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  47. Elisabeth says:

    Hello Beth. I love all your ootd and hairstyle. It’s so feminine and fresh, a lovely flower print dress, the little round bag, and you look great! A young girl for summer! Bravo! Hello from France!

  48. Suzanne Smith says:

    That looks like a nice lightweight fabric on that dress–cute! And your hair looks terrific! I still need to get mine cut, but am still nervous to go given my immune-compromised status, so I’ll try a longer look for now. It’s kind of fun actually–thankfully she gave me a good cut before covid so it’s doing ok this far, and I’m using lots of hair masks to keep it moisturized, etc. I love your new ‘do!

  49. Colleen says:

    You always look lovely in anything you wear. I’m so jealous!!

  50. Marybeth says:

    Your hairstyle is adorbs! Dress cute too… love florals!

  51. Karen Landis says:

    So pretty! I love that you wear feminine fun dresses! I might have thought this one was too young on the rack, but it’s perfect on you. I’m going to look for one like this. Since it’s summer, I’m thinking it’s been almost a year since you lost the love of your life and it may not always be easy to carry on. My prayers for you today – continued strength and that life would hold joy and meaning for you.

  52. Helen Barron says:

    I notice a lot of these layered style dresses in the shops this year and I am afraid I think they are awful. A normal shift style dress would be much nicer. This shape flatters nobody – not even you who has a great figure but especially anyone who is not a small size! I don’t agree with you on this one at all!

  53. Gwen Marie Ewing says:

    I love your haircut! It’s so flattering and classy! What a difference a tiny trim and bang makes! You look really good! The dress is so feminine and flowy, love it!

  54. Jeanette says:

    The hair cut is very flattering. Both you and I need bangs with high foreheads.

    Is it possible you could show us the backs of your dresses and outfits rather than just the fronts? Thanks!

  55. Susan says:

    Hi, Beth I had to add my “looking good” comment to all the others. Thank you for sharing your new haircut and your gift of style. We haven’t gotten that far in our reopening yet and it seems like everyone needs a cut!!!

  56. Sangita M says:

    Your dress and hair look great! I totally understand the need for something new. I too have a different hairstyle than before COVID. You also inspired me to just let the grey grow in and I am happy with it. You are a daily inspiration and I look forward to your posts everyday! Take care and be well.

  57. GLG says:

    You look fabulous and cool. Love the shift dress on you. Your new haircut is elegant and modern. You have wonderful hair.

  58. Christine McMorran says:

    Your haircut looks fantastic. It suits your face so much and it was definitely worth the wait. Fabulous!!!

  59. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I love the dress you wear, I like this type as they are not long (being short), so not overwhelmed by yards of fabric, also love your new hair style!

  60. Edie Brown says:

    Beth, Although I prefer short hair and loved your looks, I understand the need to change it up sometimes. I like the new style, especially with the shorter whisps. It’s flattering to your pretty smile! Keep it up girl, you consistently knock it out of the park!

  61. Tracy Lawley says:

    Love your new hair do, but I have to tell you after several months of No Hair Appointments I took your picture off of Pinterest to my hair dresser to copy your shorter style. I am also embracing my grey (My Sparkle as I like to think of it). Thanks for all your tips and style.

  62. lorena says:

    Loving the new hair cut!
    I am actually growing my grey… not sure if I am going to keep it but for now my hair and scalp are getting vacations from all the dyes.

  63. Pamela says:

    I love dresses too and this one looks really comfortable and smart. Your new haircut is fabulous! It makes me think of the bubble cut from long that I always wanted but my hair is too fine and flat. I haven’t ventured out for a cut just yet and am actually sporting a short french braid, mercy…flashback to my 40s!!!

  64. Gail King says:

    Love your new look!

  65. Rhonda says:

    I LOVE your new haircut!! Such a cute, short bob and very complimentary to your face shape!

  66. Susan says:

    Love your new haircut!!!!!

  67. Anita Clemens says:

    Love your new haircut.

  68. Susan says:

    I have been wanting to get a hair cut too. Just as soon as the Lion, Wizard of Oz, brings me some courage 😁. Your new do is cute, classic, but I loved the shorter style u had pre-Covid. It rocked with style, youthfulness. Longer hair brings the face down, shorter hair raises it up. Now excuse me while I go in search of that lion, lol.

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