how to buy lingerie this summer

summer is officially here and with the cute summer tops and dresses comes the question: what type of undergarments should i wear with this? well, i thought it would be a good time to revisit my how to buy lingerie this summer posts. full of how-to’s, tips and tricks for choosing the right bra and underwear. 

the sunday brief | summer bras

today, we’re talking all things lingerie. if we’re wearing the right undergarments easy breezy sundresses, halter tops, and open knit sweaters can be worn with confidence and ease. it all starts with the right bra. think of it like building a house – the foundation is laid first. this is an important step because even the most spectacular outfit can go awry if we’re not wearing the right undergarments. here’s how to buy lingerie this summer.

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summer lingerie |the sunday brief

first, i suggest a twice-yearly bra-fit session. all reputable department stores from Neiman Marcus to Nordstrom to J.C. Penney have trained bra-fit specialists that will equip you with proper measurements – it’s a service they offer at no charge to their customers. why twice a year? because in the space of six months, our bodies may have changed. weight fluctuates, ladies, and as we age our bodies can morph. take heart, this is when wearing the proper summer lingerie will help! 

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how to buy lingerie | a spring retrospective

once you know your correct bra size, then it’s a matter of deciding what brand you like. in my opinion, bras are like jeans – we’re always on the hunt for the perfect one. so don’t be afraid to carve out an afternoon and try on every brand known to mankind. once you find the perfect match the hard part is over. remember, the band should be snug when hooked on the first row. then over time as the band stretches, you can fasten it on the next hook for a tighter fit. Simone Perele and Wacoal are my top picks for bras with Chantelle pulling up the rear. recently i discovered Third Love, and i’m quite impressed. their bras are incredibly comfortable with tagless bands and no-slip straps. the Third Love website offers loads of information about fit issues & solutions or lingerie care. yes, we should hand wash our bras or at the very least run them through the delicate cycle securely fastened inside a lingerie bag.

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all right ladies, are you ready to find your perfect undergarments for summer? you won’t be sorry because once you have the right foundations in place, you’ll look and feel your best every day this summer!



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  1. Judy wrote:

    The striped dress is your best look yet!

    Posted 6.25.20
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    So true our bodies morph!!! 🙁 Mom? Grandma? Is that you? Lol! As a young girl I’d hear them both complain that clothes just didn’t fit right anymore. One day as Mom said the way clothes were made must’ve changed, Grandma chuckled and replied, “Honey, it’s not the clothes. It’s us!” Both laughed. Sweet memory now with both gone. Thanks as always, Beth~

    Posted 6.25.20
  3. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Lots of good reminders and pretty looks!

    Posted 6.25.20

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