the sunday brief | summer bras

  1. LP says:

    Great article Beth. My current favorite bra is the Third Love line…and I finally got myself a Lacey racer back to wear with a sheer upper back t-shirt I picked up. The combo is pretty and tasteful and I feel good in it. And I don’t feel like I’m trying to compete with the twenty year olds…a line I am consciously avoiding! Lol
    Love your stuff…keep it up! lynn

  2. Robyn Massey says:

    All excellent suggestions! I wear the Wacoal sports bras and they are simply the BEST! I have “substantial girls” and they don’t move! I have two nudes, a navy and red. Now I want the berry color! 🙃

    • beth djalali says:

      i was so excited to discover Wacoal’s sports bra. what an amazing fit! you will love the berry color. it just puts you in a good mood. xo

  3. Judi Hume says:

    I like what you said about carving out the time to shop for bras. After YEARS of naively wearing the wrong size bra, I went to a small shop that was renowned for its bra fittings. But to my dismay, despite its reputation, I didn’t get a good or accurate fitting at that shop. Like many women, in addition to front cleavage I have “side cleavage” and every bra I tried resulted in a lot of overflow under my arms. When I pointed it out to the clerk, she snapped, “There’s no way around that!”. So I went home and spent a fair amount of time online learning how to accurately fit a bra myself. When I’d done it according to the terrific online instructions, frankly, I didn’t believe I was the size that my self-measurements indicated I was, but I then went to a department store and spent a couple of hours trying on various bras in that size and voila! It was indeed my correct size. The correct size not only eliminated the underarm spillover, but it made a huge difference in how I looked and felt. And I agree with you that bras are like jeans: when I find something that fits, I buy several.

    • beth djalali says:

      wow, judi! good for you for taking time to research a well fitted bra. but isn’t it amazing what a good bra does for your figure?! so happy to hear there was a happy ending to your story. thanks for sharing. xo

  4. ReaderGirl52 says:

    I have the Wacoal Minimizer and love it. Had it fitted by specialist and it is very comfortable. Expensive but with proper care they last a long time and don’t stretch out, etc. like cheaper bras.

  5. Sue Smith says:

    A good reminder that I want some new bras. I think when you have a good bra and a good fit, you don’t even think about it–it’s comfortable and you forget all about it.

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