why i love summer dresses | the maxi dress

  1. Jan says:

    I still like your cute looks, but think the short hair was so much more flattering on you…..I wear my hair similar to your currant style…wondering if the shorter hair would be better for me!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      remember, i haven’t had it cut in four months. i am going for a longer length but the ‘do’ hasn’t been put into a proper haircut.
      but there will always be team short as well as team long. pick a side any side ‘cuz one things for sure, i always have a fab stylist
      that keeps me at the top of my game.

  2. shirley simkus says:

    love the dress…..a love floating dresses are so chic…..and comfortable…..

  3. Laura Tiegs says:

    I love this look! You wear it beautifully. Thanks for keeping our spirits up with your posts. Your fashions give me a sense of “normal” and inspire me to take joy in taking care of myself. I copy your outfits all the time. Thank you very much!

  4. Andre says:

    I’m known for the one who will turn up in a dress summer or winter. They are my favourite resort wear as you can walk in the surf, use as a coverup and be appropriate in the eating areas – is important. So many women view dresses as too dressy for everyday, but they are versatile, chic and budget wise. Add a jean jacket, a shawl or dress up with jewelry- easy, chic, affordable. More importantly, during Covid19, it brings a bit of playfulness into our days🥂

  5. Eve says:

    It’s a really pretty dress and you are rocking it but I couldn’t wear this look. We need to feel comfortable in what we wear so I stay away from sleeveless. Is there any look you avoid now that you wouldn’t have ten years ago? You appear to be able to wear anything and look great.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      at this point in time i haven’t changed my style from ten years or even twenty years ago. i think that’s the beauty of classic style – it’s ageless.

  6. Cindy Woods says:

    You look stunning and so airy and carefree in this post. I will rethink dresses now, as the weather is getting hotter in NE Ohio. Love your style so much.

  7. Suzanne Smith says:

    I so agree–a dress is excellent because it truly is “one and done.” In the heat we’ll be seeing soon, here in NC, I rely on them. And I have a few simple skirts that are cotton and comfortable in the heat, too. I like that dresses can be super casual or dressy, depending on stylng, fabrics, how they’re accessorized, etc.

  8. Sue says:

    I think there is something so classic and elegant about this dress while at the same time fresh looking. A gracious style that suits you.

  9. Lisa says:

    Very nice dress! I actually think you are one of the rare few who can wear short or long hair. You are always on point! Frankly, my hair has a solid two inches of gray showing because I cannot go to my hairdresser. Love your blog!

  10. Jan says:

    Love today’s look. Very Grecian.

  11. Jen says:

    I look forward to your webpage everyday. You are the classic model for us older women. I know your new do is current style, but your shorter hair makes you look more elegant and sophisticated!!!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      one thing is for sure the ‘do’ changes every now and then. i love it short too but i’m liking the longer length for a different take.

  12. sharon says:

    I love dresses in summer time. They are the coolest thing to wear. Thanks Beth for all you do.

  13. Dianne Kropp says:

    Thank you for this post! I hope we always will continue to dress up! Over the past decades younger people have gone way to cas, as they say. Lately, I have feared that Covid would kill fashion altogether, with nowhere to go and people working from home I envisioned us turning back to the toga times! I wonder, will men’s suits become a thing of the past? One good thing, with gym’s closed maybe THAT look will die out. I never loved seeing people in their stinky gym clothes!LOL

  14. GL Gardener says:

    Love the comments. I enjoy putting together an outfit each day. Love the outfit you have on. Where is the shawl from? I enjoy dresses in the summer as they are cooler and it has been so HOT!

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