how to wear a cardigan this summer | fridays with oscar

  1. Carolyn says:

    Happy Summer!
    I was wondering why you don’t show the comments anymore. I always enjoyed reading everybody’s comments.

  2. Arna says:

    I love making my own hummus. So simple and easy to make and enjoy. Your recipe for blueberry vodka spritz is on repeat for us; it is now our go-to drink on the weekends after working outside all day. (Okay, today is not technically the weekend, but I did make a recipe, doubled, of the blueberry syrup so we are ready to go at the end of this hot summer day.) I have been using Limoncello instead of lemon juice. Yummy!

  3. rosalie frawley says:

    just a note, I bought 2 denim skirts from Ann Taylor, needed to reach customer service, called, texted, e mail, no response at all. Will never do business with them again!!!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i would give them another chance after Covid and the impact on businesses lift. Ann Taylor is a class act company. but like so many retailers have been impacted with staff reduction, an onslaught of shipping orders, etc… but returns are soooo easy and you don’t need a customer service agent to accomplish that transaction.

  4. Hi Beth
    As usual you look wonderful even in shorter shorts and the long cardi. Very cute! You can pull it off . I love how you wear clothes and can only hope I look a quarter as good as you do. I do wear shorts, but a bit longer length. I’d wear them with a navy tee on these humid days we’re currently having, and maybe an elbow length tee at that.
    Yes we will be enjoying this first weekend of summer! You as well!

  5. Always enjoy your writings. Today was A+. I don’t wear shorts anymore but wish I did.Love the outfit and the wreath on the porch. Simple yet elegant.

  6. Beth, I am interested in the linen cardigan but am wondering how it washes. Please let me know. By the way, your hair is looking just beautiful. Happy weekend to you and of course Oscar and Ollie.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      the linen cardigan needs to be washed on the delicate cycle. i hang mine up to dry instead of the dryer. then it might need a touch-up with the iron.

  7. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Inspiring post! You look great as always. Love Oscar! Will get tahini on next store trip & try my hand at making hummus. I love it. Have a soft brownAnabow-length sleeve cardigan & wondered how to wear it. Found some pink Talbots Bermuda shorts Monday. Am getting close to an outfit here, with shorts, no less! I’ve been so skittish about wearing shorts and in a previous comment you essentially replied to go for it 🙂 I’m almost there! I hope to look classy like you. Thanks, Beth! Happy Weekend. Love and hugs to your boys!~

  8. Dot Sisulak says:

    Beth, I do not think this combo, long cardi, shorts, is the best combination you have featured. However, these sweaters are fantastic for summer, especially in climates where air conditioning prevails!

  9. Andrea says:

    I wish I had your legs, lady! You look so casually chic in this outfit. I would never have thought of a longer cardi with shorts but it is perfect!

    Had a giggle, when I saw your orchids in the blue and white. Are we twins or sisters from another life? You would love the orchid pots with matching saucers I acquired from a diplomat that had been in China and was downsizing collections. The pots have four small legs and are low and rounded with traditional designs in blue and white. Both the pots and saucers are octagonal- very unique.

    Stay safe and enjoy the sun🥂

  10. Lori Feld says:

    Love that cardi, your knee looks great and your hair is stunning combed back that way!

  11. Madeline says:

    For a different take on hummus, use edamame instead of chickpeas. I buy Trader Joe’s frozen, cook, cool, and use. You can use the same other ingredients in your recipe.

  12. Lisa says:

    Hi Beth. You always look great in shorts and short sleeve dresses. Love your hair!

  13. Georgia Peach says:

    Happy Friday!
    Cute cool outfit. Thanks for recipe. I love hummus.
    Your porch and flowers look beautiful.
    Happy Fathers Day weekend. I will be thinking of you and your dear family❤🙏

  14. Barbara says:

    Hi Beth, I make this same recipe, but I use the reserved chickpea water to thin the hummus. Makes for an even richer flavor.

  15. Suzanne Smith says:

    Good for you switching out the oils. I am always looking at labels and it drives me nuts how many products have sunflower and palm oils…grrrrrr! I do love hummus, and it’s so good for us, too–I’ll have to try your recipe. Oh, and I love pine nuts, too, so this looks like a keeper. Thanks for the recipe! Have a great weekend–your shorts OOTD is cute. You look wonderful.

  16. Marybeth says:

    You are so inspiring, Beth! I love your-always happy face! Thank you!

  17. PAM says:

    What a testament to your recovery from knee surgery these pics are! You look great and I love the longer hair.

  18. Penne Ballow says:

    You look good in those shorts, but it is not a look that I would recomment for most women “of a certain age”

  19. Sharon Hoyle says:

    I hate sweater. I hate sweaters summer or winter. But, but I did not know about linen sweaters. You have convinced me I do not know sweaters yet. Purchases in my future.


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