how to elevate your denim skirt for a classic, chic look

i still think fashion matters, and i still think looking our best is important.  so far this summer, i’ve been looking for an excuse to wear a blazer.  so much so, i wrote a post on how to wear a blazer this summer.  amazingly enough, Athens’ weather has been temperate this summer:  we’ve only broken the 90s a few times.  so, i’ve been able to get away with reaching for a blazer, and i’ll take it.  with that in mind, i want to build on Sunday’s post on denim and show you how i elevate a simple denim skirt for a classic, chic look.  we’re going to pair a denim pencil skirt with a classic linen blazer. 

how to elevate a denim skirt

today, i’m pairing a denim pencil skirt from Nordstrom with a classic linen blazer from Talbots.  last week, i showed you how to put together a fresh preppy look with a pinstripe blazer with skinny jeans.  a very similar idea today:  the clean lines from the pencil skirt are accentuated by those of the blazer.  i’ve chosen a white one, but you could imagine giving the outfit a bit of a color pop by choosing a pink or blue one

i’m loving espadrilles this year.  i’ve put together a wide selection here, here, here, and here. they’re such a flexible sandal and can be paired with pants, shorts, or a skirt to give you an instantly chic look.  

blazer | pencil skirt | cami | similar tank | espadrille | espadrille 2 | espadrille 3 | espadrille 4 | crossbody bag | hobo bag

a classic linen blazer

i’ve been all about blazers this summer.  if it’s too hot where you are to pull one into your outfit, i understand.  but they’re a perfect layering piece for milder climates or for the days you’re bouncing inside and out.  i’m loving Talbots’ classic linen blazer this year:  you don’t have to twist my arm to wear linen.  but don’t forget to check out this classic pinstripe blazer if you’re looking for something with more visual interest.  

blazer | pencil skirt | cami | similar tank | espadrille | espadrille 2 | espadrille 3 | espadrille 4 | crossbody bag | hobo bag

a denim pencil skirt

as i said Sunday, a denim skirt is a staple any woman should have in their closet.  just like jeans, they’re so flexible and can be paired with anything to get literally any look.  today, i’ve chosen to elevate a denim skirt into a more classic look, but if you want to go totally casual, just like jeans, you can do so easily.  

blazer | pencil skirt | cami | similar tank | espadrille | espadrille 2 | espadrille 3 | espadrille 4 | crossbody bag | hobo bag


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  1. Thank you for your advice on wearing denim. I have never been a “denim jeans” person, but I would wear a denim skirt or dress for sure.

    I am 72 and am enjoying your blog so much. You have made me realize that I can still be fashionable like I used to be when I was younger.

    Posted 6.16.20
  2. MonicaAD wrote:

    Nice outfit!!! Do you have any info on your belt? THANKS!!!

    Posted 6.16.20
  3. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Looks cool and classic. Your hydrangeas are doing their thing! One of my favorite flowers this time of year–we always have fresh flowers inside and most of the year, from our garden. It’s a good feeling to pop outside and pick something from your own yard. You’re so right that so far, we have had the nicest spring and our temps have been wonderful excepting for a few days of high heat. Hope it stays that way, but I know it probably won’t last.

    Posted 6.17.20

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