preppy blazer with a color pop

a new take on an old favorite—that’s today’s theme.  for my regulars, you know that “preppy” is my go-to style.  it’s a style i’ve loved and embraced since i was a child, and i don’t shy away from it as an adult.  today, i wanted to take a classic preppy outfit—a skirt and a blazer—and add a little twist to it.  this summer has been all about color and patterns.  last week we featured yellow jacket and shorts, and the week before, we went with a bright floral matching blouse and pants.   today, we’re taking a preppy blazer with a color pop and pairing it with a patterned pencil skirt.  (and don’t forget, we’re revealing another one of our favorite summer blockbusters.)  

preppy blazer with a color pop

what a year it’s been.  i think a lot, if not most of us want a 2020 do-over.  (or maybe we’ll just scratch this one from the books.)  but as i’ve talked about on the blog a lot, one of the ways i’m keeping my spirits up is adding color to my wardrobe, as well as pattern mixing.  seem like trivial things, but i’ll tell you what, they’re not only lifting my spirits, but they’re keeping me engaged.  a “fashion distraction” as we’ve called it over here at style at a certain age.  and right now, that kind of distraction is a good thing.  and what better way to inject a little fun than to take your favorite style and add a little twist:  a pop of color here and a new, exciting pattern there.  try it.  you’ll like it.  i promise.  

blazer | slingback sandals | pencil skirt | puff sleeve tee | similar bag | similar bag 2  


a pencil skirt & pink blazer

today, i’ve got a pink blazer in stretch linen from J.Crew.  i think J.Crew has knocked it out of the park with their summer line this year, and i’ve gotten a lot of use out of this blazer.  we’ve talked how to wear blazers a lot this summer.  they’re a great layering option, and depending on where you live and what you do, that could definitely be something to consider.  i’ve paired the blazer with a puff sleeve tee this palm print pencil skirt also from J.Crew.  floral and fauna patterns are in this year, and i’ve worn them liberally.  

blazer | slingback sandals | pencil skirt | puff sleeve tee | similar bag | similar bag 2  

summer blockbuster: top gun 

it’s kelly’s turn to reveal her favorite summer blockbuster.  and boy did she pick a great one:  Top Gun.  probably one of the greatest navy recruitment videos of all time, who didn’t want to fly a plane after they saw this movie?  and what a soundtrack:  where else are you going to hear Kenny Loggins and Eddie Van Halen back-to-back?   and did you know that the movie’s famous love scene was shot after the movie had wrapped

who’s exciting for Top Gun 2?  usually sequels disappoint, but everyone here at style at a certain age is excited for this one.  and hopefully, life will have returned to normal by the time of its release so we can actually see it on the silver screen. 

blazer | slingback sandals | pencil skirt | puff sleeve tee | similar bag | similar bag 2  


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  1. Marilyn wrote:

    Beth, I love the outfit, but wonder when you have worn a blazer during the pandemic? I live in Maryland, and we have done only outdoor restaurants, where I have not needed any type of third layer. Even in evenings, it would be too hot. Grocery shopping can require a jacket due to air conditioning, but today’s outfit would be too dressy for that. Those are the only places I go.

    Posted 7.8.20
  2. Sangita M wrote:

    Beth, you look fabulous as always and pink is definitely your color!

    Posted 7.8.20
  3. GL Gardener wrote:

    Very sharp outfit. Love the print skirt. I was just looking at it on J Crew.

    Posted 7.8.20
  4. Great outfit. Love the hot pink blazer. However a more substantial shoe ,to me, would look better. The shoes are too dressy for the rest of the outfit.

    Posted 7.8.20
  5. I saw Top Gun in Flagstaff, Arizona on a summer vacation back in the mid 80’s and loved, loved, loved it Never get tired of watching it. I love talking movies!

    Posted 7.8.20
  6. Lisa wrote:

    I love your skirt, been eyeing it for a while. Nicely styled.

    Posted 7.8.20
  7. carol severson wrote:

    Where is the belt from? I love wide belts.

    Posted 7.8.20
  8. Donna wrote:

    I absolutely love this outfit! I am also a preppy “girl” but had been stuck in a rut. Discovering your web-site was a God send. Love the recipes and Fridays with Oscar, too. Thank you.

    Posted 7.8.20
  9. Sharon wrote:

    I loved your previous hair style…

    Posted 7.8.20
  10. Kris wrote:

    Nuff said!

    Posted 7.8.20
  11. Leu2500 wrote:

    What a well put together outfit. The individual pieces, the silhouette, the accessories, the use of color. So, do good.

    Posted 7.8.20
  12. Eve wrote:

    It is a great dressy outfit. I’m living such a casual lifestyle right now with just a few outings like doctor appointments, eye exam, grocery store etc so totally casual is what I’m seeing everywhere. I think we might have a shift into more casual clothes after this is over. Women have learned the joy of elastic waist and no iron fabric.

    Posted 7.8.20
  13. Phyllis A Barba wrote:

    Hi Beth —
    Love the skirt!!! I have become a JCrew fan but have a hard time navigating their sizing.
    What size did you order in this great looking bright pink print skirt?
    In the past, I have sized up in their skirts … do you do the same???
    LOVE your style,

    Posted 7.8.20
  14. Suzi wrote:

    Name and color of nail and toe nail polish?

    Posted 7.8.20
  15. Sheron D Davis wrote:

    Hi Beth!
    Thank you for all your wonderful blogs.
    I love this outfit you are wearing. It is classy with lovely colours, but at the same time simple.
    This is something you could wear out shopping or even out for dinner. It looks lovely on you!
    I would like to pin it for my Pinterest board, but lately having problems pinning. The wee pin on the right side of the photo is not showing up. Is there any other way I can pin this?
    Sheron Davis,
    Ontario, Canada

    Posted 7.8.20
  16. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Fun colors–one of my favorites! They really pop. And Top Gun was good–it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago–where the heck did all that time go?! I didn’t even realize they were doing a sequel. I’m out of touch! I always think Tom Cruise makes for a good movie. He puts his all into any role.

    Posted 7.8.20
  17. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Your outfit today is nice, but for me, it’s your fresh haircut that draws me in! The side part and sweep frame your face beautifully. You look great coming and going. Kudos to your stylist!~

    Posted 7.8.20
  18. Andrea wrote:

    Gorgeous outfit and the colour is perfect on you. I know some feel our lives are too casual for it, but I would definitely wear this for appointments. I think if we don’t dress for success, so to speak we are subconsciously giving up and even though we may be housebound, we don’t have to forget to live. I adore those kitten heels. Have always loved kittens, perfect marriage of femininity and comfort. You can dance alright in those. We have to be so cautious right now, but within our wardrobes we can let caution go safely – mental freedom. Brighter days are eventually coming, so why not prepare for them. Live life to the fullest- safely.💝

    Posted 7.9.20
  19. Nelda Pattillo wrote:

    I love color, especially as as I have ‘matured’! I need the extra color!! I love the bright pink!

    Posted 7.9.20
  20. You look so fab! I love how the dress add an additional kick to the overall outfit! 🙂

    Posted 7.10.20
  21. Debbie S wrote:

    I love this outfit and it looks amazing on you! Would agree with another who commented that a less dressy shoe would look better with it.

    Posted 7.11.20

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