how to wear shorts

  1. Gina D from Texas says:

    You look AH-MAZING!

    I’m on of those who just can’t wear shorts. I have fat knees (well chunky legs too) and too-white legs. 🤷‍♀️ So I opt for cooler pants and maxi skirts/dresses.

    • Pam says:

      Me too Gina! I love to wear flip flips with a midi or maxi skirt in summer. No shorts for me as my legs are too, well…yukky. It’s one thing to throw out preconceived notions about what one can or can’t wear, but we still want to look good and stylish!

  2. Dessie Irvin says:

    I just LOVE your attitude!

  3. Violet O'Brien-Hill says:

    You look fabulous in shorts! Not all of us are so fortunate. Then, come to think of it, you look great in everything. Enjoy your info so much.

  4. zia says:

    Those prices 🙁

  5. Terry Thompson says:

    Of course I wear shorts. I live in Florida! Age 64. Mine are all Ann Taylor or Loft, but I have a stripe pair I got at Old Navy last year. 🙂

  6. Pamm says:

    You look great but since you did this article on shorts, can you address the situation some of us deal with which is “white leg syndrome”. Do you use a tanner on your legs? If so, do you have a favorite? Thank you!

    • Julie Mycock says:

      Hi Pam, one of the best self tan’s I’ve come across is Jergens, they do it for face and body in light to medium or medium to dark, they do one for the face as well. I find it blends well and doesn’t smell and gives a natural colour. I can’t get it in England so I buy it when I go to Florida or I get it off Amazon UK. Hope this helps regards Julie from England

      • Pamm says:

        Hi Julie! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question! I will try the Jergens!


    • Jeanette Ziolkowski says:

      The last time I used a self-tanner, which was ages ago, it made the age spots on my legs darker, which was not attractive in the least. Needless to say, I never used a self-tanner again! Unfortunately, my numerous large age spots and patches of spider veins limit when and where I wear shorts, but I have learned to live with it. When I was younger, and my mom was in her 50’s, I used to wonder why she never wore shorts when it was so hot in the desert where she lived. Now I know why!

  7. Sheryl says:

    I am 63 and 4’11” tall; I look good in shorter shorts but am self-conscious because of the “you shouldn’t” culture.

  8. Regina says:

    I totally support what you said about the way we were raised (looking at what is not, rather than what IS). One good side of ageing is to make myself more independent of what others think “ought” to be. And I also love shorts.. I love white sportive ones, but also in Chino style. Have never tried to wear with a Blazer, which adds a more “serious” proper look to them – will try this out, once the temperatures in Austria have increased a little 😉

  9. Connie says:

    That is one fabulous outfit on you! Even though I’m over 60, I still have good legs (as did my mother and grandmother) but I’m ready to break another old rule. I’m now ready for shorts again. As for prices of anything you wear, bring it on. I have fun finding similar looks at lower prices and get a boost on my retail high!

  10. Ofrona Reid says:

    Sorry Beth, but that shirt pulls across the chest and is the collar a v or just droopy? This is the first time I wasn’t crazy about an outfit.. it didn’t do you justice IMO

  11. Christine Martin says:

    I was born up in England just after the war and growing up then there was a slightly different attitude. Most of us were thin/slim and being over-weight was never a problem. It was the opposite, as a teenager I thought of myself as being so thin, even seeing Twiggy in the magazines and in t.v. didn’t help. I covered myself up, would never wear shorts! I will wear them now, and even though my legs are still slim, I have big knees, never a good look but it doesn’t stop me as it would have done in my teens. I look back and think , why didn’t I realise that I was not too thin! Thanks for doing these articles

  12. Lin Taylor says:

    Hurrah for you! You look super in shorts, and you are comfortable, so why not? I’m nearly 67 and continue to wear shorts. My husband continues to tell me I have great legs. Thanks for the thumbs up to shorts. I’ll wear them as long as weather gets hot and I have legs.

  13. Anon says:

    To each their own.

  14. Kimm says:

    Love the shorts and blazer – sharp! But, I think you missed the mark in the Tshirt. It’s a mess under that crisp suit. I’m all for casual but it just looks sloppy.

    • Pam says:

      I agree, however, Beth has a better version of this outfit on her Instagram page where the tee is more streamlined and she has a pump instead of an ankle wrap sandal.

  15. Bonniev says:

    I’m 78 and still wear shorts. I wear mostly longer ones, 12″ lengh. I also have some that are shorter. My legs have always been long and thin, especially my ankles and calves and am very self-conscious. The rest of my body used to be that way but have larger top than bottom now. I am very careful how and where I were shorts, but for golf I used the walking shorts. At home I wear shorter shorts. I’ll wear shorts till I die! Loved the outfit by the way~

    • Katherine Badriyeh says:

      Bonnie, GOOD FOR YOU!!! We need people like you and Beth to disrupt the “age appropriate” rules. We”ve got to break this tyranny . Your post made my day.

  16. Cindi says:

    Thank you for this blog! I wear shorts and skirts above the knee. Since I walk so much, I feel good in shorts and skirts above the knee. I’m not ready to stop wearing them. I love your outfit. I remember some of my favorite summer suits in the 90’s were shorts and jacket combinations.

  17. Janet davidson says:

    Just had to tell you that i came across some pictures of you a couple of years ago and was so inspired that I lost 50 pounds and pulled out my sewing machine and whipped up a huge and knockout wardrobe. Now instead of being frumpy and ugly I am an elegant 64! My husband is thrilled too!

  18. Monica in NC says:

    Love your style! You look fantastic! Here’s a tip for everyone’s legs- makeup. I put a light layer of foundation and lotion on my legs and they look flawless. Thanks for all your inspiring fashion ideas!

    • Pamm says:

      Hello Monica,

      I have to say, I never thought of using make up that’s for my face on my legs! Not sure why it didn’t occur to me before but I’ll give it a try. Thank you for the suggestion!


  19. Yolanda Jones says:

    I think you look fab in this outfit I am going to look out for Bamboo cotton here in South Africa. I am 62 and live at the coast and still wear shorts but longer length it is just too hot in summer for long pants. Love your blog. Thank you.

  20. Judy says:

    Hi Beth
    You look great in shorts, however I am not a fan of this outfit. It reminds me of a prison uniform. A solid color in the same style would be wonderful!

  21. susan says:

    I am glad the shorts and blazer set have made a come back. This look use to be very popular in early 90’s. I am in my late 50,s and of course not quiet as little as I was in the 90’s. My shorts would have to be a little longer to hide my veins. Is there a cream you recommend for this problem.

  22. Mary Grogan says:

    Like your article and outfit. At nearly 70 I decided to just like the way I am and wear what I want.

  23. Pam says:

    I am 71 and still wear shorts when it gets really hot, but a longer length. This is one outfit though that I don’t care for. The t shirt looks messy and the striped top and shorts, coupled with the t shirt looks like you left the house wearing pajamas. I usually love your outfits, but not this time. I think the top would look great with a pair of white jeans though.

  24. lorena says:

    I think you look amazing Beth – this is a great set to own! I would buy it.

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