Style at a Certain Age turns 5 | blogiversary

there may not be much to celebrate in recent days what with the COVID-19 outbreak. in the space of a month, we’ve gone from life flitting to and fro to self-imposed isolation. first travel plans were canceled.  then sporting events. and now schools have closed, along with exercise studios and restaurants. the list continues to grow. life as we know it changed overnight. but now more than ever, we need to be here for each other to lift each other up. it’s far too easy for our emotions to run rampant with a daily deluge of information. we just end up feeling overwhelmed and helpless.  but if there’s a silver lining, it’s this:  we can stay in touch these days thanks to blogs, social media, phone, and video technology. so let’s make it a daily practice to reach out to each other and say “hello,” “i’m thinking of you,” and “i love you.” i know i love to hear from you but your friends and neighbors around the world love to hear from you too. so leave a comment below with a quick check-in with where you are and how you are doing.   in the meantime, join us today as we celebrate style at a certain age: blogiversary.

style at a certain age blogiversary

if you can believe it, the blog has an anniversary this month. five years ago, mr. style, and i snapped the first ootd photo, and life has never been the same. let me tell you it’s been a wild ride ever since. at the time, i knew nothing about blogging – zero, zilch, nada. some of you may be curious as to why i  started a blog in the first place. that’s a story i recently shared on a podcast interview with jennifer duvall, the beauty blogger and makeup artist behind JennySue Makeup. if you have a moment to listen, here’s the link.

the very first post was simply titled “step into spring.” but let’s take a jet tour from the inception of the blog. as i said, it’s been a wild ride these past five years. initially, the blog wasn’t even a blog as it got its start on the social media channel Tumblr – a user-friendly space for those of us who aren’t tech-savvy. think of Tumblr as the predecessor to Instagram but with more photos. the only skill necessary was uploading a photo and hitting publish. and that’s just what i did, consistently, five days a week. three months into my new venture, i received a text message at work from mr. style, asking, “have you paid attention to your Tumblr account today?” back then, i rarely checked my social channel. all of my attention was focused on coordinating a daily outfit, squeezing in a photo session then heading off to work. after my husband’s message, i grabbed my phone and logged into Tumblr. this email greeted me.

wow! my blog was splashed on the front page of Tumblr smack dab in between ellen degeneres and nbc nightly news. this was the photo that launched my account into unchartered territory. thanks, Tumblr! you got the ball rolling.

when i returned home that evening, two of my kiddos were camped out on our sofa glued to the computer monitor, spewing advice, and scratching their heads as to how the momster’s blog had suddenly gone viral. but all i could think about was what to wear the following day? suddenly, i had a captive audience that was growing by the second. and i discovered to my dismay i had absolutely nothing to wear… i finally decided on my go-to outfit. can you guess what i chose? that’s right, a blazer, blue jeans, and a sweater. 

after my Tumblr channel went viral, i decided to take things seriously with social media. and i knew i needed to set up a proper blog on WordPress. but the idea of transitioning to the main blogosphere struck fear in my heart. there were many technical aspects on the back end of the blog i didn’t understand and was hesitant to learn (can you really teach an old dog new tricks?). i finally made the decision to set up shop in cyberspace after the lovely deb boland from Fabulous after 40 contacted me for a style blazer interview. thanks, deb! it was just the sort of nudge i needed. now there was a deadline involved. if i didn’t meet that deadline, i wouldn’t meet all the lovely readers that didn’t have a Tumblr account. initially, panic set in as i didn’t know the difference between a link and a plug-in, let alone how to operate either one… a big thank you to all who faithfully stuck by me as i navigated one learning curve after another in those early days. 

 mr. style was a fantastic photographer from the get-go. although we had our hits and misses.

and we started our weekly gig with oscar, watching him grow from adorable puppy to full-grown canine.

memorial day

fridays with oscar

rock candy

there have been some amazing hairstyles along the way. and hair stylists that kept me looking at the top of my game. sometimes the ‘do’ is longer. other times it’s short. life changes hairstyles change, and i like to mix things up.

day and night

varsity blues

over the past five years, there’s been more than one adventure. early 2016 Chico’s flew me to California to participate in their first campaign that celebrated fifty-somethings.

shortly after, i hopped on a plane and flew to Minneapolis to take part in several photo shoots with Christopher and Banks. it was beyond fun!

 i’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing bloggers. tynaty michele, and i worked on the “beautiful eyes confident style” campaign with alcon. the photoshoot took place in chicago.

can you believe i interviewed That Girl marlo thomas in her penthouse apartment?

this girl 'n that girl

and i’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my favorite bloggers in person that turned into friends.

nikol from Fresh Beauty Studio

alison from Wardrobe Oxygen, maria from Maria Sadler, and erin from Busbee Style.

nordstroom dressing room diaries

and lisa from Silver Stylist, to name but a few.

Faster Way to Fat Loss | Peloton

i’ve shared fitness tips with you. Faster Way to Fat Loss really works! it keeps me on track and focused on nutrition, which is so important for our body and soul. what we eat keeps our minds sharp and our bodies fueled.

this is me january 2018! boy, oh boy, did i need help.

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

but slowly, over time, i’ve gotten this sixty-something bod back into shape. the key is what you eat –  80% kitchen 20% exercise. but exercise is soooo important as we age. use it or lose it. but fitness begins with food.

the blog continue to grow and improve. there’s a classic style series (after all, i’m a classic style blogger) on Instagram.

and an online book club with Style. last year i added HSN style expert to my resume when i flew down to launch Lemon Way.


and i’ve shared some milestones with you. what i learned after thirty-five years of marriage with mr. style and my sixtieth birthday.

what i learned after 35 years of marriage

you would never know it but mr. style was undergoing radiation treatment for liver cancer. but boy, did we have fun on this photoshoot!

what i learned after 35 years of marriage

what i learned after 35 years of marriage

60th birthday edition

60th birthday edition

our oldest son was married in May of 2019.

mother of the groom

 just three short months later mr. style lost his battle with cancer, and you all mourned with me goodbye mr. style

first call for fall with Talbots

slowly, but surely we returned to work. jr. style graciously stepped behind the lens. Talbots was my very first collaboration back in August 2015. they’re still one of my favorite brands to work with to date.

flawless five-pocket

flawless five-pocket

but i love working with brands and campaigns that resonate with me, and i know will resonate with you.

Philips SatinShave

Philips Advanced Shaver

Easy Spirit Spring Ambassador

Easy Spirit

Low Vision Awareness Month

fall fashion with Walmart


fall haul with JCPenney


Scenic River Cruises

let’s not forget my faithful sidekicks’ oscar and ollie that show up every Friday along with cocktails, mocktails, and recipes.

but most of all i have all of my lovely readers from near and far that tune in day-by-day offering love and support. thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this incredible journey. thank you for five beautiful, wonderful, challenging years. and even though the world looks topsy turvy at the moment, i’m looking forward to five more because hope springs eternal.


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  1. Jan Witthuhn wrote:

    What a fun post! Thanks for all you do to keep us enjoying fashion and considering wise purchases.

    Posted 3.16.20
  2. M wrote:

    Happy blog anniversary from a long time follower.

    Posted 3.16.20
  3. Barbara wrote:

    I just found your video’s this past year, and I love everything you have shown. What a great model for all of us older ladies. Congrats on your five years of success

    Posted 3.16.20
  4. Beth Bevington wrote:

    Hi there, greatly appreciate your posts. We are quarantined in Napa! I bought your Walmart sweater last year. Beautiful on you, way to long on me and I’m 5’7”. Looked like a mini dress! You are inspiring and I wish you much healing and happiness with your ever changing life.

    Posted 3.16.20
  5. Zofia Ciszek wrote:

    Happy blog anniversary! Thank you for your inspiring and fun posts, love waking up every morning and reading your blog.

    Posted 3.16.20
  6. Connie Cullivan wrote:

    Congratulations! You have accomplished so much in only 5 years! Keep the advice, food and fun coming…

    Posted 3.16.20
  7. Sondra wrote:

    Happy Blogiversary! So glad you’re still there for all of us with your elegant, classic style that we can all relate to and learn from. I think it’s important for all of us to keep life as normal as possible even being ‘shut in.’ So, thank you for continuing on with your beautiful style!

    Posted 3.16.20
  8. ALICE J PETERSEN wrote:

    I so enjoy reading your blog from here in Arlington, Texas. Your styling ideas and reflections on life are spot-on for a person of my age. Thank you too for sharing insights into your personal life now and then. As we all age, sharing those thoughts with others is very comforting. Bless you for all you do and stay well!

    Posted 3.16.20
  9. Lea wrote:

    Hello Beth, from Montreal, Quebec. Thank you for so much… outfits, recipes and for sharing your life with us. We are not alone, our similarities are greater than our differences. Let’s all be kind to one another.
    Congratulations! Blog on!!!

    Posted 3.16.20
  10. Cathy wrote:

    How time flies! I’ve been following you for a while, I think since 2016, but did not realize it had been so long. Yet every post is something new and different from Beth. Congratulations on your anniversary and best wishes for the future of the blog.

    Posted 3.16.20
  11. Doris wrote:

    Thank you for this beautiful blog – I so look forward to it each day. Beautiful clothing ideas and uplifting messages for all of us ! Congrats on your Blog anniversary. And keep the wonderful ideas coming.

    Posted 3.16.20
  12. Teresa wrote:

    I truly enjoy your blog every single day! You are gorgeous, and I love your style. I really enjoyed reading today’s post about your journey. Stay healthy, and keep up the great work you do!!! XO

    Posted 3.16.20
  13. Vicki wrote:

    Your OOTD are still so very much in style! Loved looking back through the years.

    Posted 3.16.20
  14. Becky wrote:

    Happy Blogaversary! Thanks for being here for all of us. We are doing pretty well here in Indiana. We’ve had about 20 cases confirmed with no deaths. Our biggest problem here is panic buying, but we will all get through this with lots of prayer.

    Posted 3.16.20
  15. Darla wrote:

    Hi Beth; Congratulations on 5 years of blogging. Enjoy watching everything you post. With folks staying in these days it’s important to have posts to watch. Keep up the good work and take care.

    Posted 3.16.20
  16. Congratulations on 5 years. Your blog is a wonderful read and you have a wonderul, full life (although bittersweet at times). Keep Stylin’!

    Posted 3.16.20
  17. Diane wrote:

    Happy Blog Anniversary! I greatly enjoy catching up w/ you each day. I love “shopping “ in my closet after I get inspiration from you. If it’s not there, I appreciate links that take me to new purchases. Keep your great work coming! We all count on you.

    Posted 3.16.20
  18. Theresa wrote:

    Beth, thank you so much for this fun post.i would like to congratulate you on 5 years of hard work and dedication to help us in need to try and look as best we can and make us feel better about ourselves. Love your posts and look forward to reading thes for a long time. God bless.

    Posted 3.16.20
  19. Irene wrote:

    Beth, I have followed you for a while and enjoy your posts very much. Congratulations on achieving such success in just five years. The support from each of your family has been such a huge support for you, and is a testament to the way you and Mr. Style raised your sons. Having your daughter-in-law join in as well is awesome. Thank you for all the work you all do behind the scenes to provide us with such an enjoyable blog. I look forward to it every day.

    Posted 3.16.20
  20. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, Happy blog anniversary and long may it continue. Thank you for all the past posts it was a thrill to see them again. Social media isn’t always kind but at times like this with the current situation everyone can at least stay in touch and get some comfort and if anyone is in self isolation they don’t feel so lonely. Thank you Beth xoxo

    Posted 3.16.20
  21. Michele wrote:

    Greetings from chilly and cloudy central Indiana farm country. Practicing my social distancing with my husband as we spend more time at home. I am fairly new to the blog and enjoy it very much. Congratulations on 5 years and cheers to five more (or more).

    Posted 3.16.20
  22. What a wonderful post. Have enjoyed all of it! Happy blogversary!

    Posted 3.16.20
  23. Kathy Ludgate wrote:

    I love reading your blog from Lacey, Washington. Congratulations on five years!

    Posted 3.16.20
  24. Teresa Landers wrote:

    Congratulations and keep up the good work!

    As everyone our age knows, neither good nor bad times last. This too shall pass…

    Posted 3.16.20
  25. Melissa Knox Wulff wrote:

    Hi Beth!
    I enjoy looking at your daily posts!!! Congratulations on 5 years!!!

    Melissa Wulff

    Posted 3.16.20
  26. Cathy wrote:

    Enjoyed today’s trip down memory lane on your site.

    Posted 3.16.20
  27. Janie Menegay wrote:

    Congratulations on 5 years of the Blog!! I followed you years ago because of your cute hairstyle (flipped up on one side)! Our clothing tastes are similar and I look forward to seeing your OOTD – keep up the good work!!

    Posted 3.16.20
  28. Andrea wrote:

    Congratulations And thank you for 5 years of amazing courage. You have brought joy and inspiration to so many. You also looked better than Amal and Princess Di in those outfits- seriously. The picture of you and Mr. Style, from behind when you were wearing the pink dress with the pleated hem detail, brought, warm smiles and tears. What a lovely picture-a million words. Thank you for sharing your life, your reality. That is what makes you special – your frank, real self. Stay safe my friend and I will hold you and your family in my heart during these unsettled times. 🥂

    Posted 3.16.20
  29. Diane wrote:

    Congratulations on 5 years of style! I enjoy your daily posts.

    I’m in the Kansas City, MO area. Schools are closed this week for spring break but anticipating they won’t be going back next week as scheduled. Hubby and I are hunkering down at home as much as possible. But then that isn’t a bad idea. We’re moving in a few weeks so there’s plenty to do at home!

    Stay well.

    Posted 3.16.20
  30. Pat wrote:

    Beth – congratulations on 5 years! I really enjoy your blog and your fashion style and your home design. If you can’t get out for photos, recaps are great. Stay safe.

    Posted 3.16.20
  31. Jeri Ray wrote:

    Thank you for this great trip down memory lane. You are a lady of amazing style. ❤️

    Posted 3.16.20
  32. Deirdre Cerasa wrote:

    Happy Blogaversary! Thank you for the trip down memory lane. All the pictures of great outfits, hairstyles and recipes are fun and terrific. My favorite picture of all is you and Mr. Style walking away from the camera. I look forward to many more years of style at a certain age. xo

    Posted 3.16.20
  33. Robin Mooney wrote:

    I love your blog! It helps to keep me looking current and having a bit of fun trying new ideas! 🙂

    Posted 3.16.20
  34. jackie wrote:

    Gosh has it been that long. I recall the Tumblr days and those wonderful shoots on the streets of SanFrancisco….. Congratulations

    Posted 3.16.20
  35. Valerie Kirk wrote:

    Well done Beth. I love your positive outlook and great sense of style.

    Posted 3.16.20
  36. Mary C wrote:

    Thanks for this great post. What a journey! A lot has happened in the past 5 years! I love your site. I hope you keep it going for a long time. It’s really neat that you got to meet Erin from Busbee Style. I follow her as well and appreciate very much what you both post. Best wishes for 5 years and many more to come!

    Posted 3.16.20
  37. I have so enjoyed your posts! They are incredibly real and relevant to women in our age group. Keep it up!

    Posted 3.16.20
  38. Jan wrote:

    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary and hopefully on to many more!
    A huge “shoutout” to all the amazing healthcare providers! I am so grateful for all they do for us. I am also grateful for our mayors and governors who had to made some difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions to make us all safe.
    Small sacrifices now will reap huge rewards later. We are strong!

    Posted 3.16.20
  39. Dawn wrote:

    Congrats on your 5 years blogaversary! I have been reading your posts for several years and love your fun classic style! Love your recipes and Oscar and Ollie. Stay safe and well and hope you continue your blog for many more years!😀

    Posted 3.16.20
  40. Sangita wrote:

    Congtatulations Beth! I only recently found your blog, and have been going back to your older posts. After losing my husband unexpectedly in December, I have looked to your blog to uplift my spirit and give me something to look forward to. I strive to have your grace and positive outlook. Again, congratulations and I look forward to many more years of fashion, food and Oscar and Ollie!
    God Bless you and your family.

    Posted 3.16.20
  41. Mosie wrote:

    Congratulations, Beth! Love ya’!!!!

    Posted 3.16.20
  42. Sharon wrote:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Cheers to many more years🍾🥂

    Posted 3.16.20
  43. Anna Birr wrote:

    I love you and your blog and emails. I never go to anything without checking your advice. You are beautiful and even though I am quite a bit older I take so much inspiration from you. You are beautiful inside and out! I am a devoted follower.

    Posted 3.16.20
  44. Suzanne wrote:

    Happy Anniversary! It is a bright spot in my in box.
    They just closed my gym so I am a little crazy, here in South Carolina.
    Even if you just pick clothes from your closet, love seeing you style them.
    Thanks for thinking of all of us reading and waiting!
    Stay safe and healthy!

    Posted 3.16.20
  45. SANDY ALDERN wrote:

    I just found your site a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for sharing the story of your blogging journey. Best wishes for continued inspiration and success!

    Posted 3.16.20
  46. Keenna M wrote:

    Happy blog anniversary from the Bluegrass state! I love your classic style and appreciate all you do to inspire us. I love the story of how your blog came together and look forward to watching it continue to grow. 🙂

    Posted 3.16.20
  47. Sandy wrote:

    Congratulations! This blog is a ray of sunshine in my day. Thanks so much!

    Posted 3.16.20
  48. Janice wrote:

    Congratulations, Beth!! I am not sure how long I have been reading your blog, but it was before you moved to Athens and got Oscar. I remember the dog you had in San Fransisco..I have loved your style and admired your courage during the loss of Mr. Style. Your tributes to him were so touching! I hope you will be able to blog for many more years to come! You are one of the classiest bloggers that I read! Keep up the wonderful work you do!

    Posted 3.16.20
  49. ROBYN Mixon wrote:

    I love this history and photo review. As a lifetime daily exerciser and fashionista, my recent first look at your site hit the spot–then, my wonderful husband passed away and you quickly became my upbeat companion, particularly when I caught on to your recent loss of Mr. Style (so sorry and sympathy and support to you). Now I’m hooked. Back in the game, enjoying the tips and during the time of my husband’s last weeks and then so many visits afterwards, I had you right behind me keeping me in style. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Posted 3.16.20
  50. Rose wrote:

    Thank you for the inspirations & congrats on 5 years!

    Posted 3.16.20
  51. Joy wrote:

    What a great journey
    I am thankful for your blog- it’s fashion inspiration and life inspiration
    I hope you go 5 more years- I’ll keep reading

    Posted 3.16.20
  52. marlene M Kristoff wrote:

    Dear Beth….Congratulations, dear friend!! You are an inspiration…Mac would – is so proud!! Cheers!! MMK

    Posted 3.16.20
  53. Bonnie West wrote:

    I loved your blog tonight. I have been with you for a long time. I grieved when you lost your Mr. Style and prayed for your strength thru a very tough time.I look forward to seeing you, trying your reciepes and coctails.
    Ollie and Oscar must be a comfort to you.
    Keep up the good work, you are a strong woman who inspires me. God Bless

    Posted 3.17.20
  54. Diana wrote:

    Congratuations on your 5 years! Life hands us lemons and you have made the best lemonade out of the loss of your beloved Mr. Style. Again, sending my sympathies. You have been an inspiration for this 64 year old, fighting cancer myself, but trying to look presentable along the way. I hope you have many years of style blogging to come!

    Posted 3.17.20
  55. Rita Hockley wrote:

    Thank you Beth! You strike just the right cord for these troubling times. It’s been great to see how you have grown the blog. Keep it up 💕

    Posted 3.17.20
    • Rita Hockley wrote:

      *chord 😂

      Posted 3.17.20
      • Lisa wrote:

        Congratulations on 5 years of inspiration! You have reminded us all to continue to believe in ourselves. We can learn new technology and we can be stylish at any age. You have connected women from all over who have shared the continuous ebb and flow of life with you and each other. Keep up the good work, Beth! Still love Fridays the best. Seeing Oscar, whatever new cocktail and appetizer you have cooked up and your lovely table settings are a good way to end the week 😍 God Bless!

        Posted 3.17.20
  56. Jo wrote:

    Congratulations on five years! If I had to pick only one blog, it would be yours. Thank you for sharing your style and life with us! Best wishes from sunny Florida.

    Posted 3.17.20
  57. Michelle wrote:

    Congratulations Beth on 5 beautiful years! Wishing you joy and many more blogging years!❤️

    Posted 3.17.20
  58. Dana Johnson wrote:

    Congratulations, Beth. I love your blog and you are so very inspiring!
    Thank you!!!!

    Posted 3.17.20
  59. Pat LeMunyon wrote:

    Beth Happy 5th blogiversary. I have followed your blog almost from the beginning and have enjoyed all of you pictures and advice. thanks for sharing your family and doggie and cat with the readers. Also thanks for the book club-i really enjoy it. Here’s to many blogging years to come! bless you Beth. PL

    Posted 3.17.20
  60. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    Congratulations on 5 years, Beth. Sorry I missed this post. You’ve done a great job with the blog and all your social media presences.

    Posted 3.18.20
  61. Joanie wrote:

    Hi Beth
    Congratulations on 5 years! I am enjoying reading your blog while hunkering down at home. I am 62 and in the vulnerable age group. Funny, but I don’t feel old! Thanks for all of your ideas and inspiration over the years. I found you through the Talbots website, and I have always loved the Classic look. You certainly continually prove that Style has no age limit. Thank you. Joanie from Iowa!

    Posted 3.20.20
  62. Marty LaMar wrote:

    Congratulations on your five year anniversary! Look forward each day to your blog! Last year especially, when I was grieving a husband.
    You are an inspiration and I have learned a lot about style–even at 83! Talbots is my favorite although I’ve taken a look at others you have featured. Keep giving all of us your style!

    Posted 3.25.20
  63. Marcia wrote:

    I remember the first time I saw you on line wearing a t shirt from talbots-which I purchased and am still wearing. I some how stumbled across you while looking at something regarding American Airlines and have been following ever since!

    Posted 4.1.20
  64. Marcia wrote:

    I remember the first time I saw you on line wearing a t shirt from talbots-which I purchased and am still wearing. I some how stumbled across you while looking at something regarding American Airlines and have been following ever since! Congratulations and looking forward to more years of reading your blog

    Posted 4.1.20

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