the sunday brief | 60th birthday edition

60th birthday edition

it’s here, it’s finally here, my 60th birthday! in many ways i’ve been prepping for this day since january when i decided a fitness journey was in order. if you’ve reached the ripe old age of 50 let alone 60 you know that aging isn’t for sissies. there are all sorts of things that can go wrong (and do) that are completely out of our control. but there are so many choices that are ours to make. a good workout routine and proper nutrition are gifts i decided to give myself this year. if you’re interested in reading about my fitness journey, take a peek at this post. not only do i look better physically but emotionally i’ve become a heck of a lot stronger too. there’s something about a tough workout that teaches you to reach deep inside and master your body and soul.

this past year leading up to my birthday i’ve taken some time to reflect on entering my third act of life. did you know your 60th birthday ushers in the last three decades of your life? hence the third act – that is if you’re lucky to live until age 90. our first act commences at birth to age 30 these are the years where we figure out who we are and the world around us. the second act begins at 31 and ends when we turn 60. this is a time of rising conflicts and honing new skills and a higher sense of awareness of what we’re truly capable of. then there’s the third act which i’ve just stepped smack dab into. and i’ve thought about how i want to use this time. how i can make a difference with the last years of my life. of course, we live in a youth-driven culture where society has deemed us old, and there’s an inordinate amount of emphasis on how we look, especially women, and we’re told to eternally chase the fountain of youth. some of us go to great lengths to alter our appearance in order to look like we’re 40 when in reality we’re much, much older. but i decided long ago that even though society can try to put me in a box based on my age, i only have one life to live. and i need to make it count. because guess what? my spirit never ages. in fact, it gets stronger. 

60th birthday edition

here are a few things i’ve discovered at the age of 60:  i no longer have to prove anything to anyone. and i don’t carry grudges anymore. i place value on wisdom and authenticity. and i try to live mindfully. my body may be deteriorating even though i’m giving it my best shot to keep it healthy. but my brain (thankfully) isn’t. yes, i may have a few more wrinkles than i did at age 40 or even 50 but my attitude has gotten better. it’s great to let go and live purposefully, to be present in the moment. not worried about the past or what could go wrong in the future.

60th birthday edition

i’ve also learned my attitude is everything. because anything can be taken from us at any moment, including our health and wealth. but not our freedom to choose how we respond. so i say yes to living life with passion. and making this one little life count.

60th birthday edition

recently, i let my Instagram readers ask any question they wanted. here’s what they came up with.

how tall are you? closer to 5’8″ than 5’7″.

what size do you wear? a size 8 in most brands.

we’re you a professional model? no.

60th birthday edition

favorite perfume? chance by chanel.

do i spend more on quality clothing now than i used to? no. i’ve always thought investing in certain luxury pieces was always money well spent. even though the bulk of my wardrobe is made up with mid-priced brands.

do i workout? yes! i try to fit in 5 workouts per week.

do i use a retinoid or have i considered using one? i have used retin a in the past and thought it does wonders. 

60th birthday edition

how did i meet mr. style? at work. he used to be my boss.

will i grow my hair out again?  don’t get me wrong; i love your short and sassy style. i never say never.

what is my background in fashion? you have such a flare. i don’t have a formal background in fashion just a love of style and putting my best foot forward every day.

60th birthday edition

why did you choose to live in Athens, GA? mr. style loves small cities, and i love big. but a university town offers an eclectic and diverse environment so if we decided to live in a small city it had to be a university town. plus, Athens is in a perfect geographic spot as we can drive to the beach or the mountains or a big city any time we like.

are you working out at home or in a gym? i have a home gym and recently purchased a Peloton bike where i can take a spin class on demand. love it!

60th birthday edition

all right, gang, i guess it’s time to get the third act underway! thanks so much for stopping by.



  1. Deb wrote:

    Great attitude, great style, great blog! Happy Birthday….enjoy your day!

    Posted 8.26.18
  2. Rhonda wrote:

    Happy Birthday!

    Posted 8.26.18
  3. Sue Blaisdell wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Beth! Here’s to the next 30+. I agree with you, this stage in our lives is about living healthy, mindfully and in the moment. Namaste.

    Posted 8.26.18
  4. Janice Harper Jones wrote:

    Happy birthday, Beth! Life gets better for me with age, except body wise. I love your blog and style and enjoyed the Q&A.

    Posted 8.26.18
  5. MamaKIn wrote:

    Happy Birthday Beth! Love, love, love your thoughts and attitude on aging. When you say “attitude is everything because anything can be taken from us at any moment, including our health and wealth” I literally said out loud “amen to that sister!” Being mindful of that fact, we need to make every day count. You have such a unique, and genuine blog. Thank you.


    Posted 8.26.18
  6. Jackie wrote:

    happy birthday. Beth if you had say 4 rooms and you could set up a gy,m, what items would you choose. I am thinking a bike and walking machine. My reasoning is that now live in rural Australia 40 mins from the closest gym and think it better to set up one from home. Have lost a lot of weight prior to moving here and walk about 2 miles each day but feel I need to get back to a gym and am so impressed by your journey. By the way am assuming that you and MR Style and of course the animals will be doing something special. As far as we know we get one shot at this life and it is fleeting. Best to enjoy it and be as healthy as we can be.

    Posted 8.26.18
  7. jessie wrote:

    Wishing you a very Happy Bday! And thanks for sharing your style and attitude with your readers! You are an inspiration! Please consider posting a picture of your home gym. I’d love and appreciate that!

    Posted 8.26.18
  8. Rebecca Saffer wrote:

    Happy Birthday to a stunning and inspiring woman Beth! I am well into my 3rd act and try to keep as fit and attractive as possible. I also feel that enthusiasm and purposeful energy do so much to make us look and feel engaged with life and youthful in spirit. As far as diet and exercise, I am a fan of all things in moderation. Enjoy your special day!

    Posted 8.26.18
  9. Janice Coleman wrote:

    I turned 60 this year too. I’ve always thought age was just a state of mind. You can’t stop getting old so enjoy the ride. I love your blogs and your sense of style. Congratulations on your birthday!

    Posted 8.26.18
  10. Happy birthday Beth! I love your post – it’s so true and honest, so thank you for that:). I had similar thoughts when I turned 40. And you know what? I also love the most the fact that I don’t have to prove anything and anyone.
    I have to say that you are one of the people who motivated me to work out (I’ve never liked it). But I thought it’s the highest time to start doing it (as I will be 50 in 2 years) and I can already see a positive change. All the best Beth xox

    Posted 8.27.18
  11. Happiest of Days. Sorry I missed it, but I celebrate my bday for a month and I am sure you do as well.

    Posted 8.31.18
  12. Anne Hughes Glover wrote:

    You and I are the same height and size! I knew I liked your style, and now I know I can pull it off. I’m just starting to follow you and look forward to leaning into fall with you and hopefully making some smart purchases, and even shopping in my own closet as I transition in my fall clothes. Glad you also live in in a warm climate so our seasonal timing will be the same.

    Posted 9.9.18

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