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  1. Robin Gallagher says:

    As part of my job as an event planner, I wear a dark suit. I have purchased them from Banana Republic for years as they were always sold as separates. In many cases, I had three pairs of pants for one jacket as the pants saw a lot more wear. Loved the fit and buying a suit never a big deal. A few years ago they stopped selling suits! I asked at several stores and they said they were working on bringing them back but I’m still waiting…. To your recommendation on Sloan fit pants – I have about 7 pairs!

    • beth djalali says:

      it was a dumb move on banana’s part to move away from career separates! not everyone works at a start-up. but as we know all too well brands are losing their way when it comes to their demographic audience. hopefully, they’ll pull it together before it’s too late…
      aren’t those sloan’s amazing? what a pant! urban legend has it that jcrew tried to secure this patent protected fabric!

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