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good morning, ladies! today, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the amazing entrepreneur behind the helm of Southcott Threads, Amy Graham. my first introduction to Southcott Threads was back in January. at the time i was partnering with Halsbrook for a resort-ready post. one of my picks was a dress from Southcott. you may remember that dress because it was a big hit. what intrigued me about this LBD was that it was made from bamboo cotton. it sounded like a dream to wear. and it is! in fact, it is so comfy and lightweight that this dress came along with me to europe! 

southcott black henley dress

several months went by before i was personally introduced to Amy and her unique brand Southcott Threads. it was great fun to share with her that i was already a big fan. then proceeded to beg Amy to be featured on the blog so all of my lovely readers could meet her too. and it’s perfect timing as Southcott just released their fall collection. guess who has their eye on a few picks?! but enough about me let’s get back to Amy. here’s a little background on the brand:

Imagine the best elements of your favorite t-shirts combined into one perfect tee. Meet Southcott – a line of luxury t-shirts and dresses that fit well, are comfy, not clingy, not see-through, and made from great, quality fabric. Created by Amy Graham, who merged her love of fashion with 20+ years of business experience, making the perfect tee available to every woman.

southcott black henley dress

Amy’s designs are inspired by women’s body types, with her extensive research revealing 4 distinct shapes. Celebrating the fact that women are each spectacularly unique, Amy has named the 4 shapes after cuts of diamonds. Different styles have been created to fit each of these shapes, high-quality fabrics have been chosen, and Amy has struck t-shirt gold. Make way for the Asscher, Emerald, Oval, and Trillion collections.
what i love about this brand is that it’s sustainable. the longer i blog and interact firsthand with fashion or beauty brands the more i appreciate the ones who make a difference for our environment and for us. here are a few facts about why Southcott uses bamboo cotton:
Carefully tested and selected for comfort and quality, as well as style. Most of our t-shirts are made of bamboo-sourced fabrics.

Bamboo Trees

    • Are fully sustainable
    • Regenerate in 55 days
    • Require no pesticides
    • Require little irrigation
    • Are biodegradable

Rayon from Bamboo

    • Has a natural lustre
    • Has a beautiful drape
    • Is soft to touch
    • Is machine washable

okay, gang, are you ready to learn more about Amy? i know i am. 

Amy, are you over or under the age of 40? Over 

Who inspires you the most in fashion? Anyone who stands out? 

I’m going with the person who came to my mind first—Ralph Lauren—for a few reasons—not only great taste but timeless looks that have been at the top of the fashion world for decades.  I’m also inspired by Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, and Carolina Herrera.  All great designers who understand the importance of great marketing.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

My father.  He is self-made and has been an entrepreneur his whole life.  He inspires me every day.  His success inspires me, but more importantly his encouragement and life lessons that he has taught me along the way.  

Ocean, lake or pool? 

OCEAN!!!! (my happy place)

What advice would you give your 20something self if you could? 

Don’t wait for it if you don’t HAVE to. Live your dreams as early and as often as you can. Work hard, have fun along the way and be true to yourself.  

Do you have a motto? 

I’m going to borrow this from my sister who coined this with me in mind….”why do it slow if you can do it fast?”

How do you balance creativity with commerce? 

My background is all business (22 years with Coca-Cola)—which is not the case with most “designers”—it is actually helpful because my ego doesn’t get in the way.  I design things that I think will sell.  It doesn’t matter how special, unique or great you think something is if nobody wants to buy it! The creativity behind design is fun but for me its all about the challenge of designing things that SELL.

What do you think of first impressions?

 As I’ve aged, I’ve learned that everyone deserves a chance.  That said, I’m still a believer in the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? 

Two things (both from my dad): 1)  deciding who to marry will be the most important decision you ever make in your life—so choose carefully (I am incredibly lucky to be married to my first and only husband of 26 years, John—who is my best friend) and 2) choose to do what you love, and chances are you’ll be good at it

Everyone has to start somewhere. What was your first job? 

I worked as a teenager in my dad’s fast food restaurants (at first, I was only old enough to work the fountain machine, but as I got older I could make food and run the cash register which was fun!)

What is it like running your own business? 

It’s like drinking from a fire hose a lot.  Its fun to know that you are the sole decision maker—you get to ask for a lot of help and advice, but ultimately it’s you—that is incredibly rewarding.

amy, thanks so much for taking time to stop by the blog! i just knew my readers needed a peek inside Southcott. ladies, please stop by and take a look at the amazing pieces available at Southcott. you won’t be disappointed.


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