a day in the life | a tour of my YouTube studio

over the past few months, i’ve given you glimpses into my home through a series we refer to as a day in the life.  (anyone else a Beatles fan like me?) today, we’re continuing that series with a tour of my YouTube studio.  most of you probably know that we run a opens in a new windowYouTube channel as part of style at a certain age.  junior style and i shoot videos twice a week, so if you haven’t already, make sure to check it out.   but for now, sit back and enjoy a behind the scene look at where we spend a lot of our time these days. 

outfit of the day

today’s OOTD is a style formula i reach for regularly during both summer and opens in a new windowwinter:  it’s black and khaki.  almost amazingly, there are so many different ways to wear this combo. long sleeved shirt and shorts; short sleeved shirt and pants—you name it.  we’re featuring a pair of opens in a new windowstraight pant chinos from opens in a new windowJ.Crew—a classic preppy look for sure.  i’ve paired the pants with a black opens in a new windowsleeveless turtleneck from opens in a new windowNordstrom.  i’ve got to say, though, that my favorite part of my outfit today is my sandals. how fun are these opens in a new windowankle-strap sandals? leather with a hint of snakeskin—one of my favorite pieces from this summer. 

opens in a new windowsleeveless turtleneck | opens in a new windowchino opens in a new windowankle-strap sandal

a tour of my YouTube studio

a few months ago, we gave you opens in a new windowa tour of my refinished basement.  we’re extending that tour today and showing you where exactly we shoot our YouTube videos, which of course happens to be in that very basement.  over the past year, we’ve slowly redesigned the space, and i’ve got to say, i’m liking where we ended up.  

opens in a new windowswivel chair | opens in a new windowmodern chandelier | opens in a new windowcoffee table | opens in a new windowcandle holders | opens in a new windowfaux banana tree 

we’ve carved out a space that works perfectly for meetings but can be easily transformed into a studio where we can shoot videos.  these opens in a new windowswivel chairs are a favorite—deep and comfy.  they create a sort of “coffee house vibe”, and believe you me, we drink a lot of coffee around here.  i picked up a opens in a new windowNespresso machine last fall, and it’s honestly pretty revolutionary just in terms of its ease and usability.  this one in particular allows you to make both espresso and coffee, and i highly recommend it. 

opens in a new windowcoffee mugs | opens in a new windowcoffee mugs 2 | opens in a new windowcoffee & espresso machine | opens in a new windowmedium roast coffee pack | opens in a new windowdark roast coffee pack

a day in the life

i hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of my YouTube studio.  in case you’re new to the blog or missed some of our entries into a day in the life series, make sure to check all of them out below. 


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  1. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Your room turned out beautifully. Is that another fireplace in there, too? I love it. And it looks as if you get lots of sunlight in there, too.

    Posted 7.21.20
    • the basement is a walkout so lots of natural light. I’ve been thinking of putting in full length french doors for even more light. we’ll see…

      Posted 7.21.20
  2. Judy wrote:

    This is one of my favorite style combos❣️ Truly loved your article about Mr Style❣️ After 45 year of marriage to the love of my life, I can’t even imagine 🙏 You are amazing❣️Thanks for sharing your style, words of wisdom and thoughts❣️🍷

    Posted 7.21.20
    • thanks so much for your sweet words, Judy!

      Posted 7.21.20
  3. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Love this entire post. Your OOTD, those chairs, everything! It takes hard work to make that work appear effortless. And you, dear lady, are quite gifted at it!~

    Posted 7.21.20
    • you always know just what to say, Sylvia! thank you.

      Posted 7.21.20
  4. Sharon Wettlaufer wrote:

    What a lovely basement
    I love all the natural ight you have
    Clear glass cups give the best cup of coffee
    I follow all of your posts
    I am sorry to hear about the passing of your husband-can’t imagine the void in your life
    take care.

    Posted 7.21.20
    • my favorite way to drink coffee!

      Posted 7.21.20
  5. Eve wrote:

    Very nice light and bright place to shoot. I’m always intrigued by your art work. It’s so interesting. You did a outstanding job as usual on your makeover.
    I like Black and Tan together but rarely wear it because I don’t look well when I put black next to my face anymore. The shoes are just right for this outfit. I have a pair that are black and leopard like this. I love them.

    Posted 7.21.20
    • we absolutely LOVE this space! great place to work.

      Posted 7.21.20
  6. Mary C wrote:

    What a fun, inviting and bright space. I love the chairs! They practically invite you to sit down and curl up for a chat.

    Posted 7.21.20
    • and the chairs are so comfy! you can always find ollie lounging in one.

      Posted 7.21.20
  7. suzi wrote:

    I am not a fan of those brown pants! Sorry but not one of your best.

    Posted 7.21.20
  8. Sangita M wrote:

    Love the room, simple, modern and uncluttered. Great for work and family fun. The natural light adds so much.
    You and your posts always give me inspiration. Thanks Beth!

    Posted 7.21.20

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