how to still enjoy summer

this year, i’ve spent a lot more time doing two things:  playing games and spending time outdoors.  pretty obvious as to why, but i’ve gotta say, i’ve enjoyed it immensely.  i’m walking to stay healthy and trying to carve out time to play board games with the family.  i thought i’d combine the two into one today and talk a bit about outdoor games and how to still and enjoy summer.

a simple summer outfit

today’s outfit is a simple one:  a pair of chino shorts from J.Crew and a v-neck tee from Nordstrom.  it’s no secret i love shorts, and we’ve been featuring them all summer.  this pair of chino shorts is particularly comfortable—simply stated and perfect for an afternoon outdoors.  i mean, can you really go wrong with the classic black/white pairing?  

v-neck tee | chino shorts | espadrille | similar espadrille | similar espadrille 2 | similar espadrille 3 | flat mule | croquet set | horseshoe set | boccee ball

a good pair of espadrilles 

more often than not, this summer, i find myself reaching for espadrilles.  they’re one of my favorite shoes to pair with shorts, and since i’m wearing a lot of shorts this year, well, you get the idea. if you love them as much as i do, i’ve rounded up a few pairs of my favorites you can find here, here, and here.  and if you don’t, i found this pair of flat mules you might like.

v-neck tee | chino shorts | espadrille | similar espadrille | similar espadrille 2 | similar espadrille 3 | flat mule | croquet set | horseshoe set | boccee ball

how to still and enjoy summer

i’m amazed at how quickly the summer is moving.  totally unexpected given the current state of things.  but we’re over halfway through July and heading straight into August.  i’ve taken a lot of solace this year spending time outdoors.  whether it be in my own backyard or at kelly’s, i find myself gardening, taking meals, or enjoying an evening cocktail outside.  over the weekend of the 4th, my family and i gathered at kelly’s house for bbq and lawn games.  so much fun that i wanted to share a few shots of what we got up to.

v-neck tee | chino shorts | espadrille | similar espadrille | similar espadrille 2 | similar espadrille 3 | flat mule | croquet set | horseshoe set | boccee ball


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  1. Joy wrote:

    Yes to all your games+ an almost daily game here called Fighting Slugs and when that ends temporarily we have another game called Fighting Weeds.

    Also watching spiders spin webs and catch flies has been entertaining.

    Posted 7.22.20
  2. Avril Evans wrote:

    You are such a positive lady.
    Love your hair and fashion sense.
    Best wishes from Wales UK.

    Posted 7.22.20
  3. Eve wrote:

    I love yard games but our grass grows so fast if you don’t get out right away, it’s too high for croquet. I thoug about getting a game where you shoot at a target with a bow and arrow or or put up a hoop so we could shoot baskets. Any thing to get us outside in the fresh air.
    I like black and white for summer and I love the two tone shoes. You look healthy and happy & I know one day this virus will be gone and we can get our lives back. In the meantime, we keep doing our best. Stay safe.

    Posted 7.22.20
  4. Melissa Bozick wrote:

    I love the glass you have your drink in. can you tell me where it is from when you were at your July BBQ?
    Melissa Bozick

    Posted 7.22.20
  5. Marcie wrote:

    I am glad that you have family in Athens that gives you an opportunity to socialize during this virus.

    Posted 7.22.20
  6. Laura wrote:

    I love your posts! I also admire your belts, but it is never indicated where to get them. Could you include that info?


    Posted 7.22.20
  7. Nelda Pattillo wrote:

    My family had a Croquet set when I was growing up. It was always a part of our outside festivities!
    Love the casual shorts and shirt. They are perfect for a
    got day in Georgia!

    Posted 7.22.20
  8. Lisa wrote:

    You are such a trooper Beth. I bet you earned every Girl Scout badge available! I wanted to mention a book I have found very helpful dealing with grief. It is “Necessary Loses” by Judith Viorst. It’s actually a book I gift to friends and associates because it had such a profound effect on me. I think of you daily and I’m always hoping you are finding peace and comfort after such a great loss. I might add it looks like you hit the jackpot with your new DIL-Kelley. I know your sons are all terrific young men. Much love to you and your family.

    Posted 7.23.20
  9. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Fun! We’ve actually been busy despite being isolated. Amazing how fast the weeks seem to go! I love croquet. And horseshoes, too. I’m glad you’re getting out and about–it helps so much to get outdoors and just be moving, I think. You look great, and it’s so nice you have family nearby.

    Posted 7.24.20

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