staying healthy and fit by walking while maintaining social distancing

with shelter in-place orders in-place, it can be extremely difficult to stay active.  not only can we not frequent our gyms nor our normal places of exercise, but often there’s a temptation to stay inside and just watch the news.  staying informed is important, but maintaining our fitness and focusing on our health is equally important now more than ever.  the good news is, staying healthy and fit by walking is possible while still maintaining social distancing. but today is National Walking Day and we’re pulling together a post and YouTube video to celebrate.  walking is great exercise and 48% of us don’t get enough.  walking 10,000 steps is a great daily goal we can all work towards and is still doable, even in our environment. 

today, we’re focusing on just that:  establishing and maintaining a walking routine.  for those of us that live in suburban neighborhoods or rural settings, this is extremely doable as population density is low.  we can get wake up early and walk; take a mid-afternoon stroll; or head out for a sunset loop around the block.  if, however, we live in a large city or an urban area, things can potentially be a bit more challenging.  timing and location are key.  picking times of the day that are less busy is important and finding routes that avoid, say, grocery stores or other essential business make maintaining social distancing easier.  

walk the line 

i’ve got a really casual and comfortable OOTD that’s easy to put together for your daily walk.  the focus is on a  opens in a new windowjacket and opens in a new windowlegging pairing from opens in a new windowJ.Crew.  because we’re still getting cool(er) days here in Athens, I’m layering a  opens in a new windowchambray shirt with a lightweight opens in a new windowboatneck one.  comfortable and reliable footwear is essential if you’re going to commit to daily walks.  we’re featuring a ton of opens in a new windowsneakers in this post, and make sure to check out our newest YouTube video.  opens in a new windowthe list:  top  5 sneakers for spring and summer

opens in a new windowchambray shirt | opens in a new windowjacket | opens in a new windowleggings | opens in a new windowshirt | opens in a new windowsneaker (shown) | opens in a new windowsimilar sneaker | opens in a new windowsimilar sneaker 2 | opens in a new windoweasy spirit clog | opens in a new windoweasy spirit walking sneaker

staying healthy and fit by walking

we’ve been focusing a lot on health & wellness over the past few weeks.  this weekend, we put out a blog post focusing on opens in a new windowhow to boost your immune system. and on Monday, we talked about opens in a new windowgood skincare and hand washing. for women—or anyone of a certain age—establishing and maintaining exercise routines while still maintaining social distancing will pay dividends.  we’re going to continue to share our strategies over here on the blog.  let us know yours in the comments below!   

opens in a new windowchambray shirt | opens in a new windowjacket | opens in a new windowleggings | opens in a new windowshirt | opens in a new windowsneaker (shown) | opens in a new windowsimilar sneaker | opens in a new windowsimilar sneaker 2 | opens in a new windoweasy spirit clog | opens in a new windoweasy spirit walking sneaker

a new member of the family

we’ve got a really special treat for your today.   given all that’s going on in the world, it’s sometimes hard to find moments of joy uninterrupted by world events.  a few weeks ago, as the world started to turn upside down, junior style adopted a new puppy.  his name is Pax, and he’s a German Shepherd/Husky/Lab mix.  he just loves his uncle Oscar, and Oscar loves him.  

opens in a new windowchambray shirt | opens in a new windowjacket | opens in a new windowleggings | opens in a new windowshirt | opens in a new windowsneaker (shown) | opens in a new windowsimilar sneaker | opens in a new windowsimilar sneaker 2 | opens in a new windoweasy spirit clog | opens in a new windoweasy spirit walking sneaker

gear roundup

finally, kelly and i spent the other day putting together a fitness & exercise gear roundup.  if you’re looking for a solid pair of sneakers or headphones for your daily walks, we’ve got you covered.  below is a list of some of the gear we, or people we know, use and love during their exercise routines.  


opens in a new windownew balance opens in a new windownike sneaker opens in a new windowadidas cloudfoam sneaker 


opens in a new windowcargo pants | opens in a new windowyoga jumpsuit | opens in a new windowcushion no show socks | opens in a new windowathleta lightweight shell | opens in a new windowathleta forecast rain shell

exercise gadgets

opens in a new windowapple watch with sport band | opens in a new windowfitbit versa smart watch | opens in a new windowfitbit inspire fitness tracker | opens in a new windowgarmin vivosmart activity tracker | opens in a new windowpedometer

water bottles

opens in a new windowfitness bottle with phone holding sleeve opens in a new windowwater bottle carrier with strap

bags & pouches

opens in a new windowbelt pouch opens in a new windowlululemon belt bag

trekking poles

opens in a new windoweddie bauer trekking poles


opens in a new windowairpods pro | opens in a new windowairpods opens in a new windowbluetooth headphones




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  1. Joanie wrote:

    Aw…..Pax is so sweet. His adorable face makes my day! I have been going on either a walk or bike ride daily and it is necessary to reset and get some sunshine and fresh air. Something good happening right now that can continue into the future. Thanks for your daily inspiration, Beth. I like your hair this longer length, too.

    Posted 4.1.20
  2. Claudia wrote:

    Cute,cute puppy Pax. But how does Ollie feel about this new member of the family?

    Posted 4.1.20
  3. Arna wrote:

    The puppy is adorable. We have had 2 German Shepherd/Lab mixes. What a great combination! Enjoy! I am trying to remind myself to take breaks from work at the computer and walk (and do yoga).

    Posted 4.1.20
  4. Rory wrote:

    Cute puppy!!!!! Love your blog!

    Posted 4.1.20
  5. Sangita M wrote:

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family! He is so cute. Maybe he’ll make guest appearance with Oscar on Fridays?
    Exercise is key. I find the psychological benefits are especially helpful and a good break from the news.
    Take care Beth and enjoy the outdoors!

    Posted 4.1.20
  6. Suzi wrote:

    Cute puppy but the real question is “how does the cat, Ollie, like him?”
    Our cat would not be a happy camper!

    Posted 4.1.20
  7. Kathleen Considine wrote:

    Mr Junior Style’s new puppy is adorable. His face is precious.
    Love walking especially with the birds singing. Yesterday purchased the Easy Spirit Savannah’s in light grey. Love that they have wide width since I have bunions. You look beautiful Beth. So glad you’re blogging😉

    Posted 4.1.20
  8. Carroll Niesen wrote:

    Your hair looks prettier than ever!

    Posted 4.1.20
  9. Betsy wrote:

    Hi, Beth,
    Although I have followed you on Instagram for sometime and follow your blog, this is the first time that I have ever written. Thank you for your posts especially now, when we are feeling out of routine and a bit off kilter. I truly look forward to and appreciate staying in touch through our virtual connection. You are a bright and consistent spot in these crazy days. Thank you!

    Posted 4.1.20
  10. Cheryl Smith wrote:

    I was looking for your adorable Oscar and then you surprised us w/Pax!! Loved the post.

    Posted 4.1.20
  11. I am happy to meet Pax. What a cutie! And yes, walking each day is so nice.

    Posted 4.1.20
  12. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    Terrific post. I’ll tell you, my long walks have become my therapy and my medicine these days. I’ve always loved long walks in nature, and we have some beautiful walking trails and greenways here, along with parks and lakes. (Trust me, I’ve been frequenting them all!) Even if I feel stressed heading out, I always feel calm and serene upon my return. I’ve also taken some wonderful photos of the nature and wildlife I’ve come across, including videos of a beautiful blue heron, and a huge snapping turtle who was social distancing with me the other day. Take good care and stay safe. That new pup is absolutely adorable. Soooo sweet.

    Posted 4.1.20
  13. Andrea wrote:

    First of all, wow, love your hair!

    I have been getting good exercise doing gardening in the backyard – fresh air! If you can’t get outside safely, just open all your windows and let in some fresh air. It will brighten your mood immensely and is good for general health, period in modern homes.

    If you have stairs, do them, three times a day – slowly. If you love music, dance around the kitchen/laundry while working – exercise and fun.

    Thanks for your focus on staying positive, Beth 🌷

    Posted 4.1.20
  14. I’ve been walking all winter, at first along with yoga classes and tai chi. Now that classes are on hiatus with Stay at Home orders, I’ve been taking walks twice a day. Good solid walking now that snowy days are past (I hope)! I make great time doing my Mike to Mike and a half! I love being out in nature anyway, so these releases from the Homefront suit me just fine!

    You look great in your walking outfit!

    Posted 4.1.20
  15. Eve wrote:

    That is one cute and blessed puppy. He is sure to be loved all his life. I love jogging and track suits. I gave mine away a couple of years ago because I can’t do the walking anymore. There is nothing better than getting exercise out in the fresh air and sunshine. I am in love with the sneakers. They have the cutest details. Have a blessed day!

    Posted 4.1.20
  16. Precious new puppy!

    Posted 4.1.20
  17. Madeline Garcia wrote:

    Love the puppy. Will be great to see future photos.

    Posted 4.1.20
  18. Pam wrote:

    As I viewed your walking photos I was wondering about Oscar. Glad to see he’s included–and congratulations on Pax! Puppies make everything better. Thanks for your ongoing helpful and cheering posts.

    Posted 4.2.20

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