sparkle and shine

ladies, it’s time to sparkle and shine ‘cuz party season is in full swing. today, i’m thrilled to partner once again with one of my favorite brands, Ann Taylor. and they’ve started their Black Friday sale a little early this year. yes, it’s 50% off everything with code blackfriday. are you ready to see what i threw together for the holidays? take a peek.

sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

the ootd started with a plaid faux fur jacket. it’s the perfect statement piece that will keep you toasty warm while adding a hint of glamour. and it’s plaid, which gives a modern spin to a tried and true jacket. the muted shades of green and blue go with so many color palettes. but i chose black high rise velvet pants that can go from day to night with ease. and a gorgeous teal ruffle neck blouse that’s oh so feminine.

sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

every nighttime look needs a special pair of party shoes. and Ann Taylor doesn’t disappoint this year. here are a few of my favorites.


sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

pants | blouse | jacket 

sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

there are lots of choices when it comes to holiday outfits at Ann Taylor. you can see why it was so hard to narrow down my outfit to black velvet pants, ruffle neck blouse and plaid jacket. one of my all-time favorite color combinations is BIG this year. AT has an entire collection of pink and red that’s ready to party.


sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor


sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

pants | blouse | jacket 

sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor


sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

let’s take these velvet pants for a walk on the casual side. i’m always a sucker for a comfy cozy sweater, especially when it’s a fairisle pattern.

sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

sparkle and shine with Ann Taylor

all right, gang, it’s time to get our turkey day game face on. happy cooking! what’s on your thanksgiving menu? i’m whipping up all the favorites: sweet potatoes casserole, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts, cranberry salad (this was mr. style’s favorite!), cranberry sauce, and of course, stuffing. the turkey is brining as i type. from my family to yours, a very happy thanksgiving!

Ann Taylor Gift Guide

a big thank you to Ann Taylor for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas.

it’s finally cold here in Athens. i know,  i know “cold” is a relative notion, but we’ve hit the freezing mark the past few days, and i’m trying to stay warm.  my oldest has it particularly bad:  he’s been in California the past 10 years, and well, he can’t handle anything below 50 degrees. sad, huh? not to worry:  we’ll toughen him up.  is it chilly where you are?  colder than here? then this post is for you. as we head into winter, stay warm in this outfit featuring a cashmere turtleneck and wool sweater coat from Anthropologie.  

wool sweater coat & cashmere turtleneck 

this wool sweater coat was featured in last week’s fridays with oscar. there were lot’s of positive feedback, so i decided to give you an alternative styling this week. today, i’ve paired the coat with a cashmere turtleneck and A-Line skirt (old, similar here, here and here). for extra warmth, i’ve pulled in a pair of tights from Talbots. (but any pair will do.)  

wool sweater coat | similar boots | leather satchel | similar leather satchel | cashmere turtleneck | tights | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3

patrick boots & leather satchel  

i’m totally in love with these boots from Stuart Weitzman purchased last year – they’re pricey but sometimes a girl’s gotta splurge. but there’s a similar pair at Nordstrom. i particularly like the patrick boots as they have a side zip and a reasonable price point. but no matter what the price tag a pair of black boots are a must-have come winter. they’re on winter repeat and have shown up on the blog before:  you can see them styled alternatively with a denim skirt.  (and make sure to head over to Nordstrom for a preview of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday inventory.)

practically speaking, these boots make the entire outfit perfectly suited for colder temperatures. and they’re further accentuated by pairing them with a leather satchel.  it appears Nordstrom is having a difficult time keeping it in stock, but you can find similar ones as well.

wool sweater coat | patrick boot | leather satchel | similar leather satchel | cashmere turtleneck | tights | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3

too early for… Christmas? 

Thanksgiving isn’t even here, and of course, we’re talking about Christmas.  for those of you that celebrate Christmas, i’m always curious as to where you purchase and when you put up your tree. do you go to a tree farm? do you cut down your own? is it small?  tall? somewhere in-between?  do you put it up the day after Thanksgiving? the first week of December?  let me know in the comments below.  

wool sweater coat | patrick boot | leather satchel | similar leather satchel | cashmere turtleneck | tights | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3

that’s a wrap, gang! happy, happy tuesday! two more days until turkey day. can’t wait for those mashed potatoes.

cool & kitschy gifts

black watch plaid

if there’s one fashion item that rings in the holidays, it has to be black watch plaid. plaid has been around for centuries and was and is the mark of a Scottish man. to be precise, the pattern known as plaid is actually tartan. and tartans are bands of colors woven together in horizontal and vertical patterns. over time, tartan plaid became synonymous with the regional clans scattered throughout Scotland, with each family adopting a particular pattern. but black watch plaid has always been associated with the Royal Highland Regiment, the pride of the United Kingdom’s army until it was recently disbanded in 2003. but somewhere, somehow, fashion took a firm interest in plaids, and they’re seen everywhere from shirts to blazers to pants.

a few of my favorites in black watch plaid


blackwatch plaid and lace pants

lace pants | ruffle shirt | similar blazer | similar shoes | bracelet | similar handbag | lip shade exotica

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

every year, my favorite brands trot out black watch plaid close to the holidays. this blazer is from Talbots last year’s edition. but not to worry, there’s a new black watch tartan plaid blazer released for 2019. black watch has to be one of my favorite plaids with the muted tones of green, blue, and black. it’s the perfect choice for a festive holiday outfit.

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

lace pants

today, i paired my tartan blazer with lace pants. this particular pair is from J.Crew 2018. but again, there’s a new rendition available for 2019 available in three colors – black, red, and jade. i’ve always been drawn to the juxtaposition of pairing a masculine item like a blazer with a decidedly feminine item like lace pants. it’s the yin and yang of style that gives balance to an outfit.

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

ruffle shirt

add a white ruffle shirt from Ralph Lauren into the mix, and you are ready to party in style. this ootd is perfect for any soiree headed your way from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. today, i trotted out a pair of suede pumps (old, similar here). but go ahead and think outside of the box as far as footwear is concerned. glitter pumps to black boots would work. it all depends on where you live and how cold the temps dip.

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

this is the time of year to add some bling. this bracelet is from J.Crew, similar here and here.

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

lace pants | ruffle shirt | similar blazer | similar shoes | bracelet | similar handbag | lip shade exotica

blackwatch plaid and lace pants


blackwatch plaid and lace pants

blackwatch plaid and lace pants

here’s a gift guide from Talbots. perfect for the women in your life


blackwatch plaid and lace pants

all right, gang, it’s time to get this party, okay, monday started! J.Crew is having 40% off your purchase, Talbots is 40% off accessories and footwear. what holiday parties are you attending this year? let me know in the comments below.

November is almost over gang.  can you believe it?!  Thanksgiving is almost upon is, and then, well, there’s no looking back:  full steam ahead into the holiday season.  but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  after all, it’s been a great week over here on the blog.  all week we’ve brought you our holiday style and decorating inspiration series:  beginning with Thanksgiving and straight through New Year’s.  but, as you know, today’s friday!  and we’ve got a great friday’s with oscar:  we’re featuring a comfy sweater guide for women during the holiday season.

all week we’ve featured various gift guides, and today’s no exception.  scroll down for a comfy shoe and sweater gift guide, as well as ones for the home and pet lovers.   sit back and take one deep breath before we plunge into next week.  grab your cocktail glass and cheers to the weekend.  after all, it’s 5PM somewhere.  

outfit of the day 

over the past few weeks, i’ve tried to feature a healthy sampling of comfy, cosy outfits.  today is no exception.  i went with Anthropologie today. (make sure to check out their pre-Black Friday sale.)  this fall and winter, it’s all about the layering.  i’m starting with this beautiful wool sweater coat that pairs perfectly with the neutral-based cable knit sweater and pants.  the dark grey and blue stripes of the wool sweater coat offset the light greys and whites sweater and pants just enough to be create visual interest.  and boy, is this coat toasty warm.  

i featured these toby flat earlier in the week with my cashmere jacket and sweater.  i can get away with them because, although we do have cold spells in Athens, we’ve been hovering in the high 50s to mid 60s over the past week and a half.  if it’s cooler where you are and you’re looking for some shoes with real warmth, take a look at this Easy Spirit gift guide I’ve put together for you. 

easy spirit shoe gift guide

wool sweater coat | cable knit sweater | toby flat | pants

wool sweater coat | cable knit sweater | toby flat | pants

comfy sweater gift guide 

as i’ve said several times this month, what’s better than a comfy sweater on a cold day?  i’ve featured a lot of sweaters on the blog this fall.  some of my favorites include this cashmere one as well as this funnel neck sweater. if you’re still looking for more styles and options, i’ve put together a little collection of some of my favorites for this fall and winter.  

entree: stuffing stuffed mushrooms & blue cheese ricotta spread

for our entree today, i’m going a bit meta:  in the Thanksgiving spirit, we’re making  stuffing stuffed mushrooms.  that’s right, we’re throwing together a little stuffing pre-Turkey day and stuffing mushrooms—crimini or baby bell—with it.  trust me, you’re going to love it.  

in addition, we’ve put together a blue cheese ricotta spread that goes perfectly with just about anything.  you can spread it on crackers or bread, but today, we’re pairing it with endive leaves.  i’m a huge fan of blue cheese, and it compliments our mushrooms perfectly.  if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to entertain your kiddos or grandkiddos that are arriving over the next few days, keep this recipe in your back pocket!  

cocktail: dirty martini 

stirred, not shaken?  no.  shaken, not stirred.  today, we’re featuring the classic dirty martini.  it’s been a while since i’ve had one, but Kelly suggested we feature it on the blog today.  and am i glad she did.  super simple to make.  you can go with either gin or vodka and some vermouth.  i’ve chosen to do a gin one.  let me know your favorite in the comments below! 

gifts for the holiday home 

gifts for the pet lover

and that’s a wrap gang!  enjoy our Friday and take a deep breath before plunging headfirst into next week.  as a special announcement today, i want to give a special “shout out” to my friend Patrick—a journalist student at UGA.  Patrick spent last  Friday with Kelly, junior style, oscar, and me shooting fridays with oscar.  he’s doing a little feature on Style at a Certain Age, and we really enjoyed having him!  say hi to Patrick—I know he’ll be reading this post—in the comments below.  

we’re featuring our new year’s black dress today on the blog.  it’s been a holiday themed week here, and our first true collection of winter outfits.  if there’s one piece of formal wear you’re going to want to have during the holiday season, well, it comes at no surprise:  a black dress. 

a black dress is not only perfect for a New Year’s night out, but it works for any of the many parties you’ll be attending this season.  in addition, we’re continuing with our tablescapes today.  we’ve put together a New Year’s one you’re not going to want to miss.  and also, we’re rolling out a new fashion flash today.  make sure to click the video above to see today’s outfit in a full 360 degree view.  and head over to the YouTube channel and subscribe if you haven’t already! 

a classic black dress 

i’ve got my new year’s long sleeved dress by Ralph Lauren in stock at Macy’s.  (Macy’s is having a great pre-Thanksgiving sale today. And by the way, has anyone seen the new documentary Very Ralph on HBO?  Is it good?  Let me know in the comments.)

i featured this tailored coat yesterday on the blog.  so if you’re looking for alternative reference points, make sure to head over there and see how i matched it with a sweater.  

long sleeved dress | satin mules | clutch | tailored coat

champagne, streamers, and bed by 10 

it’s all about fun shoes this week.  yesterday, i showcased a pair of glitter pumps.  today, i’ve got a pair of satin mules.  the jewel buckle really sets them off and gives them the sort of glitz and glam New Year’s requires.  in case you missed it, i also put together a holiday shoe guide which I’m republishing below.  make sure to have a look, and I’m sure you’ll find a pair for you. 

long sleeved dress | satin mules | clutch | tailored coat

a decade to remember 

can you believe the decade is almost over.  so much has happened:  the good, bad, and everything in between.  although we have another six-ish weeks left on the calendar, it’s never to early to start reflecting on where we’ve been and where we’re going.  so much to be thankful for, and so much more to aspire to next year.  what’s your greatest memory of the past 10 years?  what are you most thankful for?  how do you want to spend the next decade?  let me know in the comments below.   

long sleeved dress | satin mules | clutch | tailored coat

new year’s dining tablescape 

we’ve got one final tablescape to show you this week.  in case you missed it, on Monday we gave you Thanksgiving tablescape ideas.  and yesterday, Christmas ones. given how razzle-dazzle New Year’s can be, i take this one to be fairly subdued. 

anyone who’s been following my tablescapes this year knows i like a hint of minimalism:  a lot of blacks, whites, and other neutrals.  it’s the gold that really sets off this whole look—everything from the plate linings to the utensils.  just make sure not to forget the party favors!  my kiddos would always stay up late and wait for us to come home with a bag full of streamers and noisemakers.  fun for sure.  but hard on the ears.  especially at 12:30AM. 

tech gift guide

and finally, here’s one more gift guide.  for the tech enthusiast and traveler, i’ve put together my favorite picks for this holiday season.  grab one for yourself or a few as stocking stuffers.  

how to dress stylishly during the holidays?  that’s our theme for this week. each day, we’re focusing on a different holiday.  specifically, i’m giving you fashion ideas as well as decorating tips and tricks.

yesterday, i modeled my first true winter outfit. it was all about cashmere, cashmere, and more cashmere. it’s the perfect fabric to get the winter started off right.  i started with a beautiful cashmere sweater and cashmere sweater-blazer and paired them both with a pair of cropped wide-leg pants.

as promised, i’m taking the same pair of wide-leg pants and styling it a different way:  with a mockneck sweater,  tailored coat, and razzle-dazzle holiday glitter pumps. i need a little midweek pick-me-up and figured maybe you do to. so join me today as we jump straight into Christmas.  i know you’re going to love it.  

another way to wear wide-legged pants

yesterday on the blog, i showed you how to wear cropped, wide-legged pants with flats. today, i’m taking the same pair of wide-leg pants and pairing them with a pair of glitter pumps. as you can see, these pants are very versatile and will work for you in both casual and formal settings. 

if it’s particularly cold where you are, but you’re still looking to invest in a wide-legged pant, head over to this post for an example.  there i show you how to style a full-length pair of wide-leg pants from Nordstrom

tailored coat | glitter pumps | wide-leg pants | mockneck sweater 

tailored coat | glitter pumps | wide-leg pants | mockneck sweater 

home for the holidays

do you have your Thanksgiving menu set? are you already thinking about Christmas cookies? have you even thought about a New Year’s platter for college bowl season?  i hope not:  too much too soon.  but i’ve got you covered. all this week, we’re featuring holiday tablescapes and decorating ideas over here on the blog.

every week on fridays with oscar, we try to give you tablescape ideas.  we decided to blow that out this week by giving you one everyday corresponding to a different holiday. yesterday was Thanksgiving. today is Christmas. so make sure to scroll down to see our ideas! 

tailored coat | glitter pumps | wide-leg pants | mockneck sweater | bracelet | earrings

ugly christmas sweaters?  not this year.  

are you going to an ugly sweater party this year?  i have to admit they’re pretty find.  and if nothing more, they remind us ’tis the season for… sweaters.  

today, i’ve got a decisively not ugly mockneck sweater from J.Crew.  as i mentioned yesterday, i’m all about J.Crew this winter season.  i’m really enjoying their lineup, and they’ve got a fantastic 50% off sale going on right.  let me know if you find anything that you’d like to see over on the blog in the comment section below. 

tailored coat | glitter pumps | wide-leg pants | mockneck sweater | bracelet | earrings

christmas kitchen tablescape 

like yesterday, we’re breaking out our tablescapes into two.  we’re starting with a less formal kitchen one.  i’m really loving the minimalist plaid runner paired with my trademark color pop:  red plaid and green Christmas wreaths.  how are you decorating this holiday season?  let me know in the comments below.  

white plates | christmas salad plates | bee glasses | plaid napkins | silver jingle bells | bottle brush trees

christmas dining tablescape 

if you’re hosting a larger crowd this year and have to move to a larger table, then this tablescape is for you.  i’ve pulled out my traditional Spode Christmas tree dinnerware set.  i’ve been collecting it for years, and i bring it out every year without fail.  do you have any holiday decorating traditions?  have you been collecting something for years—a Christmas village, dinnerware, ornaments?  i’d love to hear any and lll family traditions you may have.

spode plates | wood charger | similar red glasses| flocked pinecones | ceramic houses | red bead garland | bottle brush trees

christmas gift guide

we’re continuing with our gift guides today.  below, i’ve put together a little collection of fun Christmas knickknacks.  if you love to entertain as much as i do, check out the cheeseboard and charcuterie sets i’ve found.  and if you’re a wine lover like me, you’re going to want to scroll through—i’ve found some really fun stemless wine glasses.  

shoe gift guide

and if you liked my holiday pumps, you’re going to love this alternative selection i’ve compiled.  take a look and tell me what you’re planning on wearing to your holiday parties this year.  keep staying tuned this week for more tips on how to dress stylishly during the holidays, as well as gift guides that will carry you straight through the holidays.  


self-care week is in full swing.  yesterday, we focused on managing grief during the holidays.  today, we focus on fun and family during the holidays.  although slightly less sober than the topic of grief, finding time for fun and family during the holidays is no less important. 

i was led naturally here because today is my daughter-in-law Kelly’s birthday.  Kelly has been working with me for over a year now but officially joined the blog full-time in August.  Kelly is responsible for our blog and social redesign and produces all of our YouTube videos, amongst a variety of other things.  you can catch Kelly’s YouTube debut and stay tuned for more.  next year, she’ll be launching a sister site to style at a certain age focused on food, beverage, and design.  make sure to wish Kelly a happy birthday in the comments below! 

a focus on fun

holidays are supposed to be fun.  when you turn on the TV, everyone is seemingly having fun.  when you open up Instagram, everyone seems to be having a great time—living their best life. everywhere you turn, especially during the holidays, that’s the expectation, right?  but as soon as something becomes an expectation, it’s not far from being an obligation.  and for whatever reason, there seems to be an inverse relationship between obligations and levity.  

ski sweater | vest | wool pants | knit gloves | booties | lipstick

don’t get me wrong:  holiday dinners, cookie exchanges, white elephant parties, streamers and cocktails in a large ballroom can all be fun.  but the type of fun i want to focus on today is slightly different—slightly less obligatory.  the fun i want to focus on today is the silly, impromptu fun we’re afforded every single day but sometimes don’t take advantage of. 

ski sweater | vest | wool pants | knit gloves | booties | lipstick

when was the last time you stayed up until midnight and had a side-splitting laugh with your sister over old stories from when you were kids?  when was the last time you pulled your grand-kiddos out of school and binged on old Christmas movies?  when was the last time you had a spur-of-the-moment dance party with your kiddos just because, well, just because.  

a focus on family

in this digital day and age, everyone has a view on everything. this includes what does or doesn’t constitute as “fun”.  there seems to be an expectation that “fun” has to be a photo-worthy vacation or lavish dinner that we can immediately turn around and post on Facebook or Instagram.  

ski sweater | vest | wool pants | knit gloves | booties | lipstick

and don’t get me wrong, as a fashion blogger, i see nothing inherently wrong with that.  but the point i’m trying to make is simple.  what do we remember most about our vacations and lavish dinners?  when we look back at holidays past what sticks out to us in the most detail?  

ski sweater | vest | wool pants | knit gloves | booties | lipstick

is it the present our husband got us in 1996?  is it the turkey we cooked in 2002?  maybe.  but i’m willing to bet our most vivid memories are the small, oftentimes silly ones that exist in-between the holiday parties and spiral hams.  i’m willing to bet our most vivid memories are the smiles and laughter that we share with the ones we love most. 

these moments oftentimes happen at, say, 7AM on December 3rd over a cup of coffee with your daughter-in-law.  and these moments oftentimes don’t make the best Instagram photos.  

selflessness as self-care

one thing i want to challenge all of us this holiday season—including myself—is a focus on making others laugh and smile.  sometimes the best form of self-care is selflessness. making others feel good makes us feel good.  there’s an inherent selfishness in selflessness.  it’s cliched but true.   

ski sweater | vest | wool pants | knit gloves | booties | lipstick

but with all of the personal stress the holiday season brings, it’s difficult to look inwards let alone outwards and focus on others’ well-being.  this can be particularly true with family, which in some sense is just strange.  that the ones closest to us can sometimes be forgotten is almost paradoxical.  

ski sweater | vest | wool pants | knit gloves | booties | lipstick

let me leave you with this then.  think back to a small moment in time where a loved one—maybe your mother, father, or spouse—made you smile and laugh.  one of those unforgettable smiles.  or gut-wrenching laughs.  if you can remember it all of these years later, it’s forever engrained in your memory.  

now this year, create that memory for a family member in your life.  be that smile or laugh that they remember all those years later.  you won’t regret it.  i promise.    

in cased you missed it 

this week is all about self-care.  yesterday, we talked about managing grief during the holidays.  today, we talked about fun and family during the holidays.  stay tuned for tomorrow as we focus on, well, the self during the holidays. 

over the past few weeks, i’ve been getting a lot of questions about my YouTube channel.  for my regulars, you know that i generally attach a video to my blogposts.  i realize, though, that i haven’t formally introduced these videos in any real detail. below i’ve attached one example video per series we produce: style secrets, fashion flash, the list, outfits of yesterday, and friday fives.

to subscribe to my YouTube channel, either click the link to the left and follow step (iii) to the right; or i) click on any video below, ii) click on the “YouTube” logo to redirect to YouTube’s website, iii) and in the bottom right-hand corner below that video, click the “Subscribe” button.

style secrets 

style secrets is our take on a “haul video”.  we gather 3-5 items from one of our favorite retailers like Ann Taylor or Talbots and walk through each with outfit and pairing suggestions.   this video rotates with fashion squared, the list, and outfits of yesterday and is published weekly on Sunday morning.

fashion squared

in fashion squared we take one item and show you how to style it in multiple ways.  this video rotates with style secrets, the list, and outfits of yesterday and is published weekly on Sunday morning.

fashion flash

fashion flash is the video form of our outfit of the day blogpost.  you get a full 360 degree view of how that outfit looks in the wild. moving forward, 3 outfits of the day will be compiled and published in the aggregate, weekly on Wednesdays.  

the list

the list is our top ranked lists of various items like shoes, coats, and the like.  this video rotates with style secrets, fashion squared, and outfits of yesterday and is published weekly on Sunday morning.

outfits of yesterday

outfits of yesterday is a historical deep-dive into various pieces of fashion like trench coats, chinos, and t-shirts. this video rotates with style secrets, fashion squared, and the list and is published weekly on Sunday morning.

friday fives 

friday fives is my top five hair, makeup and lifestyle picks of the week like lipstick and mascara. this video is published weekly on Friday mornings.



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