the sunday brief | new year’s eve

  1. Happy New Year Beth, I take great pride in your overwhelming success. Bravo to you. I agree. I always feel pain when either I have to leave my kids or they have to leave me. Best to you in the New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Beth! May all your dreams come true! I love your new haircut. We have this saying in Polish: “A pretty one looks pretty in everything”, so whatever you put on and whatever hairstyle you have looks great on you :). Renata xox

  3. Marthann Richwine says:

    Beth, I love your new hairstyle! My two sisters and I read your blog and discuss it in detail. Being in our late 50s & early 60s, your style resonates with us! Happy New Year from Lexington, Kentucky!

  4. Kathy Ludgate says:

    I have so enjoyed discovering your blog and your daily outfits. Hope the New Year brings you much happiness and success. Love your pixie cut, too.

  5. DriftwoodLover says:

    Lovely look. Thanks for the recipe! I’ve followed your blog far more regularly this past year than in the past and have enjoyed it so much. How do we submit ideas for what we’d like you to address? Can’t think of it now but one did occur to me earlier today. All the best to all for the 2018 you desire!

  6. Patricia Glock-McKillip says:

    Love your new hairstyle! Makes you look 10 years younger???????????? Happy New Year????????????????????

  7. karen kappmeyer says:

    Happy New Year Beth! Thanks for helping me have a stylish year!!

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