Guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares a bespoke hearts and flowers gift guide.

Hearts and flowers gift guide

Vibrant February Hearts and Flowers… to celebrate your Valentine’s Day 2022!


Outsidepride Viola Johnny Jump Up Plant Flower (Amazon) | Dark Chocolate Heart Gift Box (Godiva)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022!! Healthy, happy wishes to you!! These days we all love reasons to celebrate. Enjoy a day, a week, a month of joy!!

  • Maybe you are planning a picnic, special dinner for two, movie marathon, or vacation…enjoy!!
  • Gifting your loved ones modestly or extravagantly shows you care!!
  • Hearts and Flowers, certainly never hurt!!!!!!!! 

Chocolate Hearts Box (Fauchon) | Metal Wall Relief Little Heart (Vitra) 

Hearts throb and abound on everything, everywhere during this precious month! Where does your heart lie?? Man, Woman, Child, Pup, Feline, Home, Art, Music, Food?? Since Greek and Roman times, the Heart has been viewed as the home of love, symbolizing support, passion, affection, and admiration! Today, whether texting with an emoji, emailing, or penning a card or letter with one, we all know what a little heart implies! 

Face Inside of Heart Gold Wall Plate (Bergdorf Goodman) | Bear in Red Box (Bergdorf Goodman) | Rose Heart Golden Butter Cake (Williams Sonoma) | Heart Ice Cube Tray (Williams Sonoma) | Heart Tea Infuser (Williams Sonoma)


The Birth Flowers for this beautiful LOVE month of February are Violet and Iris! 


Elizabeth Taylor’s Birthday


The VIOLET symbolizes true love and abundance, providing splashes of vibrant color! Think of Elizabeth Taylor’s famous violet eyes…This is also her birthday month!! Wild violets even have heart-shaped leaves with purple-blue flowers. They come in many more colors …even serene white!

The lovely violet will forever remind me of my dear Mother and her very green thumb. She raised violets in every color throughout our home in Ohio…a perfect way to enjoy blooms year-round! Burrrr, I remember our bitter cold winters too…that are happening now!! 



Viola Face With Violet Flower (Neiman Marcus) | Violet Flower Wall Art (Neiman Marcus) | Violet & Amber Absolu (Neiman Marcus)


 Blue Iris (FLOWERBX)

The IRIS, symbolic flower of the Greek goddess Iris – meaning rainbow, was the messenger of love. It is so romantic for our month of LOVE!! Of course, both come in the beautiful amethyst birthstone color of February!! 

It has 260+ species varying in form, shape, size, and colors that include purple, lavender, white, yellow, orange, pink, blue, and brown. Color definitely reflects its rainbow meaning!! Iris petals resemble the classic fleur-de-lis symbol of France and the coat of arms of Florence, Italy too! PS-They say the best way to see the beautiful Florentine iris is to visit Iris Garden, off Piazzale Michelangelo, in May!


Tiffany Fleur de Lis  (Tiffany & Co.)Double Old Fashioned Glasses (Macy’s) 

This elegant flower has inspired international artist Michael Aram’s entire IRIS Home Collection of vases, lamps, bedding, and accessories!! 

Black Iris Large Vase  (Neiman Marcus) | Iris Queen Duvet (Macy’s) | Black Iris Table Lamp (Neiman Marcus) | Black Iris Large Bowl (Neiman Marcus) | Orchid Throw (Macy’s) 

Until next week, enjoy Happy Valentine Love and Lunar New Year celebrations!!

Personalization by Caspari Personalized Monogram Bandol Stripe Cocktail Napkins (Caspari)

Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

How to celebrate the New Year

Enjoy a fabulous new beginning…celebrating this New Year with abandon!!  Whether you are celebrating safely with friends or an intimate day – evening at home…ENJOY!! There are sooo many ways to be joyous….and for sooo many wonderful reasons!!

Of course, dressing up and theming your event is always fun…maybe you are having a Black & White Ball with or without costumes, masks, like Truman Capote’s famed annual soirees! Or, simply black and white with hearts and stars or traveling theme of France or Italy?  Maybe you are combining a special friend’s New Year’s Birthday as your theme, with balloons and candles for a Bonne Anniversaire Fête!! 

Veuve Amiot King of Sparkling Wines  | Creative Balloons Celebrity 9″ Latex Balloons

Or, a frosty, snowy theme – all white, silver, and gold perhaps?! In any event, libations abound…. Classic, effervescent champagne, prosecco, or sparkling waters and wines! Cocktails of all sorts are so ceremonial, fun, and beautiful! A little Caviar, Blinis, Crème Fraîche, Foie Gras, and Pâtés are fabulous too! Especially, if made by my dear, French friend Monique!!

Baccarat Mille Nuits Red Flutissimos | Baccarat Vega Flutissmino Champagne Flutes | Baccarat Large Rectangular Eye Vase | Pol Roger | Rougie Foie Gras with Truffles | Classic Caviar Tin| Baccarat Dallas Assorted Double Old-Fashioneds | Baccarat Harcourt Candlesticks  | Everyday Baccarat Tumblers | Riedel Wine Glasses

If you need a cocktail refresh, Old Mister Boston knows a thing or two about the classics …tried and true. It has been updated for the times, in hardcover too! A gold metallic, leather-bound volume of BUBBLY or 2022 Diary would be wonderful New Year, Birthday or Valentine gifts!!

Glassware & Drinkware   | Bubbly: A Collection Of Champagne and Sparkling Cocktails | 2022 Desk Diary Agenda Planner

A guide to Champagne 

Anyone who knows me, knows of my passion for bubbly and celebrating – everything, life, and love!! We all have sooo much to celebrate! Champagne is so festive, joyous, for important days and every day…birthdays and anniversaries of all kinds and, of course, New Year’s Day 2022, so full of potential!!  It is optimism at its best!! One simply cannot be unhappy with bubbles in hand! It is a celebration of life in a bottle! It’s said, “Champagne is the only wine that may be served with any course and at all times during the meal.” How wonderful…I concur!!  Every party becomes special with the simple POP of the cork! The host is happily pouring, with thumb nestled in the bottle bottom, to steady it, as my entertaining friend Steve taught me! His adorable dog, Channing, runs frantically upon hear the familiar sound…and plays happily with the cork all night, licking away!! Too cute!!

My champagne flutes are my favorite collection. Each one continues to make me smile ~ giving great joy! Through them, I remember dear friends who have gifted them, countries I love, special occasions and happy memories sharing toasts in many of my different home cities over the years!! Many are designed by my beloved Italian glass artist, Carlo Moretti. Some are engraved with tiny stars, some have whimsical colored and shaped bases. Recently, I celebrated the birth of my dear, Irish friend’s grandbaby. Sharon was visiting from New York, one of my many former homes, and chose the beautiful, Moretti kelly green, clover leaf footed flute for our toasting celebration! Such special, memorable fun! Welcome, baby Walker!!  Flutes are so elegant and their shape helps the bubbles last longer, as their surface is small. With such minimal, sleek profiles, many more glasses fit onto a serving tray or shelf!

Champagne Flute  | Baccarat 6-Piece Bubbles

The coupe, however, is quite dramatic! It is chic to hold and enjoy with pinkie in the air! Desserts are very elegant in the coupe! Think luscious raspberries, with a dollop of fresh whipped crème and sprig of mint! Voila!!  Champagne bottles and labels are very beautiful too!!  They incorporate the best if Art and Design…love!

From the golden yellow of my favorite, La grande dame Veuve Clicquot, to LOUIS ROEDERER, MOËT, KRUG and elegant Dom Pérignon’s Limited Editions, created as a tribute to Andy Warhol’s bold colored graphics, with Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London. Veuve Clicquot actually has a charming history, as well. Founded in 1772 by Philippe Clicquot, his son François eventually joined him. Following François’ untimely death, his young widow, Barbe Ponsardin, took over the family business at just 27 years of age. The House was renamed in her honor: ‘Veuve Clicquot’ means ‘The Widow Clicquot.’ It is now, one of the largest champagne houses! 

Waterford Mixology Mixed Small Coupe | Elegance Champagne Belle Coupe | Veuve Clicquot Champagne Yellow Label BrutWilliam Yeoward Fern Champagne Flute Roederer Estate Brut | Dom Perignon Brut Champagne | Dom Pérignon’s Tribute to Andy Warhol  | Roederer Estate Brut | La Maison Du Chocolat | Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board  | White Marble Glass Domed Cheese Board

Until we meet again…. I wish you a wonderful, bubbly new beginning…2022!  Enjoy with a little champagne truffle and maybe football, too! Cheers and a Very Happy, Healthy New Year 2022! xoxo MMK


Style at a Certain Age Saturday guest editor Marlene M. Kristoff shares luxury retail, home, and design ideas.

well, ladies the holiday shopping season is upon us! in fact, a lot of you have already started your holiday shopping. today we are introducing our 2020 gift guides and giving you a quick tutorial for how to shop our top gifts. over the course of the holiday season, we will continually add new gifts, so you can revisit the guides to find the perfect gift at any time. 

since we still receive sooooo many questions about where to find this or where to find that we created a video that will walk you through how to navigate this blog site and show as well as shopping my looks, finding categorized posts, shopping reader favorites, and the new holiday shop where all of our holiday gift guides will live.


holiday gift guides

we are curating great gift guides for holiday 2020 shopping! we will continually add new items to these gift guides, as well as holiday fashion, so be sure to come back often to peruse the latest gifts and fashion. happy holiday shopping!


gifts $50 and under


gifts $100 and under


hostess gifts


tech gifts


pet gifts


for the tabletop


deck the halls home decor


happy mother’s day to you.  so many of our readers are mothers, and this is a day to celebrate you and your good work of raising children.  although this year may not be the mother’s day we want—we may in fact be distanced from the ones we love the most—it is important to remember that at the end of the day, family is the most important thing.  my sons and i would normally be going to brunch today. but this year, we’ll all be eating together on my porch.  and i’m thankful for that—thankful we are together.  however, i did look through some old posts of mother’s days past that i wanted to share with you.  here’s how to dress for a special occasion like mother’s day. 

a jumpsuit & a blazer

if you’ve never worn a jumpsuit before this might be the time to try one. a jumpsuit can be worn in lieu of a dress but still make a statement. i love its comfort factor and ease of movement. and versatility? dress it up with a blazer as in today’s OOTD or let it stand on its own without one. 

[read the entire post…]

similar jumpsuit | similar jumpsuit 2 | similar jumpsuit 3 | similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar blazer 3


a dress & a blazer

 as with most special occasions, i rely heavily on the mighty dress – it just works. today’s silhouette is a page taken directly from the eighties. a drop-waist dress and blazer. i love the looser fit of clothes this season from the wide-leg pant to the midi-length. it’s feminine, fun and comfortable to wear. 

[read the entire post…]

similar dress | similar dress 2 | similar dress 3 | similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar blazer 3


a dress

if you want to go for the win look for an on-trend midi length. it’s one of this season’s strongest trends. i for one am happy to see it back in the rotation. doesn’t it makes shopping for a dress so much easier?

[read the entire post…]

similar dress | similar dress 2 | similar dress 3


another dress

neutral or monochromatic color schemes work well as in today’s ootd. a simple sheath dress with a faux suede fabric, patent leather pumps, and a scarf tossed over my shoulder for a little extra pizazz. how’s that for simple?

[read the entire post…]

similar dress | similar dress 2 | similar dress 3


it’s always fun to go through the archives, especially when it involves how to dress for a special occasion.  from our family to yours:  have a blessed mother’s day. 

i’ve been all about the midi-skirts this winter.  no matter the design or color, i’ve paired them with everything from traditional sweaters to chunky turtlenecks.  they’re on trend and wear well with boots of all kinds, making them totally functional in the elements.  so, if you’re looking for the perfect midi-skirt for the holidays, then i’ve got you covered. 

a midi-skirt for the holidays

i’m wearing J.Crew today.  (make sure to check out their 50% off sale.)   my cashmere turtleneck sweater and pleated midi skirt are both from there.  i’m monochromatic today, breaking up the red with a pair of white knee-highs. (similar booties here.)  if you’re not a fan of red or are looking to mix and match, both the sweater and skirt come in a variety of different colors.  (no surprise that i also love them in black.)

cashmere turtleneck sweater | pleated midi skirt | similar bootie | similar bootie 2 | similar bootie 3 | similar bootie 4 | hobo bag

booties, boots, and more boots 

what says “winter” better than “boots”.  today, i’m modeling a pair of kitten heel boots, but i’ve also put together a selection of similars and variations here, here, and here.   if you’re looking for other ways to style boots with a midi-skirt, make sure to check out this weekend’s post five classic winter wardrobe essentials

cashmere turtleneck sweater | pleated midi skirt | similar bootie | similar bootie 2 | similar bootie 3 | similar bootie 4 | hobo bag

a red letter day 

with the holidays fast approaching, i wanted to give you a little preview of how we’re going to end the year (and the decade for that matter.)  stay tuned over the next few weeks as we count down the top outfits of the 2010s.  we’re going through the past five years of OOTDs picking both our and your—our reader’s—favorite outfits.   you’re not going to want to miss it.  

cashmere turtleneck sweater | pleated midi skirt | similar bootie | similar bootie 2 | similar bootie 3 | similar bootie 4 | hobo bag

we’re a little over two weeks out from Christmas.  can you even believe it?  how have the holidays been so far for you?  calm or crazy?  relaxed or ridiculously busy?  have you done all your shopping?  decorated the house?  hosted a cookie exchange?  i hope amidst all of the holiday madness, you’ve managed to carve out some time for yourself.  as a distraction, i’ve got a fun one for you today:  a very Ralph Lauren Christmas Story.  

i’ve been in love with Ralph Lauren’s winter line this year. today, i’m pairing some of my favorites from that line although the classic peacoat is from J.Crew.  but put them all together, and you have the perfect winter outfit. festive without being over the top. and if you’re not in the holiday spirit quite yet, i’m hoping today’s post will get you part of the way there.   

a Christmas story 

so much of our family’s holiday traditions are tied up in classic movies.  It’s a Wonderful Life.  Santa Clause is Coming to Town.  And of course,  A Christmas Story.  


there’s nothing like throwing on one of these movies in the background while you decorate the tree or set up your Christmas village. i still have vivid memories of the first time my kiddos watched and laughed during A Christmas Story. and to this day, Jimmy Stewart’s performance in It’s a Wonderful Life still gets me. what’s a must-watch holiday movie for you and your family? let me know in the comments below.  

ribbed turtleneck sweater | similar sweater | similar sweater 2 | pants | peacoat | bootie | clutch

a very ralph lauren christmas story

it’s hard not to think red when you’re considering the holiday season. this color is easy to shy away from, particularly if you’re fond of only neutrals. but i love this color any time of year but especially come december. today, i’ve got a ribbed turtleneck sweater and striped pant from Ralph Lauren. sizes are limited, so i pulled together some comparable and similar sweaters, as well as this one. and make sure to head over to Bloomingdales today for a 25% friends and family sale, including a good selection of Ralph Lauren. Bloomies is where Ralph got his start, so they always have a nice selection to choose from. like my stripe pants.

ribbed turtleneck sweater | similar sweater | similar sweater 2 | pants | peacoat | bootie | clutch

the classic peacoat

i talk a lot on this blog about classic wardrobe staples and investment pieces. a peacoat is one of them. this one is new this year from J.Crew, who also is having a great 40% off sale. in addition to Ralph Lauren, i’ve featured a lot of J.Crew on the blog this fall and winter. i just love how both brands feature classic items with a modern twist.

and if you’re looking for more coat and jacket inspiration for the fall and winter, make sure to check out our top 5 must-have coats and jackets for the fall and winter

ribbed turtleneck sweater | similar sweater | similar sweater 2 | pants | peacoat | bootie | clutch

happy monday, ladies! it’s getting to look a lot like christmas, everywhere you go.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year. especially when we hop on the holiday express train with NYDJ to find the perfect holiday outfit for a girls’ night out or a casual holiday party at home. don’t you just love options? if you haven’t yet tried a pair of NYDJ perfect pants for the holidays, you are missing out on a flattering fit. what is not to love about a flattering fit that elongates my silhouette?! NYDJ is committed to making pants for all shapes, all sizes all women. so that means every woman from petites to plus size. they even carry tall and maternity. can i hear an amen? because what we women want are pants that are not only comfortable but fit our curves in all the right places so we can walk out the door feeling confident.

holiday express with NYDJ

holiday express with NYDJ

for a casual party at home, i chose Marilyn straight jeans in a gorgeous color named grenache. NYDJ recommends sizing down, so i’m sporting a size six. the velveteen fabric takes these pants from ordinary to extraordinary. Lift Tuck® Technology uses a proprietary slimming panel with a patented criss-cross design to shape and support your curves for an always-sleek silhouette. it’s a-ma-zing as these pants fit like a dream.

holiday express with NYDJ

but pants aren’t the only thing available at NYDJ. yes, they offer tops as well. i’m wearing a gorgeous boat neck sweater with a button back that matches my pants to a T., but there are so many other options that would look just as fantastic. like a leopard blouse or a sequin tee.

holiday express with NYDJ

and what’s a holiday party without a few gifts to tuck under the tree? i don’t know about you, but sometimes i slip in a gift for me.

holiday express with NYDJ

pants | boat neck sweater | shoes | earrings

holiday outfit

there’s something special about a home that has the halls decked and ready to welcome friends and family. my mother loved to decorate for the holidays, and she passed that love onto me.

pants | boat neck sweater | shoes | earrings

holiday express with NYDJ

are you ready to sit back and relax and enjoy the holidays? it’s ever so easy when you’re wearing the perfect pants for the holidays.

a big thank you to NYDJ for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas.

pleated midi skirts are on-trend this year.  and yes, it’s OK for ladies of a certain age to be on trend from time-to-time.  as we get older, it’s easy to adopt the mindset that we’re above trends; that because they’re fleeting and passing they’re not worth the time or investment.  

that may be true, at least in part, but sometimes it’s good to get out of our fashion comfort zone and break some self-imposed style rules.  today, i’ve (re-)styled for you a pleated midi skirt i first showcased this fall.  i want to highlight its seasonal versatility and give you a variety of alternatives to potentially integrate into your wardrobe.  

midi skirts are on-trend 

for those of you that follow this blog regularly, you might remember today’s skirt .  i first debuted it in my fall haul with JCPenny.  there, i paired it with a silk blouse.  today, i’ve kept the skirt but swapped out the blouse for a cashmere sweater.  as you all know, i’m a big believer in outfit reusability, flexibility and ease:  we shouldn’t have to invest in entire new wardrobes season-to-season.  it’s so easy to throw on a midi skirt and sweater and walk out the door looking pulled together at a moment’s notice. 

midi skirt | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3 | similar skirt 4 | similar skirt 5 | similar skirt 6 | boots | similar boots 2 | similar boots 3 | bracelet | cashmere sweater | similar cashmere sweater | similar cashmere sweater 2

she says, “hey baby, take a walk on the wild side”

i’ve got Lou Reed stuck in my head today.  you’d think it’d be a Christmas carol, but no.  it’s Walk on the Wild Side.  could be a lot, lot worse.

have a song stuck in your head this week? let me know in the comments below.

midi skirt | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3 | similar skirt 4 | similar skirt 5 | similar skirt 6 | boots | similar boots 2 | similar boots 3 | bracelet | cashmere sweater | similar cashmere sweater | similar cashmere sweater 2

that’s a (cashmere sweater) wrap!  

i’ve been all about the cashmere this winter.  i’ve given you several options over the past few weeks, and today’s no exception.  i’ve got a beautiful one from Nordstrom (and here) and a similar from Ann Taylor. for cooler weather (or if you don’t want any skin showing), couple today’s midi skirt with a pair of knee-highs and you’ll be taking a walk on the wild side too.  

midi skirt | similar skirt | similar skirt 2 | similar skirt 3 | similar skirt 4 | similar skirt 5 | similar skirt 6 | boots | similar boots 2 | similar boots 3 | bracelet | cashmere sweater | similar cashmere sweater | similar cashmere sweater 2

in case you missed it

if you’re new to the blog, or in case you missed it, we had a great time over here on the blog in November.  check out our monthly wrap up on YouTube below, where i feature my reader’s favorite outfits.  

m is for monday

m is for monday

happy thanksgiving, ladies. i thought i’d trot down memory lane today and share thanksgiving outfits from years gone by, starting in 2015 when the blog sprang to life. first up is from our days in san francisco in our tiny two-bedroom apartment. the photos were snapped outside as we were all crammed inside for our thanksgiving feast. the ootd is kept casual with gray denim, gray tissue turtleneck, waterfall cardigan, and cozy scarf.

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

this was our first year in our house in Athens. two of our kiddos were home so we kept it simple by dining in the kitchen. gray velvet pants, ivory silk tunic, and glitter flats are all that’s needed for a little glitz that’s still comfy.

if you’ve followed the blog for any length of time you know Ralph Lauren is my favorite designer. his timeless designs suit this classic girl to a tee. but i love how he incorporates a modern touch like faux leather jeans. yep, i’m in a neutral ivory silk top again. gotta love those neutrals.

home for the holidays

home for the holidays

thanksgiving 2018 found us dining in the dining room. our house was almost finished by this point. at least on the inside. i’m happy to report that the carpet has finally been replaced and our downstairs family room has polished concrete floors that look a-ma-zing. in 2020 i’ll have a full recap of the little tweaks we made to the house. mr. style saw everything come to life except for the new flooring. but he knew they were in the works. and that makes my heart happy. 

this year is a small feast as jr. style is dining with his girlfriend and her family. isn’t that great?! but i have two out of three here at home. and, of course, kelly. it’s been a team effort as far as putting together the meal and our mouths are watering as the turkey and all the fixings are filling the air. from my house to yours wishing you a blessed thanksgiving. i’m so thankful for all of YOU.

in case you’re ready to for Black Friday shopping here’s what’s what from my favorite brands:

Talbots: 40% off your purchase until midnight Friday

Gap: 50% off everything

 Old Navy: 50% off everything

Banana Republic: 50% off everything 

Athleta: 20% off your purchase

J.Crew: 50% off your purchase

Ralph Lauren:  40% off when you spend $125 

Boden: 30% off almost everything

Ann Taylor: 50% off everything 

Tory Burch: 30% off full-price styles 60% off sale styles 

Theory: 25% off $300 or more 30% off $600 or more

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