staying warm with cashmere, wool, and a pair of patrick boots

  1. Stephani Tyler says:

    Hi Beth…
    This outfit is particularly good looking on you…I like this combination…I am hippy on the bottom and your outfit creates the straight line look…It is a keeper…Keep warm…
    I am a California girl through and through and look forward to the very few winter months we get here…My favorite clothes are for Winter!! So sad!!!!
    Have a Good Thanksgiving…

  2. Rhonda says:

    Gorgeous outfit!!

  3. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, it’s cold back in England 11c but we are on a cruise and today we are in San Juan and it’s 32c so a little hot.
    Loving the winter outfits. I’m sure your eldest will get used to the cold, fingers crossed. A lot of toughening up will definitely be required. Xoxo

  4. sharon says:

    Beth, you have nailed the New England winter uniform! This combination is what keeps me most warm for Boston weather (swapping out for heavier coat when temp dips below 40’s!) Beautiful!

  5. Willette says:

    Hi Beth,
    Beautiful outfit you are wearing today. Living in California no need for heavy winter clothes. However we the weather does get down to 45 and we do get a chance to wear warm weather clothes.
    When we lived back East we always went to the tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. We would tag our tree with a bright ribbon and return by the 12th of December to cut it down. We found that doing it this way the tree lasted longer. This year I bought my first faux tree and I love how quickly it went up. The lights change from white to color so both the hubby and me are happy.

  6. Diana says:

    Hello Beth,
    It has been very cold here (UK) recently and I have reached for my cashmere roll neck sweaters and to be honest I haven’t felt the cold because of them. Every body around me though is suffering! As for Christmas …. one of our trees has just gone up, purely as we had the free time to do it. We have two trees, one real and one artificial and we buy ours from our local garden centre although one day I would love to go to a tree farm to pick my own, how magical! Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving. xx

  7. Yvonne says:

    Christmas is in full swing at our house the day after Thanksgiving. We already have lots of snow this year, so we are in the mood for lots of hot chocolate, mittens and homemade cookies. Our tree is artificial because of allergies, so it goes up along with everything else this coming weekend. Have a wonderful holiday season. I lost my son a few years ago the week of Thanksgiving, keep living and celebrating through the grief. Joy does return, life is never the same, but its joyous again.

    • Cynthia D Brown says:

      You’re killing it with that outfit! Just love it. Our family has always put the decorations up on the day after thanksgiving. One of our traditions was to get each member a Christmas ornament every year. As a result, our tree is packed and a happy, memory filled jumble. Now the girls have grown and gone, we are in the stage of them coming home for Christmas. One daughter is a nurse, and often can’t join us until Christmas Day or the day after. So we save the trimming of the tree until she gets here. Little adjustments to keep the traditions alive 🌲

  8. Sharon Olsen says:

    We put our artificial tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. My husband loves Christmas so he just does his thing and I move stuff around when he is finished.

    Love your outfit!

  9. Kathy says:

    Christmas is ready, set, go! Trees are up and decorated. The wreath is on the door. I put it all up by November 15th because I want to enjoy it! It’s 50 here on Lake Erie…but headed towards freezing later this week. I love your outfit and the focus on using your existing pieces differently. The color combo is spot on my taste! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  10. Connie says:

    I’m Laughing. My daughter just read me a news alert, “Californians brace for 50 degree weather!” 49 here in Northern CA so ‘grandkids are in hot tub and we’re inside by a fire with a glass of wine! Wearing my cashmere turtleneck too…

  11. Susan says:

    Hi Beth..Love this look, it is stunning on you! You have to have black suede tall boots for winter. I live Maryland in the northern suburbs and we have seen a few flakes. Looks like highs in low 40’s next week, it is getting chilly!

  12. Suzanne M Smith says:

    One of my favorite things about winter is boots! And this pair is classic. Your OOTD is lovely. I’m busy coming up with some tasty appetizers to keep folks happy until the big meal reveal. And I’ve been going on long, beautiful walks around a lake nearby, and promising myself I will not let this season stress me. I’m enjoying it all. We usually put the tree up right after Thanksgiving, and then don’t take it down until the first weekend in January. Everything looks so festive with all the fixin’s. I’m ready, and have some good ideas!

  13. lorena says:

    Spectacular print on that coat Beth.

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