how to dress for a special occasion | mother’s day

  1. Such pretty photos! Truth be told, I cannot remember the last time I wore a dress. I have looked at some casual ones online recently. Still thinking.

  2. Sangita M says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Beth! So happy that your boys are able to be with you. I cannot be with family today, but they are all in my heart.
    Take Care and enjoy your day!

  3. Pamela Murray says:

    I have the polka dot Ralph Lauren dress–it’s a favorite! Thanks for reminding me that one of these days we’ll be wearing something other than yoga pants. And Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. eve says:

    Happy Mothers Day, Beth! You look beautiful in all these dresses. Stay safe.

  5. Sharon says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!💐

  6. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Thank you for providing options! My two favorites are the jumpsuit and the midi dress. You’re stunning in both! Haven’t worn either style in years but thinking that as we emerge from this COVID-19 challenge, I am ready for change! You, fellow Mom, remain my inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day!~

  7. Susan says:


    Love the jumpsuit and blazer!

  8. Gwen Marie Ewing says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you beautiful Beth!❤

  9. Lindsey A says:

    Even though we were just home yesterday, I wore a dress I’d bought shortly before the lockdown. It was a Marshalls score, $20 or $25 and bright colors to reflect my newfound confidence having lost almost 30 lbs (12-15 more to go, ideally). I remember thinking at the time, these (I got two dresses) will be perfect come Easter and Mothers Day, because they were bright, vibrant colors and fun prints. Easter I didn’t wear either so yesterday I thought I must!

    I also recently felt inspired to invest in my first jumpsuit. I’d tried it on back in February, and the medium was going to be too big with continued weight loss, and the small was still just a touch too small so I couldn’t justify the splurge. It was at one of my favorite local independent female owned boutiques. I contacted the owner last week ago to see if they still had it in stock, and they did. She was opening the store for private appointments so that she could clean everything between customers, so I made an appointment and popped down to get it. And it fits great now (I’ve managed to continue losing weight even with the shelter in place – the coaches at my gym have been doing Instagram live workouts), though a bit more weight loss will be even better. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about that darn jumpsuit, so I’m really pleased I took the leap, and supported a small business to boot. Excited for better times to wear it.

  10. Vikki Andrews says:

    Beth, I didn’t think the long blue jacket flattered the cute dress you modeled today. I think it looked a bit frumpy. A shorter jacket would have worked better. My opinion of course. I just didn’t think that was your best look.

    The black and white dress and the tan dresses were gorgeous. You looked stunning in those.

    Thank you for all posts about style. Appreciate you.

  11. Suzanne Smith says:

    Hope you had a delightful mother’s day. Thank goodness you could have your family around you. How nice that you could have your family there to celebrate the day. Cheers!

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