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  1. Pam@over50feeling40 says:

    Loved this post!

  2. Laura Banks Lewis says:

    That dress is gorgeous. And the horse is too!

  3. Laura Banks Lewis says:

    That dress is gorgeous. Reminds me of the brown dotted one Julia Roberts wore at the polo match in Pretty Woman. Always a favorite look of mine. The horse is spectacular.

    • beth djalali says:

      the polka dot dress is definitely a throwback to pretty woman that’s for certain! what a great movie. i thought you might like this horse, laura!
      xoxo beth

  4. Cynthia Matos Macsherry says:

    Your oversized ‘pearls’ are to die for!

  5. Renee L Stambaugh says:

    Reminds me of the “Pretty Woman” does she wore to go to the polo match. I loved that dress and got one just like it. Very nice look Beth as always…

    • beth djalali says:

      pretty woman, walking down the street. what a great movie. and a great dress. polka dots are always on trend – then and now. thanks, renee, for your sweet words.
      xoxo beth

  6. CAN I just say STUN-NING Elegance is what I think of when I see most of your outfit creations. My favorite lines: are you headed to the kentucky derby this weekend? neither am i LOL

  7. jude klearman says:

    So chic and sassy Beth! Love the Chunky pearls and am headed to Target to look at the straw hats later today!

    • beth djalali says:

      target always has a great selection! let me know what you find. you never know what else will end up in your basket…
      xoxo beth

      • jude klearman says:

        Sadly that is the truth.. ?2 years ago I found a polka dot tote bag that I love and use constantly!

  8. donnanance says:

    Perfect for the Derby! Your setting is just gorgeous. I’ll need to make some southern dishes to enjoy this weekend. Pimento cheese, anyone? We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today with fajitas and margaritas. xoxo

  9. Oh I love this shoot and I love your look!

  10. Diane Zueck says:

    I went to the Kentucky Derby only once. It was 1973 and Secretariat was in the final race of the day and won the first of his Triple Crown. What a race!! Your outfit is the epitome of all that Kentucky Derby style should be for a proper lady. Derby Week is always a series of major events leading up to the race. Fashion plays a big part, along with the race, parties, and food. You pulled it off perfectly!!

    • beth djalali says:

      well, if you went to that race any derby after that would have paled in comparison. secretariat! you are one lucky girl. and he was one amazing horse. i’m certain you watched the movie? i loved the story and all the tribulations they faced and overcame.
      xoxo beth

  11. cathy says:

    my favorite look on you to date!!!! so chic!!!!! xoxo

  12. D. A. Wolf says:

    Lovely! And the polkadots and hat and horse remind me of a wonderful scene from Pretty Woman. (How cool is that?) And, as usual, you are stunning.

  13. Maggie Silton says:

    Fantastic look (and date!). I have a comment on your snapchat today. Your new haircut is stunning. I’m having a hard time understanding why you want to grow it because it looks perfect now. However, I’m always wanting my hair to be shorter or longer as it is, so I can relate in a way. I don’t know if you read the blog High Heels in the Wilderness, but there is a recent post on the very same subject. You’ll be gorgeous whatever you decide, but I just wanted you to know I think the latest ‘do is amazing!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi maggie,
      i love my hair short, too, but sometimes you just have to mix it up. keeps things fresh. i won’t go too long. a shortish bob is what i’m after. we’ll see…
      xoxo beth

  14. Elsie Hickman says:

    Love this look. So sophisticated.

  15. Nikki G says:

    I love a Julia Roberts polka dot dress! I always pretend I look like her. But I outgrew mine, so I can see now that its time for me to find a new one.
    Btw, Oscar isn’t the jealous type is he?

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