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  1. Amy Partridge says:

    Hi Kelly…I so enjoy your Saturday posts! Good luck with the brisket – maybe a nice brisket hash? Stay safe & healthy & thank you for sharing!!

  2. Cynthia G Smith says:

    I was so excited to see this post! I ordered through our CSA for the fist time and got chard, lion’s mane, shitake and trumpet mushrooms. Do you have any recipes that you can recommend for the mushrooms? I have never cooked with any of them and don’t want them to go to waste.


    • Hi Cindy, for sure! I needed to use up my mushrooms too, which is why I added them to this creamed greens recipe. Mushrooms add great umami flavor to just about everything; you can pretty much add them to any recipe and they will be great, in my opinion! But, another thing I like to do when I need to use them up and I don’t have anything in mind is slice them up, sauté them in butter with salt and pepper until they release all their liquid and get brown and toasty. Then just cover and refrigerate. If they’re about to go slimy on you, they will last a little longer in the fridge this way, and then i just use the cooked mushroom mixture almost like a topping in salads, soups, eggs, pasta….even on toast, anything really! You can dry them if you like, then use them in soups or to make a tasty mushroom broth. I have also found that they will last longer if you store them in a paper bag in the lowest humidity area of your fridge. Hope that gives you some good ideas! Thanks so much for reading, xo Kelly

  3. Julie Greene says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I love steakhouse creamed spinach too. My takeaway from this cooking lesson was the lemon croutons. Can’t wait to try them on a whole bunch of things!
    Thanks, Julie

    • Hello Julie! Indeed, which is exactly why I made a double batch. They are great on salad, especially a caprese salad. I want to tear large chunks and do a panzanella salad, just so they can be the star of the show! Thanks for reading today’s column, xo Kelly

  4. Sangita M says:

    Kelly, I absolutely love this recipie!
    A pefect compliment to almost anything or even by itself. We had snow here last night in NJ (can you believe it?!) so this will be great with a roast tonight.
    Happy Mother’s Day to the moms in your life!

    • Hi Sangita. I know, the snow storm is crazy! We got cold and rain here, in Athens yesterday. You will love this recipe, it’s so good! Thanks for tuning in today, xo Kelly

  5. Jan says:

    I will try this. Your recipes are so creative. Thank you.

    • Hi Jan! Definitely do – you will love it, I am sure. Please let me know how it goes for you! Thank you so much for reading today. xo Kelly

  6. Carroll Niesen says:

    This looks really beautiful and delicious!

    The mushroom varieties you used are new to me. Were they much different in taste and texture from the ordinary grocery store mushrooms?

    • Hello Carroll, thank you so much! The oyster mushrooms have a nutty flavor and i find them to be slightly bitter, they kind of remind me of a walnut, in that sense. The lion’s mane mushroom is pillowy and has a meaty-ness to it, it kind of has a lobster flavor – slightly sweet. They’re pretty different from button or crimini mushrooms, but certainly you can swap in whatever mushrooms you can find, the earthy flavor of any mushroom would go well in this recipe. Thanks again! xo Kelly

  7. Terry Ryan says:

    Good morning Kelly, I will be making this tomorrow. It will pair well with the smoked baby backs I’m fixing for Mother’s Day.

  8. RORY says:

    Yummmmmmm can’t wait to try it!

  9. Suzanne Smith says:

    Oh, this sounds and looks excellent. I love the notion of the croutons with the lemon zest. I can picture this with a little fresh-grated parmesan on top, too. I will definitely have to try this sometime. Thanks for the photos and descriptions. Yum.

  10. Margaret Rose says:

    Growing Swiss chard now in my small garden. Can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks

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