the sunday brief | classic holiday outfits

  1. Mb Thayer says:

    Separates! duh! You put outfits together beautifully! I’m making a list to start looking for! I have 2 faux fur vests (one black, one brown), black velvet blazer w/detail, black faux fur crop jacket that I love… need to look for velvet pants, (just gave away a velvet skirt), brocade, etc. LOVE all your looks! I live in Northern Ca so nights can be quite cold &/or wet during the winter… don’t wear stillettoes but I do have some cute shoes…((;

  2. Pat Shannon says:

    I recently discovered your blog and I love it. You are inspiring me in many ways. Could you possibly do a post about the proper length for different styles of pants? I was trying to pay attention to the pants lengths in this post and I think I am wearing my slim legged pants too long. Yours seem to be a couple of inches shorter than mine. I am 5’2″ and pants are always either too long or too short.

  3. Sue Smith says:

    These are all such good looks. I have a few pieces that I wear year after year, but I mix them with different things each time. They stay fresh. I have always been a big fan of velvet and jacquard fabrics–they’re just classics. I have those same pants, and I get so many compliments on them. Happy Sunday!

  4. Shakes her little blonde head at all this loveliness. What a gift you are to all of us!

  5. Wow that feminine tux is my fave! Just two weeks ago while shopping I came across a bowtie and told my husband I was going to buy it for me and he gave me an odd look… then he bought it for himself. Luckily he did so I can still “borrow” it.

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