fridays with oscar | birthday edition

  1. Lora King says:

    While I love your blog….Oscar pics really make me smile! Love this weeks posts! You both are adorable!

  2. Cyndi Anderson says:

    Happy Birthday Oscar. I just love the trip down memory lane. He is a beautiful dog and has such an expressive face.

  3. anonylind says:

    Aw, Oscar, happy birthday! Those giant puppy paws are too much. Bring him to Orange Theory! xo Linda

  4. Lesley Watson says:

    I have so enjoyed watching Oscar grow from an adorable puppy to the hansom adult he is. Thanks for sharing his growth with us. How are Oscar and Ollie getting along. Who is the boss of the house?

  5. Imastounded says:

    Congratulations, Oscar, you big, beautiful boy! And happy dog-iversary, Beth and family.

  6. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Fridays have been my favorite “styleatacertainage” with Oscar. There is no dog, as beautiful and loyal, as a German shepherd. I’ve had several dogs in my past, but, Lady, a female shepherd, is one I remember as my very favorite. Altho, that was 53 years ago, memories are still fresh. Happy Birthday to Oscar, and I also love the first photo on this page. The scarf with the pin, and the boots are beautiful. You look awesome!

  7. karen kappmeyer says:

    Happy Birthday Oscar!! He is a beautiful boy I always look forward to Fridays post. Have a great weekend Beth &Oscar!!

  8. Becky Brooks says:

    I recently discovered your blog and videos on YouTube. I have enjoyed reading your beauty tips and fashion advise. It has encouraged me to step up my makeup and fashion games. Friday’s with Oscar have made me want more pics with our adorable dogs. It is also so nice to see the beauty of Athens and Georgia. We are glad to have you in our Bulldawg Nation! Can’t wait to get caught up with all your blogs.

  9. Sue Smith says:

    Awwwww…happiest of birthdays to Oscar! Great trip down memory lane, watching him grow up here. Hope you all get to celebrate. Have a great weekend.

  10. Janice Harper Jones says:

    Beth, such a delightful post! I loved watching Oscar grow up, but also enjoyed the variety of outfits! You always look so elegant! Happy birthday to Oscar and I hope he gets an extra chew to gnaw on!

  11. Susan Young says:

    Happy Birthday Oscar!

  12. Susan Vilardo says:

    Happy birthday Oscar! We have a rescue dog, Lu!u, a “terror”ier mix. We love her even though we weren’t sure we’d survive puppyhood…..Even though I’m short and older I still enjoy your all your clothing styles!

  13. Rebecca Saffer says:

    Happy Birthday to my favorite dog! Oscar is absolutely a joy to behold and Mr. Style has taken some amazing photos of the 2 of you. I look forward to seeing Oscar with his new sibling Ollie. I can’t wait for more adorable photos! Have a great weekend, Beth.

  14. Awww cute puppy!! Great shots Beth, looking fab as usual. Have a good one !

  15. Lisa McClain Mitchell says:

    Happy Birthday Oscar!

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