today is our last day for our summer retrospective:  we’re featuring your favorite post from the month of August:  a look at my new haircut and back to summer basics.  as you all know, hair maintenance has been a bit of a challenge this year.  i spent the majority of the spring and summer growing it out.  but when restrictions were lifted here in Athens, and I could return to the salon, i got a new look.  as many of you have shared with me, you like my hair short(er).  so that’s what i went with.  so here’s one last look at summer before we head into our fall lineup.  

back to summer basics 

the dog days of summer have arrived. and while the temps can be downright sweltering at times come August, every once in awhile, a mini-cool front blows through. on those days, i reach for summer basics. and let’s face it, what beats a pair of white denim jeans, a gingham shirt, and sandals? it’s an easy peasy outfit from head to toe J.Crew one of my go-to brands for classic style since 1983. to be certain, there’s just something so classic and chic about a simple outfit. just add a wicker handbag and this outfit is good to go on any summer day.

a perfectly preppy summer outfit

shirt | denim | sandals | wicker handbag | similar belt | similar bracelet | similar silver hoops 

love the updated vintage straight jean from J.Crew. the button fly adds an old school vibe while the high waist keeps these jeans firmly rooted in 2020. i liked the fit of these jeans so much i purchased a pair in cape blue wash.


a wicker handbag is my constant companion may through august. and i love to add silver cuffs into the mix every chance i get come summer. 

shirt | denim | sandals | wicker handbag | similar belt | similar bracelet | similar silver hoops 

a look at my new haircut

for those readers who follow Style at a Certain Age on Instagram, you’ve seen my latest ‘do.’ many of you have already requested a few photos from all four angles. so the next few photos are for you. i know many of you were rooting for team short along with my amazing stylist Lyric. i can’t tell you how excited she was when i walked into the salon last week. she and her assistant had their fingers crossed and clippers ready for a short hairstyle. i am totally loving this new summer haircut and i know many of you will too.   so here’s a look at my new haircut. 

happy Monday, gang!

happy friday, gang! i hope everyone is headed into the weekend with their heads held high—we made it through another week of physical distancing and staying home. earlier this week i talked about dressing up when you’re feeling down to perk up your mood and give you a healthy distraction.  well, we are continuing that idea here today on fridays with oscar. my outfit today is a departure from my typical casual friday OOTD, as of late.  we’re going a little more formal.  but if that feels like a lot of work right now, not to worry:  we’re keeping things super simple with our recipe and cocktail today.  ’cause who says you need a party to whip up a cheeseboard?! so join us and see how to make a cheeseboard, as we are grazing on meats and cheeses and sipping a low abv cocktail: an elderflower spritz, today on fridays with oscar.

outfit of the day

i am picnic ready today with this adorable gingham skirt from Talbot’s. it’s great that warmer weather is coinciding with my knee surgery because it is so much more comfortable to wear a skirt or shorts! 

a sleeveless white sweater is perfect for these spring days when it’s not too hot to wear a knit top. a sweater shell is a timeless classic. it’s so versatile, i recommend everyone have at least one in their closet. it can be worn over a button up as a vest, or alone when the weather is right. 

the large check gingham skirt makes a bold statement – it’s fun and playful, just perfect for spring and brightening my mood.  my blue suede slides are a fun contrast to the red in my skirt. they are topped with colorful gem-like baubles and sparkles. their whimsy makes me smile every time i wear them. pax is here today, hoping for a tasty bite!

gingham skirt | cable mock neck | similar sandals 


how to make a cheeseboard

putting together a charcuterie platter and cheeseboard  is a great way to clear out the cheese drawer in your fridge! it’s simple to put one together and it can be an easy dinner. if you want something more substantial than crackers, you can put out small slices of bread and condiments to make finger sandwiches. 

whether it’s just you at home, or you have family in your home with you, putting out a cheeseboard is a fun change-up to the normal dinner or lunch routine.  the cheeses on our board today include manchego, a blue brie, and a semi-soft cheddar. when selecting cheeses, it’s nice to have a variety between harder cheeses and softer cheeses. our meats include a spicy salami and prosciutto. it’s also nice to include a variety of crackers. we have a lavash cracker, Triscuits and Raincoast Crisps which have dried fruits and nuts baked right in.

round out your cheeseboard with fresh fruits like grapes, veggies like carrots. nuts and cherry tomatoes also make great snacks for your board. don’t forget to include some condiments if you like, maybe mustard or a fruit preserve. salty green olives stuffed with feta made it on to our board today, but pickles are a great option too.


elderflower spritz

to go with our “no recipe” cheeseboard, we have a low alcohol cocktail that is perfect for sipping in the afternoon on a warm day, an elderflower spritz. you can make this as low alcohol as you like by changing up the ratios: add more soda water than wine and a dash of elderflower liqueur. we have some elderflower soda, but you can use plain soda water and a little extra elderflower liqueur to taste. but however you build your spritz, the idea is simple: a little wine, a little soda, a splash of liqueur and that’s it – a refreshing, flavorful cocktail that’s fun to sip in the sunshine. 

2 oz sauvignon blanc

2 oz club soda (or other soda water)

1.5 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 

Pour wine then liqueur into and ice filled glass and top with soda water, stir to combine. 

fridays with oscar

in the coming weeks on the blog i will have more mini-home tours of my home for you, as we’ve made a number of changes lately. we will have more health and wellness, and updates on my knee surgery recovery.  you can also look forward to more videos on youtube and plenty of how-to’s and classic style tips and tricks. i hope that we continue to be a place where you come to have a distraction from your worries and stresses. we are here for you, at style at a certain age.  oscar, ollie and i wish all of you a happy and safe weekend. 

gingham skirt | cable mock neck | similar sandals 


if you’re looking for more spring fashion, make sure to take a look at some of my top picks.  

keeping our heads up during coronavirus is challenging.  we’re hungry for positive news, and that can feel slow going.  but we’ve been here for you on the blog over the past few weeks, trying to stay positive.  and we’ll continue to do so.  last week, we featured a tour of my home, and we put together a YouTube tutorial roundup to keep you busy while you’re stuck indoors.  these were ideas that came from you, our readers, so keep suggesting content you want to see in the comments below.

and now i’m gonna let you in on a little industry secret:  we’ve got a week’s worth left of OOTDs we shot before Athens issued a shelter in-place.  we’re going to post them this week to give you a bit of a fashion distraction during these uncertain times.  and speaking of “distractions”, sometimes it’s hard to remember that Spring is actually here.  the trees are sprouting leaves and the flowers are in-bloom here in Athens.  and it happened in what felt like overnight.  from my window i can see Crepe Myrtles, Japanese Maples, and the blossoms from Cherry trees.  what does your view look like?       

keeping our heads up during coronavirus

it’s one of life’s greatest challenges not to let our circumstances dictate our attitude.  it’s one thing to say, “stay positive”, but it’s quite another to feel it deep inside.  it’s so easy to let doubt and fear consume us. but as soon as it does, we’ve already lost.  when platitudes wear thin, remember:  fear not, God is in control.  

poncho | gingham crop pant | blouse | silk scarf | heel sandals 

poncho positive

poncho, please?  i love ponchos, and i’ve featured them for years over here on the blog.  they’re one of my favorite items to wear in Spring or Fall.  today, i’ve pulled in a beautiful pastel poncho from Ann Taylor and paired it with a gingham cropped pant.  it’s a perfect spring outfit for those cooler transition days.   

and i know many of my readers love scarves as much as i do.  here’s a beautiful silk scarf, again from Ann Taylor. it pairs wonderfully with the poncho, but it would be perfect with any Spring outfit, especially those that feature a pastel palette.  

poncho | gingham crop pant | blouse | silk scarf | heel sandals 

spring pastels

i’ve been all about pastels this Spring. last week, i shopped my closet and pulled out a pink pastel bomber jacket.  and if you missed my pink rain coat, make sure to check out the post.  today is all about lavender.  what’s your favorite pastel?  

poncho | gingham crop pant | blouse | silk scarf | heel sandals 

reaching out to others

i talked yesterday about the importance of continuing to reach out to friends and family using the technology available to us.  it’s worth remembering that not everyone has a robust network of support. a kind word of encouragement can get a lot farther than we may realize. 

poncho | gingham crop pant | blouse | silk scarf | heel sandals 









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