top five fall and winter coats

  1. Eve says:

    I’ve never owned a coat unless you count a trench coat for rainy weather. If it gets below 60* we consider it freezing and close the schools. LOL I love looking at posts like this though. It was fun!

  2. Jan says:

    This is super great today, Beth! Love all the choices, examples & styling ideas. I really enjoy your blog & videos. Font size looks good today whether due to a change or my new phone!?!? I do have trouble with no capitalization at start of sentences. Your choice, but how many of your followers actually PREFER that?

  3. J E says:

    Living in Chicago, I have a closet only for coats and jackets. Coats for Spring, Autumn, then starting Winter…light weight, medium weight, heavy weight and of course, severe weather.

    But my workhorse is the jean jacket and quilted vest. And I do love a fur coat…fun or real.

  4. Kathy says:

    Great post!We’ve had an unusually warm early fall here in Iowa-but it’s time to get ready.Winter lasts so long here that if you rely on just one winter coat you hate it by February.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hi Beth! Thank you so much for giving women such a fantastic site to follow with you! I absolutely love all the fun and different examples you give us for choices of clothing, shoes and accessories. You always look so nice and confident in all of your beautiful pictures provided. Thanks so much for your wonderful help. 😊

  6. I have enjoyed your posts for the last few years. You have wonderful style and i learn something every time. I am receiving so many ads with your postings since your redo. Literally every paragraph has an ad after it. Hope you can remedy this issue

  7. Melodie says:

    Hi Beth, Love the variety of coats. How about a post on handbags? You always have such a variety of adorable bags. Wishing new font wasn’t so tiny but still love your site!

  8. Jill Sheehan says:

    Your choice of coats is spot on for the weather where I live. Thank you.

    Question, what blue bag are you carrying in the pic of you in the blue puffer coat and yellow sneakers?

    It looks like a Longchamp but I can’t tell the exact style. It also looks like the perfect “personal bag” carry on for travel.
    Thank you

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