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beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a travel outfit Athleta wander slim pants and streetwise sweater

happy sunday, gang! well, today’s the day to share a few packing tips with you. yes, we’re talking about what’s in my carry on that i lug on and off the airplane. this year mr. style and i have been on the move travel-wise, so i’m back in the travel groove. since travel season is upon us, i’m sharing a few of my top travel tips that will help you pack for your upcoming spring and summer vacations whether it’s home or abroad.

but first things first. y’all know i have to pick out my airport outfit. it’s important to travel in comfort and style. i don’t know about you, but i pick an outfit that has a sleeve because baby it’s cold in those airports and on planes. plus, i like an outfit that’s loose and comfortable but will keep me looking fresh as a daisy when i reach my destination. 

the past year i have fallen in love with Athleta. not only do i choose Athleta for my workout gear but they are my go-to brand for travel outfits. their clothes are lightweight, 60% of their materials are made with sustainable fibers, and every piece they design is relentlessly tested so our bodies can move with ease. honestly, i can’t sing Athleta’s praises enough. especially the wander slim pant that fits like a glove but can take a beating. these pants are paired with three different tops (sweater, shirt, and lightweight hoodie) to show just how versatile they are.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears travel style Athleta wander slim pants and streetwise sweater

pants | sweater | similar shoes here, here, and here

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears Athleta pants, white shirt, puffer jacket, and sneakers

this lightweight puffer jacket is the perfect travel jacket. to date, it has come along on every trip in 2019. first of all, it doesn’t feel like a coat – it is that lightweight. plus, it packs down small and comes out smooth. it’s also water repellent to help ward off a rainy day. and it’s reversible which means i have two coats in one.

a carry on suitcase is a must these days what with baggage fees on the increase. although i have to admit i don’t mind paying extra. but i chose this Longchamp 21″ expandable tote due to how lightweight it is. when i’m traveling solo, i need to hoist my suitcase into the bin all by myself. and that’s just what this tote allows me to do. this travel tote is made from durable, water-resistant nylon. when unzipped it expands to 21″. perfect size for a weekend getaway.

pants | shirt | jacket | similar shoes here, here, and here | locket | tote

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears travel style Athleta wander slim pants, essence vital tank, and enlighten sweater hoodie

sneakers are definitely my go-to shoe when i’m traveling. they’re durable and comfortable. and on trend.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears travel style Athleta wander slim pants, essence vital tank, and enlighten sweater hoodie

pants | tank | hoodie | sneakers

what to pack for a caribbean cruise

similar dress | sneakers

longchamp 21" expandable tote

21″ expandable tote

what’s in my carry on? well, a variety of things like packing cubes, toiletry bag, makeup bag, leather charger roll up for starters. packing cubes have been a game changer for me. there are so many brands to choose from, but i purchased a 4 piece travel set from eBags. it has a soft mesh top that won’t damage delicate fabrics. and the mesh allows for easy identification which allows me to see exactly what is in the cube. packing cubes facilitate unpacking as much as they save space. and they keep everything contained in your suitcase. many times, i’ll leave my lingerie in the cube then place the cube inside of the hotel drawer.

a packing tip my mother passed onto me was to keep my toiletry bag packed at all times. then when a trip comes up on short notice, i’m ready to go. what’s inside my toiletry bag? medication for stomach, headache, allergy, and cold. travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, q-tips, cotton balls, deodorant, contact solution, baby oil, cleansing towelettes, hairspray, disinfectant spray, tide-to-go pen, and visine. i also travel with ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs melatonin to help with a night of good night sleep.

on one of my trips to HSN, i spied this Travalo classic refillable perfume atomizer. this allows me to fill the atomizer with my favorite perfume then pack in my carry on handbag. genius!

travel accessories

packing cubes | leather toiletry bag | leather makeup bag

don’t forget to use your space when it comes to packing. yes, utilize every single empty space. shoes? place socks inside. hat? place swimwear or lingerie. also, roll not fold your clothes. you will save space inside your cubes or your suitcase whichever way you like to pack. here’s a video where i share how to pack a hat.


travel packing cubes

packing cubes

travel toiletry bag

leather toiletry bag

travel makeup bag

leather makeup bag

packing accessories

leather charger roll up

leather charger roll up | universal adaptor

when we travel with our tech gear, we need to bring along cords and chargers. a leather charger roll-up keeps all of my cords tamed and in one place. don’t forget your headphones to cancel all the airplane noise. but if you want to watch a movie on the plane, you will need a headphone with a round plug.

universal adaptor

universal adaptor

if you’re traveling overseas you will need a multi-use universal adaptor.

leather jewelry roll up

leather jewelry roll-up

i have my eye on a jewelry roll-up to keep my baubles in one place.
leather pill case


leather 7 day pill case

and mr. style needs a pill case.

all right, ladies, i hope you enjoyed today’s travel style and packing tips. stay tuned for more travel posts. happy sunday!


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  1. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi Beth, we use the travel packing bags, a friend got me on to them, we have three lots and they are brilliant. Since my husband had a total shoulder replacement two years ago he doesn’t carry the cases from upstairs to downstairs. I pack upstairs, bring the empty cases down then bring all the packing bags down to put in the cases. It’s a few trips up and down but much better for him. I also decant loads of stuff as well. By the way when will you be posting on YouTube again, we all miss you. Also can you give us some tips for on days when you don’t feel motivated, I’m sure we all have them. Xoxo

    Posted 4.7.19
    • aren’t the packing cubes the best invention since sliced bread?! i should be on YouTube again hopefully sooner rather than later. xo

      Posted 4.9.19
  2. Julie wrote:

    This post was so useful for what to wear and pack for travel. I am pinning this and love the outfits on you. Thanks.

    Posted 4.7.19
    • awww, nothing makes me happier than a comment like this! xo

      Posted 4.9.19
  3. Catherine Little wrote:

    Useful ideas as always but I do not understand why this was not done on YouTube? I get your personality as I have seen your videos but others may not?

    Posted 4.8.19
    • hi catherine! there are so many ways to share content. YouTube seems to be for those that are on the go and can watch and listen on their morning commutes. others love to open their email and read the blog post while sipping coffee. i’m thrilled we can share tips and ideas on the blog as well as social channels. xo

      Posted 4.9.19
  4. Gray wrote:

    omgosh – we are so on the same wavelength in many areas – i have just gotten that exact leather roller charger case, and am on the lookout for a new makeup case – so thanks for that. also, love me some athleta and have been wondering about the wander pant for travel – looks really good. two things – you DO need a converter in addition to an adapter, if you have to take a steamer or a hair dryer – anything that uses heat…also – i am finding some cool stuff from new balance in addition to athleta.
    and lastly, we both write in lower case!
    cheers!! great post!

    Posted 4.8.19
    • isn’t athleta the best?! absolutely love each piece i have purchased from them. thanks for the tip about new balance. i’ll go check it out. xo

      Posted 4.9.19

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