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February came and went.  that was fast!  i cannot believe Spring is right around the corner.  before we leave February totally behind, let’s do a recap of the month’s top posts as chosen by you.  it was travel month over here on the blog and the top outfits to travel with this winter took most of the spots in the list.  here they are:  

1.  there’s no place like home | ruby red slippers

it’s travel month over here on the blog.  one of my favorite months.  we kicked things off yesterday with some tips and tricks for airport travel.  and today, i’m showcasing an outfit geared for traveling when it’s cooler outside.  i’m all about the color pop today.  and in that spirit, i’m featuring a pair of classic red shoes—something everyone should have in their closet.    

but before i set off this weekend, i wanted to take a moment and (preemptively) reflect on my favorite thing about travel:  coming home.  as much as i love jet-setting, there really is no place like home.  we spent last month touring my home.  and as the blog continues to grow, i thought i’d do a little bit of a roll call.  i’m curious where you all—especially my new readers—call home.  let me know in the comments below!

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peacoat (J.Crew) | ankle jeans (Talbots) | sweater | scarf (Talbots) | lipstick (Sephora) | loafers (J.Crew) | similar shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar bag 3 

2. airport style for winter

come February it’s time to plan a vacay and get out of dodge for a few days. a winter getaway is always a good idea whether you’re headed to a ski resort or you’ve decided to sip a piña colada on a sandy beach. no matter what your travel plans are let’s talk about airport style for winter. because half the battle is getting to our destination.  so let’s talk how to dress for the airport

anyone remember the good old days when we were dressed to the nines when it was time to board our aircraft? skirts, pumps, hose, jackets were commonly worn to fly the friendly skies. kiss the past goodbye, ladies, because it’s all about comfort in 2020. can you blame us? what with the airlines giving us little wiggle room in coach. many of us travel with a carry-on so we’ll have to hoist our bag into the overhead bin with ease. then if you’re seated by the window you have to squeeze past two seats before you buckle up and settle in for your flight. of course, business and first-class still offer luxurious seating but even if we upgrade our seat selections comfort is still key.

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airport style for wiinter

airport style for wiinter

airport style for wiinter

3. how they held up | Florida: an outfit retrospective

for those of you that have been following my blog or my social channels, you know i’ve been in Florida the past few days.  don’t worry, all this week i’ll be showing you what i wore in Florida and how i wore it.  but being here has made me a bit nostalgic for trips past.  for my long time followers, you know that mr. style and i have traveled to Florida many times over the past few years.  and while i’ve had to make this trip without him, i’ve got junior style with me to enjoy this week.  

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today, i wanted to do something a bit different.  i want to show you what i wore in Florida in days past— a retrospective of sorts.  some of these photos have popped up here and there over the past few months, but after collecting them all into one place, I’m curious how you think the outfits have held up.  

hello florida

similar jumpsuit | handbag | chronicle bracelet 

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Gretchen Scott shirtdress while visiting Panama City Beach

similar dress 1 |  similar dress 2

what i wore in florida

similar button down | similar button down 2 | similar chinos | similar chinos 2 | monogramed bag

4. travel diaries | what i wore in Miami

is it winter where you are? cold and dreary?  my son told me this weekend that Athens, GA has gotten more rain than Seattle this winter:  24″. i haven’t checked as to whether that’s true, but i can tell you, i was more than glad to escape the rain and head to Florida for a week.  if it’s winter where you are, and you’re looking for a mild escape, join me today as i show you what i wore in Miami.  

all this month we’ve talked travel over here on the blog.  yesterday, i gave you an outfit retrospective of my Florida trips over the past few years.  i’ve also compiled some lists of tips and tricks on how i stay healthy traveling, as well as my tried and true packing strategies

for those of you who follow me closely, i put together my Florida lay flats last week.  and today, i’m going to show you how they actually look.  

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boyfriend jeans | similar tee | similar handbag | similar sandals | similar sling backs | sunglasses

5. travel diaries | how i wore it in miami | Vizcaya Museum day trip

as we speak, i’ve started packing and getting ready to head to the Miami airport.  by this evening, i’ll be back home in Athens, GA.  i’ve had a wonderful time here in Florida with junior style.  sad to go, but happy to return home to oscar and ollie.  we’re off to a great start this week on the blog, and we’re we’re showing no signs of slowing.  i’ve got some more shots of how i wore it in Miami, Florida; specifically shots of my day trip to Vizcaya Museum. 

in case you’re just joining us, its travel week over here one the blog.  we kicked things off on Sunday with a Florida outfit retrospective. yesterday, i posted my first collection of outfits i wore in Miami.  and today, i’m featuring the outfit i wore for some day touring.  

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similar shirt | similar shirt 2 | similar shirt 3 | shorts | tote | sunglasses | similar shoes | scarf 


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  1. Sharon wrote:

    I am from carbondale, Illinois. In the southern part of the state. Home of the SIU Salukis. I read your blog every day. I too lost my mate 5 days before Christmas. You lose a piece of your heart. Wishing you a great Spring.

    Posted 3.1.20
  2. Pat wrote:

    You look great in shorts!

    Posted 3.1.20
  3. Rosemary wrote:

    Morena-good morning- from a mid summer Aotearoa New Zealand! Not a new reader- longtime follower! Love reading about life, style, books and family from the perspective of a ‘lady of a similar age.’ Starting my day wayyyyy dowwn here in NZ with such a positive blog brightens my day! Thanks

    Posted 3.1.20
  4. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    Lots of memorable looks here. I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. I agree–coming home is best. My son and I, any time we return from a trip, always text each other once we’re back with “jiggidy-jig,” and we know the other is safely home again. I’m from Cary, NC, here in the Research Triangle Park of NC.

    Posted 3.1.20
  5. Mary wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    I have also been enjoying the warm weather in Sarasota Florida, during the past month. Unfortunately all vacations have an end. My home is in Burlington, Ontario Cdn.
    I’ve been enjoying your sight for a number of years.
    Looking forward to many more.

    Posted 3.1.20
  6. Darla wrote:

    Hi Beth…..Enjoy reading your posts everyday. I’m just home from a month’s vacation on the 🌴 Island. We are enjoying unusually nice weather for the first of March here in Saskatchewan Canada. 🇨🇦

    Posted 3.3.20
  7. Kathy Epperly wrote:

    I am from Wichita, Kansas and I love following along.

    Posted 3.3.20
  8. Jeanette wrote:

    Read your blog when I get up in the morning
    Gives me inspiration to look at ways I style my clothes
    From Australia

    Posted 3.5.20

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