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it’s travel month over here on the blog.  one of my favorite months.  we kicked things off yesterday with some tips and tricks for airport travel.  and today, i’m showcasing an outfit geared for traveling when it’s cooler outside.  i’m all about the color pop today.  and in that spirit, i’m featuring a pair of classic red shoes—something everyone should have in their closet.    

there’s no place like home

but before i set off this weekend, i wanted to take a moment and (preemptively) reflect on my favorite thing about travel:  coming home.  as much as i love jet-setting, there really is no place like home.  we spent last month touring my home.  and as the blog continues to grow, i thought i’d do a little bit of a roll call.  i’m curious where you all—especially my new readers—call home.  let me know in the comments below!

peacoat (J.Crew) | ankle jeans (Talbots) | sweater | scarf (Talbots) | lipstick (Sephora) | loafers (J.Crew) | similar shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar bag 3 

a peacoat is a must 

today, i’ve paired white ankle jeans (Talbots) with a classic rollneck sweater and a beautiful blue peacoat (J.Crew).  a peacoat is a classic—if not the classic—coat to own.  but they’re bulky.  so if you’re planning on traveling with one, make sure you wear it on the plane. (and they double as a blanket.)

i’ve matched both with this beautifully patterned scarf (Talbots), creating some visual interest.  scarves are a great way to add color and creativity to any outfit.  

peacoat (J.Crew) | ankle jeans (Talbots) | sweaterscarf (Talbots) | lipstick (Sephora) | loafers (J.Crew) | similar shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar bag 3 

add color to your closet

most, if not all closets can do with a little bit more color.  anyone who follows this blog closely knows the extent to which i stress the neutrals as a base.  they are the foundation in which to build any wardrobe.  that being said, it’s important not to get stuck in neutral.   

with blue and red as my base, i took today’s outfit to the next level by adding a splash of red with my (similar) bag and loafers (J.Crew).  using accessories as means to colorize is an easy way to keep your closet fresh.  if red isn’t your color, you can imagine pairing today’s outfit with oranges, greens or yellows. 

peacoat (J.Crew) | ankle jeans (Talbots) | sweaterscarf (Talbots) | lipstick (Sephora) | loafers (J.Crew) | similar shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar bag 3 

classic red shoes

if you don’t have a pair of classic red shoes, get one.  they’re iconic for a reason.  i live in Athens, and the weather is (has been) pretty mild here this winter. so i can pull off a pair of backless loafers (J.Crew).  it may or may not be cooler where you are, in which case, opt for a more traditional shoe. (and a warm pair of socks!)

peacoat (J.Crew) | ankle jeans (Talbots) | sweater | scarf (Talbots) | lipstick (Sephora) | loafers (J.Crew) | similar shoes | similar bag | similar bag 2 | similar bag 3 


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  1. Lisa wrote:

    Hello from Springfield, MO, where it was 70 and sunny yesterday and cool, cloudy and we await a winter storm later today. Winter is always a challenge…thanks for your lovely suggestions!

    Posted 2.4.20
    • Sheila Fowler wrote:

      Love your comments, clothes and animals. Warm weather will take take a bit longer to reach me as I live in Canada. Nice to dream of shoes and no boats however and start planning for April.

      Posted 2.4.20
    • Nancy Bailey wrote:

      I love this look. One of my favorites.

      Posted 2.4.20
  2. Ellie wrote:

    Love your blog and love, love red shoes & travel. I live on a beautiful lake in Madison, Wi.

    Posted 2.4.20
  3. Elizabeth Smith wrote:

    Just love the blue colour of your peacoat, my place I call home is on the North Norfolk coast, UK.

    Posted 2.4.20
  4. Ali Fraser wrote:

    Hello Beth
    I live in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane is the capital of the north eastern state of Queensland. It’s about an hours drive from the coast. We have hot summers and fairly mild winters.
    Hello to you and all your readers from me and my little dog, Clancy.

    Posted 2.4.20
  5. Gail wrote:

    Love your fashions. Live in Montreal Quebec

    Posted 2.4.20
  6. Carol wrote:

    Good morning from Dallas, Texas. Love this look and particularly the red shoes. I could have worn the mules yesterday as it was 80F but tomorrow will need boots as it is forecast to be snowy and 30F Typical Dallas weather!

    Posted 2.4.20
  7. Sheila Hurd wrote:

    My Dad (who would be 92 this year) agrees – every lady should own a pair of red shoes! Enjoy your blog from Grand Junction Colorado

    Posted 2.4.20
  8. Kathleen wrote:

    Hi from the Pacific Northwest…Olympia, Washington to be precise. I love your outfit today, especially that red Chanel handbag! Waiting for the rain to end so I can wear white jeans! You always look so chic.

    Posted 2.4.20
  9. Susan wrote:

    Hi Beth
    I now live in Durham NC, I look forward everyday to reading your blog. It was 69 here yesterday and a simply beautiful day.

    Posted 2.4.20
  10. Amy wrote:

    Germantown, TN…about 20 min out of downtown Memphis

    Posted 2.4.20
  11. Annette wrote:

    Hello from Monterey, CA, love your outfits!

    Posted 2.4.20
  12. Suzanne Lanchester wrote:

    Up here in West Central Illinois, my feet and ankles would be cold without socks and boots. Waiting for more snow tonight.

    Posted 2.4.20
  13. Jeri Ray wrote:

    Good morning! I live in Hillsboro, Oregon – a suburb west of Portland. It’s cold and frosty this am, with rain returning later day. I love the colors you spotlight in today’s blog.

    Posted 2.4.20
  14. Gail wrote:

    Hi, Beth, from Gail in central IL! I’ve been following your blog regularly for over two years now. I love your decorating and clothing style! Very classic looking outfit today, and I like that pop of color in your accessories!

    Posted 2.4.20
  15. Karyn Bray wrote:

    You obviously put a lot of time and effort and energy into your posts and it shows! I too live in Georgia (Atlanta) and have a son who is a Junior in high school who will be touring UGA soon! Go Dawgs! I enjoy your outfit ideas, but especially this month’s travel blogs… It make me cringe when I see what some people wear to travel…I love your pops of red, I would do it my way with my favorite color of royal purple! I work full time in an office and my first thought when getting dressed in the morning is “style”… not “comfort”….well fitted, tailored clothing can be comfortable!

    Posted 2.4.20
  16. Susan Ritter wrote:

    I love red shoes & wear them frequently but would never wear slides for travel thru an airport!! Esclators, moving walk ways, steps, jetways would be danger zones for slides! Loafers would work better. From Chadds Ford PA –

    Posted 2.4.20
    • Dessie Irvin wrote:

      Hi from NE Georgia. Baldwin, GA to be exact. A hop and a skip from Athens. I love red. And, I love to wear red all year long….not just when I am cheering on my Dawgs! Dessie I

      Posted 2.5.20
  17. Ann Yates wrote:

    Enjoy your posts from La Crosse WI next to the Mississippi River. Love red shoes, but too snowy right now for them!

    Posted 2.4.20
  18. Micki Dattomo wrote:

    Love your blog! You know me from Instagram – gerolexi- (the small laundry room gal). Anywho. I’m in Lantana Texas.

    Posted 2.4.20
  19. Vickie wrote:

    Hi Beth! ways and forever a Southern girl by heart but now from the midwest…Kalamazoo, MI

    Posted 2.4.20
  20. Melinda wrote:

    I am over 65 and love your blog…I am here in Smithville, Texas…..I love the way you take the basics, in a wardrobe, and add different accessories to have totally different looks….I have been following your blog for about 6 months and you have challenged me to come up with different outfits with the clothes I already have! Thanks….

    Posted 2.4.20
  21. DIANE wrote:

    Hi Beth – from Los Angeles County. YIKES! What will summer be like? Love the peacoat but would never need one.

    Posted 2.4.20
  22. DIANE wrote:

    Sorry… my earlier post should have included 100 degrees in SoCal. YIKES! What will summer be like?

    Posted 2.4.20
    • Homer Ann Hooper wrote:

      I live in New Braunfels,TX. I love your blog and follow you daily. I love your preppy/classic style. You have encouraged me to add pep and preppy classic to pep up MY style.

      Posted 2.4.20
  23. Clio wrote:

    Good morning from Chicago! I’m originally from Rhode Island. Your preppy vibe speaks to this New Englander in the Midwest.

    Posted 2.4.20
  24. Doris wrote:

    Hello – I’m from Amory, MS and I love your blog. I love your style and look forward to your daily posts. These red shoes today are awesome.!! Thank you for keeping us looking fabulous!!

    Posted 2.4.20
  25. Lynne wrote:

    Lynne from Silver Spring,
    MD where it is way too warm this week. Still hoping for some snow…..

    Posted 2.4.20
  26. Gay wrote:

    Cute outfit- I’ve been a fan of red shoes for years. I read your blog from the Monterey Peninsula , CA

    Posted 2.4.20
  27. Hi from the DC area, where winter continues unseaonably warm…will we get some snow this winter? I hope so…since it’s our last winter here – moving to the south of France next year!

    Posted 2.4.20
  28. Joni wrote:

    Good Morning from Fairbanks, Alaska. I love your OOTD today, but I’d freeze if I traveled in those beautiful red mules. I’d wear some comfy red boots instead. Thank you for inspiring me, even at -30 🤩

    Posted 2.4.20
  29. Josie wrote:

    Hello Beth, enjoy reading all your posts. calling home the beautiful sunshine state, Miami.

    Posted 2.4.20
  30. Jaye wrote:

    Hi Beth! Love your blog! I also love to travel but love coming back home. I know I’m home as soon as I see beautiful Mt. Hood out my airplane window. I live in Salem, Oregon-so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest. 😄

    Posted 2.4.20
  31. Love your blog and Instagram..I’m not good with styling so have bought many items you highlight 😍
    From the foothills of the North Ga mountains and South Fl Boca…I’m loving it

    Posted 2.4.20
    • Kathryn wrote:

      The view from my living room window is of the St Croix river in beautiful Stillwater, the birthplace of Minnesota. It was a bit to chilly today for mules but I always appreciate your upbeat inspiration!

      Posted 2.4.20
  32. Carole wrote:

    Hi, I’m from New York, New York. Love your outfit today. Ran to my closet to see if I had a red, white, and blue scarf too!

    Posted 2.4.20
  33. Vicki wrote:

    Love the outfit today! But that pretty much goes for every day! My favorite are the red mules which you inspired me to order this year. Have a great trip!

    Posted 2.4.20
  34. Dawn wrote:

    Hello from Denver, Colorado where it was 74 degrees on Super Bowl Sunday, and today we have 4 inches of snow! We often have very mild sunny weather between our snow storms. Layers are key. Love your blog and your red shoes!

    Posted 2.4.20
  35. Joanne wrote:

    Wow! Your readers are from all over the place! I’m from Upstate New York on the shore of Lake Ontario. I love red shoes but no mules for me. I could go for another pair of red boots and already have several red purses.

    Posted 2.4.20
  36. Barbara wrote:

    Oh my goodness, I have a pair of red shoes that I haven’t worn forever, but you have inspired me to get them out and wear again.
    Hello from Wichita Ks, where like Springfield Mo our temp on Sunday was 76, yesterday the high was 38, today snow flurries.

    Posted 2.4.20
  37. Mary Lou wrote:

    Looking lovely in your hearts and red mules! Any suggestions for similar red loafers?

    Posted 2.4.20
  38. Kathy Carter wrote:

    Love your blog! Chadds Ford, PA

    Posted 2.4.20
  39. Carolyn wrote:

    Hello from Atlanta. Your blog is one of my favorites.

    Posted 2.4.20
  40. Judie wrote:

    Hi Beth! Always enjoy reading your blog. Thinking I might need a red purse! Such a fun pop of color. I live in Eugene, Oregon….. home of the Oregon Ducks!

    Posted 2.4.20
  41. Deirdre Cerasa wrote:

    I was born and grew up in Edgewood, Rhode Island. Moved to Wilbraham, Massachusetts (a suburb of Springfield) and lived there until 2013, when my husband sort of retired. We now live in Sanford, Florida.
    I enjoy the blog so much Beth!

    Posted 2.4.20
  42. Chris Illius wrote:

    Love this outfit Beth and it looks great on you! not too much going on – sophisticated and easy-to-put-together look!

    Posted 2.4.20
  43. Kristine wrote:

    ¡Buenos días from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico!

    Posted 2.4.20
  44. Jeanne Pittenger wrote:

    Started in the Catskills of New York…Delaware County. Now happy to be in Olympia, Washington…Ken Lake suburbs.

    Posted 2.4.20
  45. LYNN TADDEI wrote:

    I’m in central PA, an hour south of Penn State. Love your blog!

    Posted 2.4.20
  46. Pamela wrote:

    I love your blog and hail from your home of Athens, GA. Go Dawgs!

    Posted 2.4.20
  47. Laurie wrote:

    I am lucky to be a Pacific Northwest girl, in a rural area called Scholls, Oregon a suburb of Portland. Rainy and cold today. I would be pulling out my red boots and wool socks to pair with that outfit. I love your classic style!

    Posted 2.4.20
  48. Pam wrote:

    Have been following your blog for several years. I loved the 75 degree weather we had yesterday in Acworth, GA.

    Posted 2.4.20
  49. Dana wrote:

    Home for me is North Central Florida, where the temperature today is a balmy 75 degrees. I love your style and you always have the BEST shoes!

    Posted 2.4.20
  50. Michele wrote:

    Let me introduce myself…my husband and I have been married 40 years and are farmers in rural east central Indiana. He is 65 and I am 61 and retired from the secretarial job I had for 20 years at the county courthouse. We have a daughter and a son who are both married and have blessed us with 5 wonderful grandchildren…one girl and four boys. I am new to the blog and have been enjoying reading your posts.

    Posted 2.4.20
  51. Sharon wrote:

    Bayonne, N.J.

    Posted 2.4.20
  52. Cheryl T wrote:

    Hello, Beth, from Florence (the Renaissance City) in sweet home Alabama.

    Posted 2.4.20
  53. Judi Hume wrote:

    Great look! Always enjoy your posts as I read them here in Dallas, Texas!

    Posted 2.4.20
  54. Becky wrote:

    I have two pairs of red shoes: a pair of loafers that I can wear with socks in the winter & a pair of perforated flats for summer. I have been a Hoosier all my life & currently live in Indianapolis where it is rainy with falling temperatures. It is currently 41 degrees after a high of 67 yesterday.

    Posted 2.4.20
  55. Lana Douglas wrote:

    Hi Beth! I’m new to your blog and love your style. I live about an hour from Knoxville, TN, in a lake house on Norris Lake.

    Posted 2.4.20
  56. Julianna wrote:

    I live at beautiful small lake community, Lakewood, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I value your insight in staying fashion current while remaining age appropriate.

    Posted 2.4.20
  57. Debra wrote:

    Live in Argyle Texas where one day it will be 78 degrees like this weekend, and the next a winter storm warning! Love getting your Style emails everyday. 🙂

    Posted 2.4.20
  58. Julianna wrote:

    Good afternoon from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We’re just east of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri where everything is about Chief’s RED today. I value your fashion insight into staying current while remaining age appropriate.

    Posted 2.4.20
    • Susan wrote:

      Good afternoon from Lutherville, MD, 30 minutes north of Baltimore. I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of years.
      Love your style and preppy vibe. We have had an extremely mild winter 65 today, wintery mix predicted tomorrow. Love the red shoes, a little early for mules in Maryland. Thank you for the travel OOTD, I love to travel and like to look nice and stylish when I do.

      Posted 2.4.20
  59. Theresa wrote:

    Love the outfit and the energy show. I am from the football hall of fame city Canton, OH. I love Talbots and pick up many of the items you show.

    Posted 2.4.20
  60. I am a new reader from Connecticut. I am 72 and enjoying following someone who is not 25 and skinny.
    You always look so lovely and put your outfits together in a way that I can copy without spending a fortune.

    Posted 2.4.20
    • Jeanne Healey wrote:

      Hi Beth,
      RE: Red Shoes, they are a round the year staple.
      Sandals (low and medium heels) for Summer, Boots for Winter and Flats for in between.
      Jeanne in Marvelous Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Posted 2.4.20
  61. Linda wrote:

    Love your blog! I’m from Brookfield, CT

    Posted 2.4.20
  62. Pat wrote:

    Started following In January before you turned 60. Caught my eye as I turned the following march. Live in Jackson mo

    Posted 2.4.20
  63. Connie wrote:

    It’s 31 to 54 degrees today in Rocklin, in Northern California where we are 1.5 hrs to ski slopes! I always travel with my red leather crossbody and love my red patent loafers. Red gives a lady style and panache and are wardrobe essentials to me. love the blog and I appreciate that you stay stylish for travel. Comfort can still be very fashionable.

    Posted 2.4.20
  64. Cheryl Smith wrote:

    HI Beth,
    Loving your outfits from Boston, Virginia. Always looking for fresh ideas and you certainly bring em!!

    Posted 2.4.20
  65. Kathy wrote:

    I have truly enjoyed your blog for the last several years. And I love red shoes. But since we still have snow on the ground in Platteville, WI, I will be sticking with my insulated ankle boots by BOGS

    Posted 2.4.20
  66. Linda wrote:

    I really enjoy your fashion sense. Elegant but practical. Keep up the good work.

    Linda in Ontario, Canada

    Posted 2.4.20
  67. Pam wrote:

    Hi Beth –
    Great post. I am in Arizona. Happy travels.

    Posted 2.4.20
  68. Donna G wrote:

    Following you from beautiful Northwest Florida, AKA LA or Lower Alabama. Today it’s a beautiful 72 degrees and overcast as we anticipate heavy storms tomorrow and Thursday. Welcome to Spring in Florida!

    Posted 2.4.20
  69. Carol Ann Malone wrote:

    Look forward to your daily column.
    I live on the east coast of Canada,Nova Scotia.
    Winter is here but today was sunny and milder.
    That could change at any time!

    Posted 2.4.20
  70. Sabine Stechert wrote:

    Hi Beth, good evening. I follow you blog daily from Bingen/Germany on the shore of the river Rhine. The winter was very mild this year, the tulips started to come out.

    Posted 2.4.20
  71. Martha Williams wrote:

    Waco, Texas, home of Fixer Upper and the Magnolia Silos, is where I call home.

    Posted 2.4.20
  72. Beth Crawford wrote:

    I loved this post !
    We are from New Baltimore Michigan, which is 24 miles North East of Detroit.

    Posted 2.4.20
  73. Kathye Vance wrote:

    Best wishes from Gadsden, Al

    Posted 2.4.20
  74. Gayle Murphy wrote:

    Love your blog. Although our climates are very different, there is always something to learn. All the best from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Posted 2.4.20
  75. DiAnne wrote:

    I am another reader from the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, WA area via Orange County, CA. I am a big J. Crew fan and always delighted when you feature an item I already own!

    Posted 2.4.20
  76. Patricia wrote:

    Here in Ennis, Texas it’s in the 50’s but colder weather is coming this evening.

    Posted 2.4.20
  77. Jeanette wrote:

    I enjoy reading your blog daily, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.
    Although seasons are different, styling still inspires me each day.
    Living in Perth Western Australia

    Posted 2.4.20
  78. Lisa wrote:

    Always enjoy your blog, Beth! So wonderful to see that Style at a Certain Age is popular in so many different places. Hello from Parkland, FL. We had 48 degrees early Monday am, but beautiful weather this week. Fun to get out some sweaters and boots for our few days of “winter”.

    Posted 2.4.20
  79. Pam de Barros wrote:

    Read and enjoy your blog daily. Atlanta via WV.

    Posted 2.4.20
  80. Nancy A Reed wrote:

    Great outfits with lots of good ideas. I enjoy your blog very much!!

    Posted 2.4.20
  81. Bee wrote:

    South Florida for me. Recent travel let me enjoy cooler weather. We included a visit to the State Botanical Garden in Athens, GA!

    Posted 2.4.20
  82. Vivian wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    Really enjoy your blog!
    Home is St. Catharines, Ontario…about 20 minutes from Niagara Falls.
    February is travel month for us as well.
    Did a road trip along the Normandy coast
    last year.
    Decided to go south this year. Leaving for Cuba next Thursday.
    Hope you have a memorable trip with junior style. Those are special times.

    Posted 2.4.20
    • Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

      Greetings from the beautiful, rolling-hills countryside of Southeast Texas. Beth, the invitation to share our locales has brought an even closer connection between the sisters all over the world who still want “Style At A Certain Age”! Thank you!!! ~

      Posted 2.5.20
  83. Amy Foster wrote:

    Love reading your blog from Covington, Kentucky.

    Posted 2.4.20
  84. Joyce kennard wrote:

    Lake County, FL. About 35 mi north of Orlando

    Posted 2.4.20
  85. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    NC here–I live in a town called Cary, (which is known as the Concentrated Area for Relocated Yankees–and it is.) It was in the 70s here today, and I went for a long walk around a beautiful lake close by. Bliss. Love this look, and I really love that bag! I am definitely a believer that everyone should have a pair (or two or three…) of red shoes! Pretty lady!

    Posted 2.4.20
  86. Shelley wrote:

    I am from Waikanae in New Zealand which is on the Kapiti Coast about an hour’s drive north of Wellington. Its summer here at present. Just love your blog Beth and your classical stylish taste in fashion and design.

    Posted 2.4.20
  87. Pam wrote:

    I enjoy your blog so much. The way you write is inviting and entertaining. I love your classic style and yet you keep it fun! From the Deep South (Alabama). I have always had snow and real winter envy!

    Posted 2.4.20
  88. Janice wrote:

    Hi from Central Ohio. I love this outfit as it is my favorite colors! I must find me some Red shoes! Love your blog and the way you always look so elegant!

    Posted 2.4.20
  89. Linda Lennon wrote:

    This New York girl now calls Palm Desert in beautiful SoCal home. No need for coats or boots here!

    Posted 2.5.20
  90. Abrams Bonnie wrote:

    Hi Beth…Brrr. I’m in Middleton outside of Madison WI. No socks and backless shoes make me shiver to think of it! I’m a displaced Washingtonian (DC) but I would rather have the cold of Wisconsin any day than the hot and humid DC summers. Am a faithful follower of your blog. An aside: Oscar is one handsome dude!

    Posted 2.5.20
  91. Lindsey A wrote:

    British ex-pat (18 years Durham (just south of Newcastle) and 7 in Liverpool) past 15 years living in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon valley). The years are adding up but bringing style and wisdom (at least I hope they are!)

    Huge fan of red shoes – I have the classic Ecco pair with the ‘button’ that they did about 10 or 12 years ago that still look brand new even though I’ve put hundreds of miles on them!

    Posted 2.5.20
  92. Shelley wrote:

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy your blog, it’s great to feel a connection on the other side of the world!

    Posted 2.5.20
  93. Kati wrote:

    Hello, from Romania, Transylvania. I love, love, love, your style! Here we usually have hot summers and cold winters, so this is a challenge for our wardrobe. I am happy finding your blog because you are an inspiration for me!( sorry for my english) Have a nice week!

    Posted 2.5.20
  94. Sue McComasky wrote:

    Hello from beautiful Perth, Western Australia where we are in the height of summer.

    I love your blog, videos, in fact everything you do Beth. You are an inspiration. I just wish we could get half the clothes you show and friends so beautifully. I am going to pluck up courage and buy something from Nordstrom.

    Keep up the great work.

    Best wishes

    Posted 2.5.20
  95. C. wrote:

    Am stuck in MI. The cute styles on the blog don’t work for me but fun to view. Since I have to leash walk/potty our 2 dogs, my look is with a hat( always … hair up in top knot), and full-on winter wear. This usually is until Mid-April.

    Posted 2.5.20
  96. Connie wrote:

    Savannah Ga. I relate to you and your great sense of style. Read everyday.

    Posted 2.5.20
  97. Judy E McAtee wrote:

    Hello Beth from Adelaide South Australia
    Love your blog and love red shoes too!
    Thank you for sharing your great sence of style. Cheers Judy

    Posted 2.5.20
  98. Meg Anderson wrote:

    Currently living in Florida, but moving to Kentucky in the next few months. Love all the red – my favorite color!

    Posted 2.5.20
  99. Gayle wrote:

    As a UGA alum, I love seeing your outdoor photos taken around Athens. I now live in Tampa, FL.

    Posted 2.5.20
  100. Annette wrote:

    I call Euclid, Ohio my home. Even though Ohio’s Buckeye Chuck agreea with Punxsutawney Phil that we will have an early spring Mother Nature can change her mind. Love your outfits and LOVE Ollie!

    Posted 2.5.20
  101. Rebecca wrote:

    Sending some love from Pittsburgh, PA where we can experience 4 seasons in one day. Keeps our closets bursting with the variety of clothing needed. 42 today, 53 tomorrow and 35 Friday…

    Posted 2.5.20
  102. Tammy wrote:

    Farmington, MI here! (Detroit suburb) Red is my favorite color. My red wool coat is my pop of color up here in the cold, gray winter.

    Posted 2.5.20
  103. Lynn O'Brien wrote:

    Hello, Although I live in Maryland now, I am originally from Western North Carolina. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the time you take to post every week day.

    Posted 2.5.20
  104. MollieM. wrote:

    Love this outfit Beth, my style. The pea coat looks so great with those white jeans. Do not own any red shoes, but will shop for a pair towards he summer.
    We have to wait until probably May before we can wear shoes like yours. They are predicting a snow storm over night here in Peterborough.Ontario.
    Love your posts!

    Posted 2.5.20
  105. Donna Maguire wrote:

    Danville, CA

    Posted 2.5.20
  106. Suzanne Contois wrote:

    Hi Beth, always love your style and your Oscar and Ollie are fabulous! Suzanne from Calgary, Alberta Canada

    Posted 2.7.20
  107. Marty wrote:

    I live in a remote northeastern part of Arizona in the mountains where we have had some snow but really cold, biting winds! I get inspiration from reading how you “shop your closet” and combine new and “old” from it. I order frequently from Talbots and like to combine jackets with jeans as you do. But I still can’t bring myself to wear torn jeans!

    Posted 2.9.20
  108. Vildy wrote:

    Grew up in SoCal, Inland Empire, on a chicken ranch. Went East to school and living in Camden,NJ for over 30 years. I propose that I may be the only wearer of corduroy in the entire city, including the university district.

    Posted 2.9.20
  109. Kathy wrote:

    Love the colorful shoes and bag. I just bought a pair of dark yellow loafers and am now thinking up ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Since I live in Florida, yellow shoes are something I can wear year round. I’ve added much more color to my wardrobe since relocating from New England.

    Posted 2.22.20
  110. Truusje wrote:

    Hello Beth, I am from Nijmegen in the Netherlands. I follow your blog since a few years. I love your fashion. Though I am 72, I dress myself in your style!

    Posted 3.1.20
  111. Linda lennon wrote:

    After living in New York for 66 years, we moved to beautiful Palm Desert, California. Spring has been here for awhile; no need for a coat or boots. I pinch myself everyday because I’m so fortunate to be living this life. Love your blog and style!

    Posted 3.1.20
  112. Angela Phillips wrote:

    Beth, you are my daily inspiration!
    Much love and greetings from Beverley, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom where we have had the wettest February on record- not good for wearing gorgeous red shoes. X

    Posted 3.1.20
  113. Donna wrote:

    Near you….Macon, GA! Our son lives in Athens and we visit him quite often. We love Athens.

    Posted 3.1.20
  114. Joy wrote:

    Forget top Feb. pick- this may be top of the year- or top of decade if 2020 goes with 2011-2020.
    Spring is coming soon here in Houston- azaleas and redbuds are blooming and birds are gathering corgi fur for their nests.

    Posted 3.2.20
  115. Maggie wrote:

    Hi from Northwest Florida!! I live in the Pensacola area and am retired. It is actually too warm here to wear some of the adorable layering pieces you show. I am hot-natured and love to layer but have some problem with that here. I am a huge fan and love all of the looks.

    Posted 3.2.20

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