airport style for winter

come February it’s time to plan a vacay and get out of dodge for a few days. a winter getaway is always a good idea whether you’re headed to a ski resort or you’ve decided to sip a piña colada on a sandy beach. no matter what your travel plans are let’s talk about airport style for winter. because half the battle is getting to our destination.  so let’s talk how to dress for the airport

anyone remember the good old days when we were dressed to the nines when it was time to board our aircraft? skirts, pumps, hose, jackets were commonly worn to fly the friendly skies. kiss the past goodbye, ladies, because it’s all about comfort in 2020. can you blame us? what with the airlines giving us little wiggle room in coach. many of us travel with a carry-on so we’ll have to hoist our bag into the overhead bin with ease. then if you’re seated by the window you have to squeeze past two seats before you buckle up and settle in for your flight. of course, business and first-class still offer luxurious seating but even if we upgrade our seat selections comfort is still key.

airport style for wiinter

so let’s talk turkey about comfortable airport style in the winter. over the years i’ve learned what i’m most comfortable wearing while traveling. if my flight is short, say two hours or less i don’t mind wearing a pair of blue jeans, sweater, and slipping a blazer over the top. but if the flight is over two hours i love nothing better than a pair of joggers, a sweater and a blazer. these are two airport-style formulas that work. but first things first. the right pair of footwear is of utmost importance. am i right?! but don’t forget to bring along a pair of sunglasses. not only are they a stylish accessory but they protect our eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. take a peek at this travel outfit post or aiport travel style.

Comfortable Shoes

walking through the terminals can sometimes seem like a trip unto itself. especially if there’s an unexpected gate change or your flight has been delayed. that’s when a pair of sneakers (old, similar here) come in handy. there are so many choices these days but i tend to shop New Balance for a pair of spiffy sneakers. 


Athleta is my go-to brand when it comes to exercise or travel outfits. last year i discovered these ultra-comfy Wander Slim Ankle Pant. i also like the Brooklyn Ankle Pant. the pants fit like a glove and maintain their shape throughout the day. and they’re versatile enough to be dressed up or down.


a sweater is key when it comes to winter airport style. it adds casual sophistication to any outfit yet it keeps the chill at bay during your flight. this Transit Crew Sweater from Athleta is soft and warm and perfect for layering.

Puffer Coat

airports and airplanes tend to be cold. a puffer coat offers the perfect solution. this coat (old, similar here) is reversible so it gives me plenty of options. and it’s lightweight so it can easily be slipped into a tote if it gets too hot.


a scarf instantly elevates your winter airport style. but it also pulls double-duty as a wrap or a blanket on the plane. it comes in handy when you’re on a domestic flight that doesn’t offer a blanket.

airport style for wiinter


one of my all-time favorite carry-on/tote is from Longchamp. this particular tote is the expandable nylon tote which is perfect for vacations as it unzips for increased carrying capacity.

Delsey is consistently rated as one of the best travel luggage brands. look for a suitcase that is lightweight, has a TSA built-in lock, spinner wheels and expandable for additional packing capacity.

warm weather vacation style

later this month jr. style and i are going on a week-long vacation. are we headed to a warm-weather or cold weather destination? we’ll keep you guessing until February 18th. in the meantime, i’m sharing one outfit for each scenario.

choosing a color scheme makes packing a breeze. blue and white with a dose of pink can’t be beaten when it comes to blue skies and sunny days. white chinos, striped tee, and paisley shirt can be mixed and matched all vacay long. add a pair of hot pink ballet shoes (limited sizes, similar here) and a snazzy pink tote and you’re ready to hit the town in style. but don’t forget to add a pair of shorts.

warm weather vacation style

airport style for wiinter

cold weather vacation style

if you’re headed to a ski resort boots are a must-have. this pair is from Ralph Lauren and comes with a pair of red laces as well as black. warm socks (similar here), black pants (similar here) and a cozy cashmere sweater from Everlane will keep you warm and toasty while you sit by the fire. 

if you’re headed outside don’t forget a puffer coat (old, similar here), cashmere gloves, cashmere scarf (old, similar here), and a hat (old, similar here).

cold weather vacation style

airport style for wiinter

all right, gang, it’s time to kick off the first monday in February! stay warm. and let us know when and where you’re headed to vacation and how you dress for the airport.


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  1. The Athleta Brooklyn ankle pant is definitely my go to! I spent 10 days in Paris by myself last May. I traveled carry on with 3 pair of those pants. They pack and wash in a sink like a dream. They were more than adequate. I have expanded my choices to the Tribeca cropped pant and will be trying them out for my trip to Venice and cruise of the Greek Isles.

    Posted 2.3.20
  2. Bettye Greenwood wrote:

    I usually wear slip on shoes to the airport in case I have to take them off. But I agree, comfort is key,

    Posted 2.3.20
  3. Suzy wrote:

    Love your posts, Beth. I’ve been following for quite some time but never commented before.
    I know you’re focused on the fashion, but a small but very important detail not mentioned in your post: Socks! For 2 reasons. 1). If shoe removal is required bu TSA, I’m not walking through there barefoot. 2). I always wear tall compression hose for every trip longer than 2-3 hours. No swollen feet or ankles, and your legs just feel so much better after a long day of sitting. Thanks!

    Posted 2.3.20
  4. Liz wrote:

    Love you Page.
    I’m headed to NYC for Valentine’s Day/Birthday celebration. What should I take to wear?

    Posted 2.3.20
  5. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Good tips. I definitely agree that comfort comes first for long flights. I bring an eye mask with me, too, so if I can’t sleep on a brightly lit plane, it helps me doze off. Sounds like a fun time to head off somewhere–have fun! Last trips I took were to Italy and then through Greece and Turkey. I plan items so I can really mix and match so things look different depending on how you accessorize and style. I love travel, so I’ll live through you vicariously!

    Posted 2.3.20
  6. Sandy wrote:

    I love all your suggestions, as well as the featured outfits. Last fall we took a family trip to Italy for 2 weeks and it was so much fun planning outfits – everything packed into a carryon plus a tote. I suggest putting a smallish crossbody bag into your suitcase to use when you are out and about. I used the tote for toiletries to quickly take out for inspection, passports, reading material, and a black lightweight sweater. I only took 2 pairs of shoes, and it worked out beautifully. We are planning a trip later this year and I will once again just take a carryon. When we were in Italy we used all types of transportation – speed train, water taxi, regular taxi’s, etc. and the small luggage made it much easier than trying to lug big suitcases.

    Posted 2.4.20
  7. Karen wrote:

    Loved the post Beth! When traveling I agree being comfortable is important! Really liked the clothing suggestions and that tote looks amazing – expandable too!! 😊😊

    Posted 2.10.20

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