airport style for winter

  1. The Athleta Brooklyn ankle pant is definitely my go to! I spent 10 days in Paris by myself last May. I traveled carry on with 3 pair of those pants. They pack and wash in a sink like a dream. They were more than adequate. I have expanded my choices to the Tribeca cropped pant and will be trying them out for my trip to Venice and cruise of the Greek Isles.

  2. Bettye Greenwood says:

    I usually wear slip on shoes to the airport in case I have to take them off. But I agree, comfort is key,

  3. Suzy says:

    Love your posts, Beth. I’ve been following for quite some time but never commented before.
    I know you’re focused on the fashion, but a small but very important detail not mentioned in your post: Socks! For 2 reasons. 1). If shoe removal is required bu TSA, I’m not walking through there barefoot. 2). I always wear tall compression hose for every trip longer than 2-3 hours. No swollen feet or ankles, and your legs just feel so much better after a long day of sitting. Thanks!

  4. Liz says:

    Love you Page.
    I’m headed to NYC for Valentine’s Day/Birthday celebration. What should I take to wear?

  5. Suzanne Smith says:

    Good tips. I definitely agree that comfort comes first for long flights. I bring an eye mask with me, too, so if I can’t sleep on a brightly lit plane, it helps me doze off. Sounds like a fun time to head off somewhere–have fun! Last trips I took were to Italy and then through Greece and Turkey. I plan items so I can really mix and match so things look different depending on how you accessorize and style. I love travel, so I’ll live through you vicariously!

  6. Sandy says:

    I love all your suggestions, as well as the featured outfits. Last fall we took a family trip to Italy for 2 weeks and it was so much fun planning outfits – everything packed into a carryon plus a tote. I suggest putting a smallish crossbody bag into your suitcase to use when you are out and about. I used the tote for toiletries to quickly take out for inspection, passports, reading material, and a black lightweight sweater. I only took 2 pairs of shoes, and it worked out beautifully. We are planning a trip later this year and I will once again just take a carryon. When we were in Italy we used all types of transportation – speed train, water taxi, regular taxi’s, etc. and the small luggage made it much easier than trying to lug big suitcases.

  7. Karen says:

    Loved the post Beth! When traveling I agree being comfortable is important! Really liked the clothing suggestions and that tote looks amazing – expandable too!! 😊😊

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