what i packed for miami beach and key west

  1. Cynthia johnson says:

    One of your best posts. We are doing Disneyworld the first week of April and I will be referring to this list again.⚓️⚓️

  2. Cathy says:

    I just got home from Key West. I only wore my cardigan sweater once, at night, and never got dressed up. Wore cropped pants and a tee when not in a swimsuit.
    Three restaurants we liked very much are Sarabeth’s, El Sibouney (Cuban) and Santiago’s Bodega (tapas).

  3. Julie says:

    Loved this post. My husband and I are going to Florida in a couple of weeks so this was very helpful! Though I have a closet (or two) full of beautiful clothes, I have a difficult time putting things together. When I travel, I never seem to have the right thing. Thank you for this great post!

    • Susan says:

      Was the piece of luggage shown a carry-on and if so, did all of the items you displayed in the pictures fit in that particular piece and a tote bag? Thank you.

  4. Jo-Ann says:

    Beth, enjoy the warm weather!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful packing formula. And the great fun outfits are very versatile.

  5. Jo-Ann says:

    Beth, enjoy the warm weather vaca!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful packing formula. And the great fun outfits are very versatile.

  6. Cindy Woods says:

    Beautiful post. I’m living vicariously through you, as we face yet another gray day here in NE Ohio. And I think those paint-splatter jeans are the perfect “neon trend” addition to a wardrobe. Enjoy your vacation!!

  7. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, I’m so so jealous as we have been to Florida many times and we love it. Our first visit was 2011 and have been every year since. This will be the first year we haven’t been but that’s mainly because we moved home last Sept so going back to Madeira in Sept this time. Enjoy your vacation you deserve it, the weather here in England has been an rainy as Athens from what I can tell. Have a Cocktail for me please xoxo Julie from England

  8. Nancy says:

    I am wondering if you are going to Florida, why would you wear a heavy winter coat and scarf?

  9. Mollie M. says:

    A great wardrobe layout Beth. I can see how you can you can interact the pieces.
    Have a great holiday and looking forward to pictures!

  10. Angela Phillips says:

    Et voila! Your post arrived in time to inspire my packing on a forthcoming visit to Nice in the South of France. I was racking my brains on how to put together a stylish package et voila! Your post arrived. Being a rain soaked Brit requires a bit of planning when going to a warmer climate. Thank you for your daily inspiration to strut my stuff and not slip into the old lady mode.
    Angie xx

  11. Francesca says:

    Fantastic post Beth,
    Just like a suitcase you got so much in it!! Wonderful ideas and advice; I will be looking at this often when I get to pack for this summer when I head to Europe.
    Thank you and have a lovely time:)

  12. Marlene Zuehlsdorff says:

    Love your blog and look forward to it each morning!
    We’re going to
    key West in April. I’d love to hear your suggestions for places to stay. Thank you and enjoy your vacation!

  13. Andrea says:

    Love it when you show how to shop your closet. We go to Mazatlan, Mexico every year for 3-4wks, and since the city has a vibrant cultural area plus beach and restaurants from both ends, it can be tricky packing. This year, took your tips for dressing an otd up/down and it worked fabulously. I got so many compliments from the annual winter set, and had to giggle when I noticed several were mimicking my(your) style. Women lift each other up, so I was sure to complement their choices. The airlines will love you, Beth – as do all of us, enjoy 🥂

  14. Karyn Bray says:

    wow, I’m impressed, you put together some fabulous outfits with minimal packing….I start off that way and then keep throwing “one more” item into the suitcase and then next thing you know, I have over packed….I will take your lead……..

  15. Violet L O'Brien says:

    Hi Beth, Enjoy a much desired warm weather vacation. You will look lovely whatever you wear.

  16. Laura says:

    There are quite a few items that I’ve seen throughout your posts, that if I had seen them in a store, I would have judged them “too young for me”.
    You are an absolute master at incorporating said items into an outfit and making them look appropriate for women of various ages.
    I haven’t figured out this skill but I love it. And of course, this is just one of the reasons you do what you do.
    Thank you!

  17. Ali Fraser says:

    Have a great holiday Beth. Looking forward to your photos.

  18. Lisa says:

    Thanks for arranging all the pieces together in outfits! I couldn’t picture how everything would look without your help. I love all the outfits!
    We just spent 9 days in Naples and Fort Myers. Beautiful weather – had a wonderful time! I wore everything I packed except for a few T-shirts.
    Have a fantastic time!

  19. Suzanne M Smith says:

    Have fun!! Sounds excellent. Hope you and Junior Style have a blast. Cute outfits you put together.

  20. Donna says:

    Could you please tell me the size suitcase you used for your week trip to Florida? I have difficulty determining the correct size suitcase to use when packing. Thank you

  21. Gwen Marie Ewing says:

    Have a great trip! Fun in the sun sounds awesome!

  22. Laurel says:

    Thanks for this. Turns out, the day you posted this i was packing for a 5 day trip to South Beach! Serendipitous! Saw one of two things I hadn’t considered so now I am rethinking things.

  23. Penny says:

    I am sorry but this seems over the top for a week long vacation. Bags and shoes alone would have filled your luggage. Seems over the top, although very pretty. I guess I am a minimal traveler.

  24. Jeanette says:

    Loved this one in particular, not currently going anywhere but will consider this for future trips.
    Am looking forward to how you style up the paint splattered white denim, love, love, love them

  25. Judy says:

    Hi Beth,
    Great ideas. You always look so cool!
    I live in Naples so very SW Florida.
    My thoughts are you will most likely only wear dresses, maybe shorts, but I dont.
    I love jackets but I doubt you will need them.
    I just carry a sweater at night.
    I only wear sandals. Maybe a sneaker but not a fan of that look.
    You will NEED bug spray and suntan lotion….and grab an umbrella. Those pop up showers may hit around 3pm.
    I bring little jewelry when traveling and use a Pacsafe purse. Not so much needed here but in other places, it is great.
    Have a great time.

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