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for those of you that have been following my blog or my social channels, you know i’ve been in Florida the past few days.  don’t worry, all this week i’ll be showing you what i wore in Florida and how i wore it.  but being here has made me a bit nostalgic for trips past.  for my long time followers, you know that mr. style and i have traveled to Florida many times over the past few years.  and while i’ve had to make this trip without him, i’ve got junior style with me to enjoy this week.  

hello florida

today, i wanted to do something a bit different.  i want to show you what i wore in Florida in days past— a retrospective of sorts.  some of these photos have popped up here and there over the past few months, but after collecting them all into one place, I’m curious how you think the outfits have held up.  

hello florida

opens in a new windowsimilar jumpsuit opens in a new windowhandbag opens in a new windowchronicle bracelet 

because many of these posts are a few years old, many of the items featured here are no longer available.  i’ve done my best throughout to give you similar and/or comparable items and outfit ideas.  make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

stripe jumpsuit

opens in a new windowPanama City Beach (May 2018) 

years ago when we lived in Houston, TX my curiosity was piqued about the Florida panhandle. every year, Houstonians would pack their bags, load their cars with beach paraphernalia, and head east for a week’s worth of sun in the fun. let me tell you, when those Texans came back home they raved about the sandy beaches that looked like white sugar. for some reason or another, our family of five never made the trek over, but my interest in the region remained.

decades later you can imagine my delight when the invitation arrived to explore the shores of Panama City beach. finally, i’d see first hand what the big star state residents fell in love with. honestly, i didn’t quite know what to expect. if you’ve seen one Florida beach, you’ve seen them all. right? wrong! completely, one hundred percent wrong. not only have i spent time on Florida beaches, but i’ve had the pleasure of visiting Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, well the list goes on when it comes to beaches. i kind of like to consider myself a beach baby connoisseur of sorts… 

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Tommy Bahama Rash Guard and matching bottoms in Panama City Beach

opens in a new windowsimilar rash guard | opens in a new windowsimilar swim bottoms | opens in a new windowsimilar hat

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Gretchen Scott shirtdress while visiting Panama City Beach

opens in a new windowsimilar dress 1 opens in a new windowsimilar dress 2

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a white shirt, chambray shorts, jean jacket and scarf at Panama City Beach

opens in a new windowshorts | opens in a new window shirt | opens in a new windowsimilar jacket opens in a new windowsimilar scarf 

how do you feel about these looks almost two years later?  if you’re interested, you can check out some more photos and read the opens in a new windowfull sail away to panama city beach post here

opens in a new windowFort Lauderdale (Sept 2018)

whenever Fort Lauderdale comes to mind, i think of images of bright colors, beaches, flamingos, alligators, pools, tropical storms, boats, golf, and shopping. not certain if we’ll make it to the sawgrass mills mall but it claims over 350 designer outlets, specialty shops, and restaurants, including my favorites Tory Burch and Bloomingdales. 

for this look, i chose a silk button up blouse, purchased specifically for Florida.  it’s paired with white chinos, green flats, and an adorable monogrammed straw handbag. (and yes, my initials really are BAD.) 

what i wore in florida

opens in a new windowsimilar button down | opens in a new windowsimilar button down 2 | opens in a new windowsimilar chinos | opens in a new windowsimilar chinos 2 | opens in a new windowmonogramed bag

what i wore in florida

what i wore in florida

how does this outfit hold up a year and a half later?  let me know in the comments below.  you can read the entire original post opens in a new windowwhat i wore in Florida.

opens in a new windowDelray Beach (Sept 2018 cont.) 

here are shots of my stroll along Atlantic Ave. If you visit or live in the vicinity of Fort Lauderdale this outlet mall is a must. it’s ginormous, but we focused on the luxury stores located outside on the promenade—Dolce Gabbana, St. Laurent, Tory Burch, Frette, Ralph Lauren, and Tod’s. (and, yes, i did some damage at the Ralph Lauren store—i love him.)

i’ve worn this opens in a new windowtop with white denim. since then the top has sold out! but i paired it here with a matching opens in a new windowmaxi skirt which is still available. don’t forget the skirt looks terrific with a simple white tee or blouse! white sandals finish today’s OOTD. and i grabbed a  opens in a new windowstraw handbag for good measure to keep the summertime vibes alive and well.

delray beach

opens in a new windowsimilar blouse | opens in a new windowsimilar blouse 2 | opens in a new windowsimilar maxi skirt | opens in a new windowsimilar maxi skirt 2 | opens in a new windowsimilar maxi skirt 3 | opens in a new windowwicker tote

delray beach

delray beach

are you still liking this outfit?  share your thoughts below.  below, i’ve put together a fun list of non-matchy-matchy comps with a focus on blouses and maxi skirts.  you can’t go wrong with either, and if you’re interested you can read the original opens in a new windowDelray beach post here

alright, gang!  that’s a wrap.  i hope you enjoyed a little tour down memory lane.  stay tuned this week for more outfit warm weather outfit ideas from my trip in Florida.   




  1. Joy wrote:

    The panhandle sand and sea colors are glorious aren’t they- and unlike any other place
    The outfits are classics
    Thanks for such a good visual lesson o staying power of good taste

    Posted 2.23.20
  2. Susan wrote:

    Beth all OOTD are classics and look perfect! They look like you just purchased yesterday!. We have always been Hilton Head Island lovers, spending the month of March for many years. We do love Sarasota and the beautiful beaches there.
    Thank you for sharing your vacation!

    Posted 2.23.20
  3. Paula wrote:

    Many if not most women of a certain age would rather baste in their own perspiration than show off their upper arms. From mid-60 up, upper arm display isn’t going to happen. Additional, halter tops are going to require strapless bras. As we age, the ‘girls’ travel south. Again, living in Florida all my life, the idea of chafing with and tugging to keep in place just takes all the fun out of dressing for fun. Add to the above the fact the middle aged belly-spread might be contained after 60, but will always be an issue. America’s population is aging and we’re all living longer, active lives. My girl friends in their late 70s and early 80s are very much moving & shaking. Consider then than your readers are still stylish, but concerned about the realities of “that certain age”. Thanking you for taking the time to read this rather wording submission….Paula Weatherby, age 72, size 12P.

    Posted 2.23.20
    • Violet L O'Brien wrote:

      Good points, Paula. Beth always looks gorgeous, fit and put together. You are right showing upper arms for me is a no no…I opt for 3/4 sleeves. As hard as we try to keep our shapes they do go haywire. We need to see some styles for those who aren’t able or who don’t want to show parts. Hopefully, Beth will consider this and give us a helping hand!

      Posted 2.23.20
  4. N. Pattillo wrote:

    As Floridian, I agree completely! Our Gulf coast beaches are all like sugar! The Atlantic side is beautiful as well, though a little different. Sanibel and Captiva Islands, off the coast of Ft. Meyers are just beautiful with unbelievable shelling opportunities! We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful state!!😍

    Posted 2.23.20
  5. Teresa wrote:

    You look fabulous in everything you wear! You are so stylish and gorgeous! I enjoy your blogs so much!! Keep up the great work!

    Posted 2.23.20
  6. Andrea wrote:

    They really do look current. Classic style is worth it, because as you have just proved, it stands the test of time.

    Even on a budget, if you shop the sales, and make your core pieces classic you will always look current, polished and put together. Accessories can pull classics into each new season and trend, with affordability. Thanks again, Beth, hope your toes are playing in the sand and sun.

    Posted 2.23.20
  7. Linda Aulgur wrote:

    These outfits all still look ravishing Beth. Your style is about timeless rather than trendy. I just visited Sawgrass mills for first time in January, lovely place, loveL,y climate after Midwest.

    Posted 2.23.20
  8. Lynn wrote:

    Beth, you are such a classy lady, so everything looks great on you. I love every outfit that you have shown us. You are an inspiration to me.

    Posted 2.23.20
  9. Becky wrote:

    All firsts after the death of a loved one are very hard. I’m glad you have Jr. Style to share your memories. All your outfits look great on you which proves that classics never age.

    Posted 2.23.20
  10. Carolyn wrote:

    Your past outfits look great. You definitely have timeless style. I imagine your trip is bittersweet, but I know you are enjoying your beach time with Junior Style! Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful beach time. Hugs

    Posted 2.23.20
  11. Carol wrote:

    Agree that the Panhandle has some glorious beaches and the sandy really is all that ! Each of these OOTDs are timeless and I couldn’t “date” them without your notes. Thanks for the inspiration.

    As for showing my upper arms, I throw on some self-tanner and cherish feeling the sun on my skin. I’ve never had someone walk up to me and ask me to cover them up because they were a wee bit flabby and wiggling or because they were showing all 58 of my years. I am cool during a Texas summer, striving to be confident and still working to keep my arms strong. Now the permanent divots in my shoulders from bra straps…..those still make me uncomfortable. 🤦‍♀️ We all have something that makes us draw a line. Suggestions for improving the divots are welcome.

    Posted 2.23.20
  12. Tami wrote:

    You inspire me with your timeless style. What alternatives would you suggest for those of us who do not have your gorgeous arms? I can still handle halters as I had reconstructive surgery after cancer – but my arms- now that is another story. I wear a lot of cold shoulder looks but I would like to expand my horizons as the cold-shoulder style is fading.

    Posted 2.23.20
    • sharon wrote:

      All the outfits look current and great on you. I am happy you had a son to make the trip with you.

      Posted 2.26.20
  13. Karen wrote:

    Hi Beth. FUNNY!
    I purchased the striped halter jumper from J. Crew too. I had to have about 2 feet cut off the legs to achieve the proper loo’ I wanted. I love this look. But you have to be mindful of where you’re going. Using the restroom is challenging! You do need strapless undergarments and that is tricky. I wore my beautiful jumper to dinner in Aruba and on a cruise so far. Loving that look!,

    P.S. I am a Talbots chick!

    Posted 2.23.20
  14. Martina wrote:

    Hello Beth,

    Your pictures are magical. I immediately think of my numerous vacations in Florida. Thanks for the inspiration.
    XO Martina from Munich

    Posted 2.24.20
  15. Karen wrote:

    All your a Florida outfits are very inspirational for me, I am heading to Florida this week for a couple of months and I always need help to dress appropriately and yet cool too. And by cool I mean not perspiring! At 58 my days of being Fonzie cool are gone LOL I definitely find myself wearing more sundresses as I have aged. Doing everything for the first time without your loved one is very very tough I am glad you have Junior Style with you, he sounds like a marvelous young man.

    Posted 2.24.20
  16. Gwen Marie Ewing wrote:

    I love every single outfit Beth! But I especially love the blue and white stripe jumpsuit!! Adorable on you! And the bright green and colorful balloon blouse, with adorable straw tote with BAD monogram! Thanks for sharing these again!

    Posted 2.24.20
  17. Patricia wrote:

    I share concerns about showing my rather full upper arms, but why? I’ll bet no one else notices them but me. So why not dress as comfortably and as stylish as I can? And just appreciate that I have arms that can lift and carry and help me enjoy my life. And not obsess that they’re aging.

    Posted 2.24.20
  18. Charlie Mae Woods wrote:

    You look good

    Posted 2.24.20
  19. Susan wrote:

    Try an open weave elbow length or 3/4 sleeve sweater shrug to cover “older upper arms”. Even in hot climates you need a little protection from air conditioning and easy to carry in tote or backpack.

    Posted 2.24.20

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