sail away to panama city beach

  1. Cheryl says:

    We live in southern Alabama and would love to go on the cruises you mentioned. Thanks for sharing! Can you share which hotel you stayed at or the beach company that provides such a nice evening smore experience? Thanks, love your outfits too 😊

  2. Teresa says:

    Interesting that when this posted I’m sitting on a balcony at Panama City Beach! We’re here for the week so add a few of your suggestions to our list of things to possibly do. Thanks!!!♥️

  3. Cynthia W Johnson says:

    I have been to beaches all over the world. None better than FL panhandle.

  4. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, what beautiful photo’s, as you recall we’ve just had four weeks in Florida but in the Davenport area, even so we got to go St Petersburg and we absolutely love Clearwater beach, the sunsets are to did for and gorgeous white sandy beaches. You looked as though you had a super time. Your outfits were great, so relaxed. Thank for brightening up a cool, breezy day in England x

  5. Carolyn Wright says:

    My brother was in Panama City last Fall for a chess tournament. He explored the City a bit but apparently did not make it to the beach. Stunning! Great pictures. I’m curious…adding it to my list of places I want to visit.


  6. Joan Rutledge says:

    What is your nail polish color?

  7. Linda M Dickey says:

    Beth, please share where you stayed and whether there are rental agencies you recommend. I spend many fun summers in PC as a child and would love to return. It’s was then, and I am sure is now, a beautiful place to be.

  8. Peggy says:

    I grew up going to PCB every year for vacation. I also live in Georgia. Last year my husband and I rode through there on our way to Orange Beach, AL and I was truly shocked. It is not the Panama City of my youth. I was dismayed. It is hard to see the Gulf because of all the condos. I like Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL much better these days. However, they have become very commercialized as well. Every summer we now spend a week on St. George Island, FL. There are no high rises. The only chain eating establishment is a Subway! It is like a step back in time. It is so relaxing and quiet and it soothes my soul. Have a great day!

  9. BamaCarol says:

    Ever since I was 5 I have been going to NW Florida and mainly PCBeach. Love that area and am ready to go back. Our favorite time of the year is actually October when the hot, hot weather (and crowds) are long gone.

  10. lorena says:

    Oh wow, for a moment I thought you were in Panama, the country, my country 😉
    Then I read it was FL, enjoy!

  11. Janet Brennan says:

    You and Mr. Style are so cute! What a fun getaway!

  12. Diana says:

    Beth, your post had me reminiscing. PCB was my family’s summer vacation home for 35 years. We have some of the best memories of that annual trek. If you like canoeing or kayaking, you should visit Econfina, just north of Bay County. It’s a creek that is fed by many natural springs. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experiences, and fashion advice!

  13. Joanie says:

    I love the Florida panhandle, too! The beaches are beautiful and so is the gulf. Lovely post. Thanks.

  14. Diane says:

    I have a home In Destin…right down the road from PC.
    You are right…beaches look like white sugar.
    PC was hit real hard by the hurricane in the fall. I have friends who still don’t have homes to go to….so it is nice to see that some of PC is attracting tourists again. Maybe one day I will get to retire there…but for now I will rent my home out and visit it like you.

  15. JPinOK says:

    Makes me want to go back to Panama City Beach! Lovely photos and style. <3

  16. Donna J Idell says:

    Do you wear your lizard pen on anything other than your jean jacket? I just received a sweet lizard pen and wanted some ideas.

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