Talbots Friends & Family

talbots friends and family

it’s no secret i’m a big fan of Talbots. since i was a twenty-something, i’ve frequented this iconic store known for ‘the classics.’ back then i loved a good blazer just as much as i do today. as a young mother in my thirties, several of my ‘most favorite’ outfits were from Talbots. like this pink floral denim and chambray top. to this day i have a  distinct recollection of wearing this ootd while on vacation in San Antonio visiting the Alamo and walking along the Riverwalk. clothes have a way of conjuring memories.

talbots friends and family

Talbots was my ‘go-to’ store all while my kiddos grew up. helping me look casually polished for their first day of school in a vibrant striped tee and button skirt. 

talbots friends and family

in my forties, we lived on a tiny island in the South Pacific. it was around the time the internet sprang to life. online shopping was in its infancy. can you believe Talbots was the only store that shipped to Guam from the States at that time? let me tell you they saved my fanny on more than one occasion. if i hadn’t been a loyal shopper thus far they would have sealed the deal right then and there. one of my favorite outfits to toodle around the island (a mere thirty miles by ten) was side zip khaki pants, sleeveless black sweater, and leopard sandals. or my pink paisley shift dress and pink ballet flats that i wore every chance i got.

talbots friends and family

Talbots classic staples have always been the bread and butter to my outfits. white tees, black or navy shorts found their way into my suitcase any time the djalali family ventured to fun destinations.

talbots friends and family

when i started the blog in my fifties, Talbots was the first brand that reached out. and i’m happy to report i still love to partner with Talbots to this day. here’s the first dress i picked out for a brand collaboration. a simple shift dress with a bold print.

simply sheath

the next collaboration featured a few of my favorite classic must-have’s. can you guess what they are? pants with a bold pattern, metallic sandals that act as neutrals and a straw handbag.


when Talbots asked if i would partner on the launch of the flawless five pocket i couldn’t wait to try them on for size. 

flawless five-pocket

now that i’m in my sixties i still love the brand that stayed true to its classic roots. these days you’re bound to see a distinctively modern twist with many of their key items. and you’re guaranteed to see me wearing something from Talbots on any given day. ‘cuz i do love the classics, and i’ll always have a prep to my step. and while i love to partner with this classic brand, i still do considerable damage to my Talbots credit card all on my own.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a yellow slicker from Talbots, white denim, anchor sweater, polka dot and striped scarf, and striped flats

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a fit and flare dress, kitten heel sandals, and a black clutch handbag

c/o dress | c/o shoes | c/o handbag

many days you’ll find me wearing Talbots head to toe.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a gingham button up, black hampton pants, white track jacket, edison polka dot slingbacks

c/o pants | c/o shirt | c/o jacket | c/o shoes

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a gingham raincoat, white skirt, black sweater, and black boots

skirt | sweater | boots | similar raincoat | similar handbag

other days i’ll wear one oldie but goodie from Talbots. this gingham raincoat is several years old. but there’s a new rendition this year.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears boyfriend jeans, graphic tee, tweed blazer and pink kitten heels

denim | similar tee | similar blazer herehere, and here | shoes

the classic chanelesque tweed blazer (similar here) is always a favorite of mine. and it always looks fabulous paired with blue jeans. high low dressing at its best.

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears white girlfriend chinos, white muscle tee, gray cardigan, and brown sandals

chinos | tee | duster | similar belt | sandals | similar watch | gold bracelet | similar wrap bracelet

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a gingham jean jacket, polka dot top, white chinos and wicker handbag

pants | top |c/o jacket | similar shoes | c/o handbag | sunglasses

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a ruffled yellow blouse, white denim, jean jacket, suede driving mocs, and a red camera handbag

denim | similar blouse | jean jacket | similar handbag | similar shoes here and here

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a puffer jacket, navy blue knit blazer, novelty sweater, pink gingham check shirt and blue jeans

Talbots offers something for every figure out there. yes, petite through plus size is available. i’ve always been drawn to their whimsical accessories, shoes that range from sneakers to heels, activewear that’ll keep you on the move in style, and if there’s a special occasion headed your way this spring, i’m certain you can find something to wear from Talbots. sometimes, it’s a one-stop shopping destination.

Talbots Friends and Family sale with 30% off your entire purchase has just begun. Talbots credit card holders have first dibs with a special preview today and tomorrow. i’ve already been shopping at the store and online. the event opens to the public on Thursday 4.24. so let’s take a stroll through their online store. it’s a great time to stock up wardrobe staples or splurge on something special. here’s what caught my eye.



tops and shirts














for those of you who live in the athens, ga area our local Talbots store is hosting a Trunk Show on 5.9. yours truly will be one of the models for the fashion show. come join the fun!




  1. Kim M wrote:

    I’ve always been a Talbots fan too. Since they did away with the Heritage fit pants I don’t do as much damage to my card. Wish Talbots would listen to their customers and bring back them back. The fit was so much better!

    Posted 4.23.19
    • Michelle Jackson wrote:

      I’m with you!!! I loved the Hrritage fit pant!!!

      Posted 4.23.19
    • Linda Arnold wrote:

      I loved your post today! The pictures shown of you through the years were a wonderful way to get to know you better! Thanks for sharing! I love the classic Talbot look too!

      Posted 4.23.19
  2. Meg Anderson wrote:

    Love the pictures of you and your boys through the years!

    Posted 4.23.19
    • Kathleen wrote:

      I love Talbots and still wear some items that are 15 years old. I have that yellow rain jacket and get compliments on it all the time. I would wear that print dress today, too! The basic sheath is my favorite dress look.

      Posted 4.23.19
  3. Mary wrote:

    I have been a Talbot’s customer for years too! I’m lucky to have a Talbot’s outlet nearby. I own several items from a long time ago that still look fashionable.

    Posted 4.23.19
  4. Loved seeing you THEN and now. My favorite outfit is the anchor sweater and yellow raincoat. 💛💛💛

    Posted 4.23.19
  5. Ann Rogan wrote:

    Beth, if you ever speak to any exec at Talbots would you please mention that they should bring back curvy tall pants? I am 5’ 9” and need the tall and the curvy. I am a mega Talbots shopper and love their clothes, but have noticed that they are no longer offering the pants size that I need. I am sure there are other tall gals that need this feature as well. Thanks for always styling classics. You can never go wrong with a classic wardrobe!

    Posted 4.23.19
    • Cathy McMann wrote:

      Ditto for me, I find the pants at Talbots too short, their full length are ankle length on me and the ankle length are mid-calf, very disappointing. I would buy most of my pants at Talbots if only they were long enough. I’m only 5’6″ but must have long legs.

      Posted 4.23.19
  6. Shawn wrote:

    What a fabulous post! Talbots is a great store and you make everything look wonderful!

    Posted 4.23.19
  7. stephani Tyler wrote:

    I live in Southern California and my Grandmother, mother and I just out of college shop Talbot’s catalog…Then Talbot’s stores came to us ad we have never left…

    Posted 4.23.19
  8. Chris wrote:

    Beth, this posting of yours today has been one of my all time favorites !!!!!
    I’m gonna apologize now for such a long reply.

    I am 61 and have been wearing Talbots since my 30’s! I even bought their childrens clothes for my kids until they did away with the lines. BUT, I, LIKE A COUPLE OF THE LADIES ABOVE, feel like Talbots doesn’t listen. I buy mainly Talbots and don’t switch around much at all, so when I say I’m dressed in all Talbots 7 days a week, it isn’t a lie. I feel like they have to always change something up instead of sticking with TRUE classics – like their elbow length tee – I have been waiting for it to come back, which they did bring back, but with a scallop neckline instead of the flattering bateau neck line or plain old curved neckline. And so many of their great looking tees all have the short sleeves that don’t flatter my arms. Also, so many of their tees, jackets and such are just a bit short – most of us women that have tummy issues prefer to have them a bit longer. Please ask the execs to maybe consider the long time Talbots customer’ remarks. Also, their quality about some items is sub par lately. Example, I hate that stripes or plaids don’t match or line up at seams. They’ve had some great items (pants and tops) that I sent back because of this. I think $100.00+ pants and 90.00+ tops should have better quality. I’m sorry to unload all of this on you, but maybe you can a spokesperson for us?

    I anticipate your postings everyday – What a gorgeous woman you are and very classy!

    Also, I love it when you do tablescapes and love your additions of dinner ideas and recipes!

    Posted 4.23.19
  9. Georganne wrote:

    Thanks for showing the many different sides of casual collections. I too am a huge Talbots fan. I’ve been able to transition a working wardrobe to a fun & stylish retired wardrobe and Talbots has many fun pieces. I love anything nautical!

    Posted 4.23.19
  10. Joanie wrote:

    Hi Beth
    I started following your blog about a year ago because of the Talbots connection. I love the classics, too. I can usually find what I am looking for at Talbots. I like it when you share photos of your past and your boys. I have two boys that are now grown about the same age as yours and it brings back memories of those years.

    Posted 4.23.19
  11. M Hunter wrote:

    I Agree! Miss those Heritage pants.

    Posted 4.23.19
  12. Rosemary wrote:

    Yes, Beth! From one Classic to another, please ask Talbots to bring back the curvy pants, in the store, in tall AND petite sizes!

    Posted 4.23.19
  13. Cheryl wrote:

    I love Talbots. I am from Framingham MA. I visited the Hingham store loved it.

    Posted 4.23.19
  14. Joan wrote:

    My mother passed down her love of Talbots to me. I still wear pieces from 20 years ago that are timeless. A perfect post!

    Posted 4.23.19
  15. Caryl wrote:

    Beth, you did a fantastic job of honoring the profession of motherhood in your younger years by wearing lovely clothes and caring for your hair and makeup! What an inspiration! And you are inspiring us still by looking beautiful and dressed appropriately into your 60s! Keep up the good work of being classy and lovely!!

    Posted 4.23.19
  16. BamaCarol wrote:

    Just placed my order. I had quite a few of the rewards certificates so for 2 dresses, scarf and 4 tops it was only $8.47. I love their sales and rewards!

    Posted 4.23.19
  17. Karen wrote:

    Beth, you haven’t changed a bit, just a little older that’s all. It was nice to see the pictures I always just assumed you only had two boys.

    Posted 4.23.19
  18. R Dawson wrote:

    Do love Talbots as well. What a great selection of outfits today!

    Posted 4.23.19
  19. Karen T wrote:

    Love, love, love this post! Like you, I have been wearing Talbots for at least 30 years. Just shopped there today. Your post was an interesting retrospective of Talbots over time on one person.

    Posted 4.23.19
  20. Patricia wrote:

    LOVE this post! ❤️❤️❤️At least 90% of my wardrobe is Talbots, some items are many years old and they look as good today as when I purchased.

    Posted 4.24.19
  21. Linda B wrote:

    Just green with envy, wishing there were outlets here in the UK

    Posted 4.24.19
  22. Alex wrote:

    You look beautiful <3

    Posted 4.24.19
  23. Lori wrote:

    You have definitely kept your fabulous signature style throughout the years. How nice to “see” your boys grow up.

    Posted 4.24.19
  24. Jane Rinard wrote:

    I’ve been a Talbots girl for at least 30 years and I have some of the clothing you’re shown wearing! Love Talbots and their current collection has lots of super cute pieces. The espadrilles, handbags and shorts are so cute. Really cute dresses, jackets and pants are super cute now too. May is my birthday month so i’m looking forward to the extra 15% off for the entire month. Love your posts!!!

    Posted 4.29.19

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