how to wear high low

  1. Kathleen says:

    Those jeans look ridiculous. I usually agree with your style sense but those dungarees,yes dungarees, that’s what our age call them are not flattering.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      here’s the definition of dungarees:
      the name “dungaree” was starting to be used for fabric as well as for an item of clothing (as plural “dungarees”). … Dungaree is often compared to denim, but there is a difference. While denim is woven from uncolored yarn and only colored after weaving, dungaree is made from pre-colored yarn.
      of course, you are entitled to your opinion. but many women don’t find distressed jeans to be ridiculous. and what is “our age” calling flattering to begin with? the old fashion rules are gone. and gone for good.

    • Jane says:

      Did your Momma never teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say, then say nothing at all? Of course everyone’s style is a little different. It sure would be a boring world if we were all the same, don’t you agree Kathleen?

  2. Judith Harvey says:

    I think the jeans look great on you. What does age have to do with it?

  3. Marcie rettenmaier says:

    I. New at this web page I like it all.
    Wished we lived close to have one of your cocktails.
    Where do you find your purses and shoes. I know you mentioned Talbots and that is classy too. I am just turning 77 and I love fashion and jewelry and living life to the fullest.
    Is there a bio of you and how you got started on your blog?

  4. mildred borresen says:

    I admin I prefer bootcut or barely bootcut pants or trousers. Also not a fan of distressed but gotta admit I love you swagger AND panache! This 61-year old stroke survivor and product of the African diaspora loves clothes, and style more than ever. Keep it comming my Talbots sister-under-the-skin!!!

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