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as we get older, it’s easy to get stuck in our fashion ways.  so many of our closets are packed to the brim with neutrals: blacks, whites, grays, and beiges.  and there’s nothing wrong with that.  neutrals serve as the backbone of any well-established wardrobe.   but if you ever feel like you’re in a fashion rut, it’s easy to get out by spicing up your neutrals with a color pop.

a single splash of yellow, red, orange, (light) blue, or green can go a long way to breathing new life into your closet—and a good way to make a bit of a statement.  and given the layering options fall presents us—blazers, coats, and cardigans—you’ll never find a better time than autumn to introduce a little color into your wardrobe.    

new life into neutrals 

today i’m showcasing a simply stated, comfortable but quietly chic outfit from Talbots  and Banana Republic.  i love, love, love Talbots’ glen plaid pants.  they’re extremely versatile and have gotten a lot of mileage this fall.  you can pair them with just about anything:  sweaters, blazers, you name it. 

pants (Talbots) | top (Banana Republic) | duster (Banana Republic) | similar handbag | similar shoes



a duster with a twist

and what says “fall” more than a duster (Banana Republic).  they’re so warm.  so cozy.  and eye-catching for that matter.  they’re a perfect layering piece whether you’re spending the day at home or out and about. 

pants (Talbots) | top (Banana Republic) | duster (Banana Republic) | similar handbag | similar shoes



flashing red

now for my color splash, i went with Banana Republic‘s  red wrap top.  it stands out no doubt.  and maybe that’s not quite for you.  but you can imagine pairing this outfit (or one like it) with a more subdued red, yellow or orange.  whatever you go with, you can’t really go wrong.  simple color splashes go a long way.  and i’ve pulled this post and this one for some more inspiration.

pants (Talbots) | top (Banana Republic) | duster (Banana Republic) | similar handbag | similar shoes



#4 It happened One Night (1934)

all this week, I’m revealing my top 5 classic movies one day at a time.  in case you missed #5, check out my post from monday.  in my #4 spot is the classic It Happened One Night starring Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable. this is an older one, so some of my younger readers might have missed it, but i definitely encourage you to check it out.  

the movie follows a well-to-do woman played by Colbert who falls in love with a journalist played by Gabledid you know It Happened One Night is one of three films to receive all of the major academy awards? can you guess the other two without clicking the above link?  do you agree with my list so far?  what have i left out?  stay tuned for the top 3 coming your way.   


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  1. Kim wrote:

    Have always loved the combo of houndstooth or glen plaid with red or burgundy. Also found that teal works well with these plaids.

    Great post!

    Posted 10.22.19
  2. Cindy wrote:

    What a SHARP outfit!!! I cannot wait to order the slacks and hope they fit!

    Posted 10.22.19
  3. Christine Illius wrote:

    I have had such bad luck with getting anything from Talbots in a plaid or stripes. Their quality has fallen in that regard. Any thoughts on where to find a well made pair of pants in a glen plaid

    Posted 10.22.19
  4. Karen Landis wrote:

    It’s you!! Not just the OOTD. You’re full of life, energy, feminity, intellect and you make the clothes look great. Your example of going bravely forward in the midst of great suffering helps me in our family crisis – so I will not schlep on my errands today, I will wear color, lipstick, tailored clothes and most of all a smile! Thank you Beth!

    Posted 10.22.19
  5. Lindsey A wrote:

    Loving this outfit, something I would definitely wear.
    Re: the films. I’ve not checked yet, but I’m wondering if one of them might be Titanic, I remember it won a ton of Oscars, though not the main acting ones I don’t think. Good question! Off to check the link…

    Posted 10.22.19
  6. Angie wrote:

    I purchased those pants this season & love them as well. Glen plaid is one of the best patterns.

    Posted 10.22.19
  7. Georgia Peach wrote:

    I love It Happenned One Night! Claudette Colbert was hilarious. She and Gable had great chemistry.
    Love your color pops.

    Posted 10.22.19
  8. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    Love the pop of red here. Looks terrific! It Happened One Night is such a fun movie–the two of them were amazing together. I love the scene on the highway when she puts her leg out and the car stops immediately. Too funny. And the scene were they put the sheet in between them when they’re sleeping. Classic… I love Roman Holiday–a movie I could watch a million times. Gregory Peck and Audrey. How can you go wrong. To Kill a Mockingbird is also a fave. Well, so many are faves…

    Posted 10.23.19

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