fall fashion with Walmart | top 3 classic movie

  1. karen says:

    thank you for highlighting this retailer. love the jeans. wondering if you could go back to your spring post and update us on how you are wearing the jean jacket now, and how you’ve transitioned the acid washed jeans into fall.

  2. Betty (SC) says:

    Nice selections! What a cute bomber! 🐆😍

  3. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, I always love an animal print. To Catch a Thief is one of my favourite movies, in fact we watched it only a couple of nights ago. Another one is Affair to remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr xoxo

  4. Charlotte Tennant says:

    I began watching your blog for fashion “tips” however my watching has continued because I know you are journeying through widowhood. The courage you demonstrate cannot be without resolve to continue without the presence of Mr. Syle.
    Wishing you success in your new ventures!

  5. Lael Arrington says:

    Fun jacket! And To Catch a Thief is one of My Favorites too. During the filming of which Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier of Monaco. He immediately began to pursue her, but she finished filming and returned to the US. He began writing her and writing her and eventually got the girl. So enjoying this movie series. You’ve already given me one to check out.

  6. Suzanne M Smith says:

    I love Cary Grant. A while back, I watched a wonderful biography of him, and he had kind of a sad life. He was one of a kind! Loved him with Audrey in Charade. (Brings back memories of the bateau mouche in Paris.)

  7. Mary says:

    Cute jacket! But I’m really commenting because of the movie selection-one of my favorites too. I love Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, the clothes and the scenery- it has it all! Another favorite with Cary Grant is North by Northwest.

  8. Nancy Reed says:

    Great look. I am surprised by WalMart and their clothes. I will need to check out.

  9. Deborah says:

    First started following your blog for fashion tips … love your grace and style … now, old movies!! Cary Grant is my favorite actor. He, too, demonstrated such style and grace. Can’t wait to see your #1 and #2 picks.

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