Walmart We Dress America

  1. Jo-Ann Mazliach says:

    Beth this is such a great outfit on you for summer. I will go and check out Walmart. Thanks for these wonderful ideas.

  2. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, well looking good there in your outfit. How great is that. You are so lucky in that you pull off any outfit well, and I think it’s great that you give so much inspiration to us ladies of a certain age that we can look as funky and good as the younger ones. I’m sure all your followers like me will agree that you definitely don’t look as though you’re going in 61. Love and best wishes to both yourself, Mr Style and your family xoxo

  3. Betty (SC) says:

    What a great outfit! Beth, you make all clothes look classy & adorable! Love the way you’ve styled today’s look! Head to toe cuteness! 👓👖👡

  4. Judy says:

    Retired, widowed, 74 years old=fixed income=Walmart=Looking good=more money to travel!
    That is all.
    Blessings and wows! Love your daily words, Beth

  5. karen says:

    mmmmm….i’m more of a target girl, but you have found some gems…maybe its time to take a look at Walmart….i’d be interested in how you re-style these jeans in fall, hoping you will show us how you make them work in October.

  6. Suzanne Smith says:

    Love the jacket–I have several jean jackets, but that one looks like a nice shade, too. I haven’t shopped Walmart in a long time, so I’ll have to keep my options open and check them out.

  7. Jenn S says:

    We have limited options for shopping inmy town, and Walmart is often my go too place, especially if I’m needing something in a hurry.. nice to see that they’ve really upped their game in clothing. I recently purchased their Time and Tru jeggings, and was so pleased to note that they are made out of recycled plastic bottles! Thanks fir showing us styling tips.. sometimes a person can get overwhelmed shopping, but if you have an idea in mind, it surely helps!

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