top 5 fall and winter coats | the list

  1. Kathryn Hemstead says:

    This is perfect timing for me as I am looking over my coats and jackets to see what to keep and what it is time to let go. I want fewer pieces so I know I will wear them regularly. I would love a post on gloves and scarves to go with coats. Do my gloves match my purse, my scarf, oh my! Thank you for ALL you do for us ladies of a certain age!

  2. Linda Hess says:

    Statement coats are fabulous!
    I have the leopard coat, sold by Talbots fall of 2010. Talbots had the famous Linda Evangelista, modeling the coat, skirt and a shift dress, that season. Since it was a fast selling item I ended up with the petite version and wear it more as a topper with the matching pencil skirt.
    I just pre-ordered a textured leather zebra print coat from a British brand. Baukjen. See if I love it when it arrives, or not.

  3. Suzanne M Smith says:

    These are all nice coats. You’re making me feel better about wanting to purchase another puffer coat–I have one in an olive green, a white, and a red, and I’ve been eyeing one that’s a more classic black or navy. I am a coat fanatic, and yes–they do last forever if you take care of ’em. Happy Sunday. Hope you and Jr Style are enjoying Paris!

  4. Cathy Cunningham says:

    Thanks for the excellent advice on the purchase of Winter coats. I lI’ve in Canada near Toronto and love so many of your choices. 😊

  5. Meery says:

    The weather is getting colder and colder. I just saw a lot of warm and fashionable coats on a website yesterday. Then I bought a long coat with a bottoming shirt and bought a pair of thick jeans. You can also take a look and give me some advice.

  6. Nancy Reed says:

    GREAT LOOKS, Where can you find a long coat?

  7. ANDREA says:

    Hi, Beth:
    I’ve been looking for the perfect jeans for flat ankle boots. I love the pair you’re wearing with the black puffer coat. May I ask where you got them?

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