talbots and the fight against breast cancer

  1. Paula says:

    Beth, I just read this and wanted to respond and also let people know that cancer is scary and something that we should make sure we are always aware. I am a breast cancer survivor but also wanted to mention my son. Last year at this time he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was only 39. Who would have thought a healthy young man would have to fight this. He had the tumor removed and then went through 6 months of chemo. So far he is cancer free. But we keep praying for good doctor visits. This is proof that it can happen to anyone at anytime as you well know. I also keep you in my thoughts and pray for you and your family. Thank you for your wonderful blog and your son’s great pictures. I’m going to buy one of the scarves!! Sorry this was so long!! I wanted it to be short.

  2. Jeri Ray says:

    My daughter-in-law lost her 8 year breast cancer battle in January 2017. She fought hard to stay active for her two beautiful children who were her world. The time passes but the memories of her struggle remains. I pray each day that treatments will continue to improve and a cure is found so others won’t have to suffer.

  3. Paula says:

    I am going to buy one of the scarves!! They are beautiful. I am a breast cancer survivor. Also my 40 year old son is a colon cancer survivor. As you know cancer does effect is all.

    • Carol says:

      I am a 21 year breast cancer survivor and truly know how lucky I am. Over the last couple of years I have lost several friends to various kinds of cancer; but what is most heartbreaking to me is the young grandson of a friend who has been going through cancer treatments for the last six and a half years of his life (he’s only 8 years old). I too HATE cancer and what it does to the individuals and their families. 😢😢

  4. Amy P says:

    Thank you for working with Talbots and getting the word out there about their wonderful scarves and the donation that will be made towards Breast Cancer care. My mom passed away in 2002 from this insidious disease. It robbed her off her femininity first and then ultimately her life. I think of her every single day.
    P.S. That sweater color looks fabulous on you!

  5. Ann says:

    We lost our 37 year old son to gastric cancer. He left a wife and 11 year old son. The grief is immense.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor and feel very blessed to be doing well. I cannot stress enough the importance of early detection! I had a strong family history and was getting either a mammogram or breast MRI every 6 months. My 6/2016 mammogram was normal. My 1/17 MRI showed very small foci of cancer. I chose to have bilateral mastectomies (a personal choice after watching my mother and grandmother) but I didn’t need to go through either chemo or radiation (and all the side effects that go with that). Please be cognizant of your family history, see your doctor and get regular mammograms! And encourage friends and family to do the same!

  7. Madeleine says:

    I have two sisters who HAD breast cancer…30 years ago when treatment was NOT as sophisticated..they survived..”it” IS treatable🥰

    • Katie says:

      Wow! This outfit is S-O pretty! The color combinations you chose and textures, as well as the setting, are perfection.

      What a great idea you have posed! My BFF since childhood is a breast ca survivor. We share the same birthdate. I am going to buy one of the Talbots scarves you featured and mail it to her along with a reminder to schedule her yearly mammogram.

      I do not know of a blog that is doing as nice a job as you and your family are of being of service to others with diet, exercise, fashion, and now the fight against ca. Bravo! Keep up the good work!

  8. Debbie says:

    I watched my daughters see their father try to fight Accute mileoid leukemia, AML, a horrible disease. He lost his battle at 64 even with a perfect match stem cell transplant. They lost a father and I lost a friend.

  9. Julie Mycock says:

    Hi Beth, Cancer is horrible which ever form it presents itself. I lost a friend to Breast cancer in 2010 she was 45 years of age, it was unfair. But, we have to live life, carry on, and do our best to follow our dreams whilst thinking about the people we’ve lost.
    Loving the outfit xoxo

  10. Ann says:

    I am wondering if you will share your lipstick colors as you do clothing info. You have the most beautiful shades.
    Thank you.

  11. Carol McKay says:

    Hi, Beth,
    Having lost my precious mother and husband to cancer—breast and kidney respectively, I have learned more than I want to know about the horrors of this disease. I learned from my mother’s experience to research, research, research. It didn’t save my husband, but I know I did what I could.

    Coming up in Athens is the Relay for Life (National Cancer Society) “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Fashion show and Luncheon. I’ll send you info.

    Many blessings,
    Carol McKay

  12. SUSAN TAI says:

    My husband was diagnosed with Stage 2 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma of the throat in Early August. He had never been sick and one day & he woke up looking like Jabba the Hutt with a swollen neck. We went through numerous tests before his diagnosis was confirmed. He being the pessimist & was ready to go to his grave. Luckily, it has been an ordeal but he is responding well to his chemo treatments. Hurray! We celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary on August 25th. He still has a long way to go since he is halfway through his treatments. Every day is a blessing and is to be cherished.
    You bring me such joy looking at your blog and YouTube. I have changed my wardrobe and brought several of your recommendations. Looking Smart and Sassy at 73!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      well, i am so happy to hear your husband is responding well with chemo! every victory counts. each day is a day to celebrate and why not look smart and sassy at 73! each day is precious. xo

  13. Sarah says:

    Just watched a friend lose a 2 year battle with ovarian cancer and am being strong for another friend fighting breast cancer right now. Have several friends who are breast cancer survivors who are advocates for early direction -it saved them both. The scarves are lovely and one will become part of my accessories wardrobe-just have to choose.
    PS love that jacket!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      cancer wreaks havoc on so many lives. but i’m so happy to hear several of your friends have been victorious! all of the scarves are gorgeous! i’ll be curious to see which one you pick.

  14. Pat Billlings says:

    Beautiful outfit; especially like yellow jacket and straight leg jeans. I’ve been a fan of Talbots for many years! Also, love your hairstyle.

  15. Anna J Boonr says:

    Just order 3 items from Talbots featured on you sight and they are charging me $8.00 shipping per item, called Talbots they said its your sight I should contact for correction

    • Beth Djalali says:

      hi anna,
      i do not sell the items directly from my site so i have no way of compensating you for shipping. when you click on the link it redirects you to the retailer featured and the transaction is between you and them. i find it very odd that Talbots would charge you $8.00 per item. typically, there is a one time shipping charge – not per item.

  16. Lyn says:

    My Mom was a 35 year breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed at 52 but went on to live until 87 – she died of dementia related illness. I had a biopsy performed 18 months ago – thank goodness it was benign. I just had a mammogram in September, and it was normal. My 45 year old daughter also has had a biopsy performed – also benign. As stressful and anxiety causing this whole process is, I think we should be grateful that we live in a time where mammograms are readily available. Best wishes to all who are battling this disease.

  17. Connie says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to these beautiful scarves. Imagine how much money could be raised, if every one of your readers, bought one. I certainly plan to do so.
    Indeed, we all know too well the impact that cancer has on our families and friends. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer. When she was only 48yrs old. Lost my father to a brain tumor and stepfather to lymphoma.
    All were vibrant and loving individuals, taken too soon.
    God bless you and your family as you move forward, without your husband.

  18. Sharyn says:

    My husband passed away from esophageal cancer (mets to liver and lung at time of diagnosis so we knew prognosis was very poor) just 3 weeks ago. I am relived that the suffering he endured so stoically for the last 12 months has ended. I felt no anger at the unfairness of life while he was sick but now he has gone, I feel robbed of my colleague, husband and very best friend of 40 years. Beth your daily posts were and continue to be a bright spot in my day. Thank you for what you do.

  19. Diana says:

    Just one week after his thirty second birthday my son was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia. He was hospitalized for a month and I took a leave of absence from my job to stay with him. His immune system was wiped out and had to get daily injections to build up his white cells, and had to be quarantined for about 3 more months. He is in remission following his chemo, and recently asked his girl fiend to marry him!

  20. Cynthia B says:

    My dear friend, mentor and sponsor at work died a year ago of colon cancer. He fought it right up to the day he died. Wouldn’t say goodbye to me, he was so dedicated not to give up. I miss him more than words can say. Cancer sucks.

  21. Susan says:

    Beth, my daughter Beth was first diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2017, had surgery radiation and was sent to the oncologist to be prescribed Tomoxifin. The oncologist ordered a scan because she had been spotting, the scan showed a large tumor on her ovary, it was ovarian cancer. Our world was crushed to have our beautiful vibrant daughter go through big surgery and treatment. She is checked closely every three months. So far everything is good! I am buying a scarf!

  22. Congratulations to all you survivors and warriors.
    My heartfelt condolences to all who’ve lost loved ones and friends.
    My brother’s only son(39) lost his battle w/kidney cancer (had metastized to his brain) on April 21,2016.
    He left a wife and 3 children.
    My brother struggles every day .
    Sadly no family untouched by this hideous disease.
    Keep fighting. Keep supporting the cause. Keep the faith.
    Love to all.

  23. Suzanne M Smith says:

    Beautiful OOTD. You look great, Beth. Like most other families, we’ve experienced the difficulty of cancer. My younger sister had breast cancer–we were one of those fortunate families who had sort of always had that sense that “none of us has ever had cancer” as until then, no one even in my distant family had had it–until then. When she called me in 2010 to tell me, I was shocked. Of course I myself had always had mammograms and did my colonoscopy and anything else to try to be proactive, I never exactly thought it would impact me or any of us directly. Hah! It was a real wake up call, and a definite reminder that anyone of us can of course get cancer. I need a mammogram very soon and I can tell you I am much more conscious of every precious day that I am in decent health. My own health issues have been a wake up call to cherish the precious days when I feel good, but now I am even more grateful that I do not have cancer at this point in life, and I cherish every day my sister still has now since her battle. I am in awe of how well she handled her battle, and I admire everyone who deals with the painful diagnosis we all dread. None of us knows what’s around the corner, and I’ve learned in the last few years especially that we need to cherish every minute, and that our health is indeed our richest asset in life.

  24. Sandi says:

    Both of our daughters have been diagnosed with breast cancer. No genetics involved. Our oldest is an endocrinologist so crazy knowledge of her diagnosis. Our youngest started mammograms early, but still not detected. She has a 5 year old daughter and has MBC(metastatic breast cancer). Our hearts ache.

  25. Jessica says:

    Beth- you are so very beautiful and so inspirational. Cancer is a very cruel disease. I send you my prayers and thoughts for peace and comfort. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  26. Cheryl Rielly says:

    Dear Beth,
    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss of Mr. Style. I too am a widow of recent months. I lost my husband of 38yrs to an accident. We have 3 sons as well.
    There are no words, I’m glad you know that you’re surrounded by love and friends along with your boys.
    Thank you for your encouraging style points for us girls over 60.
    Cheryl Rielly

  27. Jackie Dehoney says:

    You are beautiful.
    Your spirit is beautiful.
    This scarf is beautiful.
    Thanks to you and Talbots for supporting this cause. Both my mother and grandmother died from cancer.
    Sending you a great big Texas hug.

  28. I’m so sorry for your loss. I just turned 50 this year and am just getting to the age when friends are starting to have some health concerns beyond the occasional illness. It’s scary to realize that many of us will be experiencing significant health issues sooner rather than later. I try to turn it around for myself and use that little bit of fear to motivate me to eat healthily and exercise etc… I’m happy to have found your blog. It’s so inspiring to see older women in the fashion blogging arena.

  29. Pam Schoonover says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor. I had HER2. The support I had was humbling. My husband was an enormous support. I had a cancer forming polo last year. Completely different kind of cancer. So it continues to be a worry.

  30. Prairie Poulet says:

    In recent years, I’ve lost a dear friend to breast cancer, two cousins to lung cancer (a known occupational hazard), an uncle to malignant melanoma, and a niece to a very aggressive brain cancer that took her life in a few weeks.

    These are just the most recent losses.
    are written on the faces of the small children left behind, the father now wondering how to raise his sons alone, and all of us walking with wounds to our souls.

  31. sharon says:

    I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor. I lost my husband 20 years ago to lung cancer. My daughter-in-law only in her forties is currently fighting breast cancer. It is an ugly disease that strikes so many. The scarf is lovely and a great cause.

  32. Marla says:


    Thank you for your part in helping to work to end breast cancer. I was diagnosed with stage one in October 2016. I had been great about getting mammograms starting when I turned 40, but for whatever reason, that year (50!) I had put it off. My sweet husband made me promise I would get it done prior to his birthday on November 23. I have countless reasons why I’m fortunate to have him in my life, but truth is he may have literally saved my life. I’m doing just fine now, and we’ve both been working on getting slimmer and stronger. I hope to spend many more years with him. Thanks again for drawing attention to Talbots’ efforts, and for being a part of it.
    Take care,

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