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all right ladies, while i’m jetting from Italy to Austria on vacay there are still some hard-working women back home in the U.S. of A. one of whom i’m happy to introduce to you today on my interview series Over | Under. lori machiorlette the President of blendSMART, guides product development strategy, as well as forging domestic and international distribution partnerships, directing sales, and managing marketing and public relations. at this point you may be wondering what product lori is in charge of developing. in a nutshell blendSMART mimics the rotating motion makeup artists use to deliver fast, flawless makeup results regardless of your skill level. plus, the premium brushes use less of your favorite makeup for a more natural, airbrush result. blendSMART has been hailed by Vogue Paris and the Wall Street Journal as a device that delivers a flawless finish. 

sounds good, right? this past month i’ve had the privilege of testing this tool. and the first thought that comes to mind is brilliant! it’s so simple yet so innovative. first, blendSMART is easy to use with an ergonomic handle. second, after using blendSMART my foundation looks as flawless as when i step from a  makeup artist’s chair. third, this amazing gadget has interchangeable brush heads. not only does it apply foundation, but switch the brush and you’re ready to apply blush, powder, highlighter, and there’s even a definer brush that’s perfect for concealers and contours. honestly, i could go on and on singing the praises of blendSMART. but for now let’s meet the brilliant woman behind blendSMART. 

Lori,are you over or under the age of 40?

Wish I didn’t have to answer that but over 50 (:

2) Everyone has to start somewhere. What was your first job?

I have always loved politics. After college, I landed a job with a political consulting firm and was excited about helping market and support political candidates. I had the opportunity to travel the country and get up close with several congressional races. We, unfortunately, represented several challenges, all of who lost their campaigns.

3)What do you think of first impressions?

Not a big believer in it. I always give people and places a few chances to shine. Most people and destinations have wonderful things to offer and you have to invest time and energy in peeling back the onion to get the prize. I love the challenge of going deeper than the surface.

4)How do you bounce back from rejections?

This isn’t our first rodeo and we have launched three start-ups.  So basically, I have been forced to accept setbacks.  I cope by recognizing that overcoming rejections or challenges ultimately gets you closer to your goal. Nothing great comes easily. But, that’s not to say, I haven’t shed many a tear ….

5) Does your brand have a compelling backstory.

I think, yes. Our innovation came from a former model based in Atlanta, Georgia. During a wrist injury, she set out to find an automated tool that could help apply makeup. When none existed, she came up with a rotating makeup brush prototype to simulate the motion of a makeup artist.  After 3 years of back and forth with engineers and MUA, we launched blendSMART to offer an effortless and consistent tool for applying flawless makeup – no matter one’s skill level. I knew I wasn’t the only woman who struggled to blend and apply makeup.  Automation has improved all aspects of our lives and now blendSMART is the next generation in beauty.

6) What advice would you give your 20something self if you could?

Ask questions and find a mentor who has weathered the storm. It’s easy to get too deep into the weeds and not see the big picture. Stepping back can yield fresh vision – and that’s hard when you are young.

7) Do you have a motto?

Sincerely care and respect every person you interact with. blendSMART is dedicated to offering the best customer service and I make a point daily to take an inbound call or reach out by way of social media to a customer or influencer. Listening is the only way to improve and innovate in such a crowded, competitive space.

8) Ocean, lake or pool.

Easy for me… lakes and all the water sports associated with them.

9) Where does your inspiration come from?

I played college tennis and think individual sports breed resolve and grit. However, most of my inspiration and drive comes from Steve, my business partner/ husband, and our three amazing children.

10) what three words describe your current life?

Focused, Passionate and Grateful

by now i’m certain you’re wondering where to buy blendSMART. it’s available at Amazon and Sephora. but if you shop online at blendSMART Lori has generously offered a 20% discount with code Style20 valid through Memorial Day.

thanks so much, lori, for taking time from your busy schedule to stop by. ladies, please take a moment from your busy lives to check out blendSMART. i have a pretty good feeling you will love this gadget as much as i do.


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  1. Sue Smith wrote:

    Sounds great. As someone with fused wrists from painful arthritis, I can see this being beneficial. Good luck with your product.

    Posted 5.24.18
  2. Debbie Holmes Madden wrote:

    I love the rose gold set, but it doesn’t look like there are any rose gold heads besides the one it comes with. Do you know if they will be coming out with the rose gold heads? I am afraid the black ones will not look right. Thanks for sharing this product.

    Posted 5.24.18

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