5 key fall wardrobe essentials

  1. Judy Feyen says:

    Leather/suede jackets, sweaters, vests OH MY! I can’t pick a favorite for fall and into winter. I love them all.

  2. Eve says:

    My favorite post of all! There is just so much to see and learn from these outfits. Thanks Beth. I love your blog and look forward to it every day.

  3. Beth Djalali says:

    petites can absolutely pull off most of the outfits on SaaCA. it’s all about proportions. if i pointed you to several petite-sized blogs you might change your tune.
    as a matter of fact, my dil is petite and we wear many of the same outfits.

    • Judy says:

      I agree with you Beth. I’m 5’1”, about 128 lbs. I use your blog as inspiration & oh my! I get lots of inspiration! I look for similar styles in petite sizes. Certain OOTDs won’t work for me because I’m pear shaped but again, I can still take some parts as inspiration or just wait until the next post. Keep inspiring us Beth!

      • Aysun says:

        Tarzınızı ve sizi seviyorum.Kendi tarzıma çok benziyor belki de benim de başak burcu olmamdan dolayıdır Muğla Türkiye’den selamlar 🙂

      • NC Flower says:

        I too am a petite: 5’2.5″ (notice I have to get that half inch in!) and 125 lbs. I have a couple ruanas, booties, boots and think I can pull them off. I really liked today’s post — and kept nodding, “Yep, Yep, Yep”!

  4. MW Gillis says:

    Would love to know where the camel coatigan [you are on the porch in your photo] is from? I think you used to have links under your photos of where something can be found and that’s super convenient for your readers. Thanks…good post.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      on posts where there are lots of photos for inspiration, there are shopping widgets for shopping ease. check out Shop Sweater Blazers. hope this helps.

  5. Hetty says:

    Wonderful post. When we see so many fabulous outfits at one time sometimes we forget that a wardrobe such as Beth’s is not put together in a month or even a few months. But from years of curating classic quality pieces that stand the test of time. Terrific photos with something for everyone.

  6. Kathy says:

    IGreat post today. I love fall fashion, cozy sweaters and leather jackets. I love ruanas, too. All your basics I have and love their classic lines. Every fall I add a new sweater or two, pants, too. But most I have had for several years and they still look great. I add a new pair of booties as needed. I especially like the waterproof lines for here in the Pacific Northwest.

  7. Tina says:

    Personally I love booties with skirts and dresses in the fall! Just curious, how tall are you Beth?

  8. Deb Adams says:

    Loved this post. Some great styles. I really like your old format much better than the daily now. Show us style at a certain age. It’s why I subscribe. Be well.

  9. Lois Puglionesi says:

    I like the gray, turtleneck poncho you have on in the photos. Don’t see anything on the shopping widget I like as much. Is it available?

  10. Excellent combinations
    Love the last black blazer.
    I wonder where is from
    Thank you for sharing

  11. Paula Diekhoff says:

    I would be interested in knowing the petite size blogs you think would be helpful to those of us in that size range. Thanks!

  12. Kim kirk says:

    That cover photo with the grey poncho, jeans and booties is so my style. I live in Dallas and can wear that late fall, winter and early spring! Gorgeous! You look fabulous!

  13. Maeve says:

    Despite Beth’s lead-in, I don’t get the whole poncho/ruana thing. I used to keep a shawl at work b/c I could discard it quickly for meetings, but it was there if I got cold. I don’t know anyone who wears them in a business setting. They mess up your hair when you remove them and restrict movement. IMHO driving in a long or fringed poncho is dangerous. I’ll take a blazer over a shawl any day.

  14. rarz says:

    Where did you find that fabulous suede crossbody bag you are wearing with the rust jacket and olive pants? Thanks!

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