LBD wardrobe staple

  1. Hi Beth
    Love the dress, it looks very good on you.
    I am glad that your thinking on the Holidays already.
    I want to ask you what color a hair rinse your are using
    I like it!!
    Have a nice Monday

  2. Kathleen McDermott says:

    Wonderful LBD. The soft fabric, neckline, subtle print, cuffed sleeves that you can roll and, of corse, that lovely ruching – these design details make this a uniquely appealing find. Great price too. I don’t need a black dress, but this timeless piece is sorely tempting!

  3. Love the long sleeve black shirt dress. I do not have a long sleeved one either and need to add to my closet. I ended up ordering the cream ruana from Banana Republic you modeled the other day. I had to think on it a few days. Hope it is not too itchy since is is 50% wool, You always look so chic! Have a bless day.

  4. Janbrinks says:

    Stunning! And a good price point too.

  5. Karen C Griffiths says:

    Hi Beth! I love the ruching and the tonal pattern of the dress. How sheer is it? Do you need a slip underneath?

  6. Nancy says:

    Love the black dress, especially like the ruching but the length, the dark hose & shoes make it look like “a little old lady” to me (something my grandmother would have worn and I’m in my 80s). I would have the skirt pegged a little, shorten the sleeves a mite, and shorten the length to either just above or just below my knees – hose and shoes would look great with it then. Polka dots on the handbag really bring a spot of joy!

  7. D says:

    Great basic LBD but it’s the way you accessorized! You elevated it to another level – so chic.

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