Yellowstone Inspired Suede Fringe Jacket

  1. Michelle Hamric says:

    Beth, I’m usually a fan of fringe anything. However, this jacket has just the right amount of fringe. In other words, it’s not overkill! The style is an updated classic with a twist. The fringe, of course! Great color, too. A great reinterpreted classic western look on you.

  2. Marcia Rayne says:

    I love the fringe jacket. I have always loved Ralph Lauren too. I think you missed the classic Lauren look with the pumps. Boots or booties would be more appropriate.
    I have a black suede jacket I purchased 4-5 years ago in Taos. Very comfy.

  3. Eve says:

    I love the Yellowstone look but to be honest I’d prefer boots with this look. You always look sharp so I’m sure I’m probably alone in this. I just love boots.
    💐peace offering?🙂

  4. Belinda says:

    Though I do enjoy your current content, I really miss your earlier “back in the day” style posts where Mr Style would videotape you wearing Mon-Fri “outfit of the day”. We’d see 5 different style inspirations in just one post! So fun! Bring it back, occasionally? Something to consider, hopefully.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      thanks for the suggestion! mr. style and i were ahead of the game as those early YouTube videos are now Reels on Instagram and Shorts on YouTube. check out those channels for video inspiration.

  5. Love Lauren
    I would never thought of putting those shoes with that out fit!
    Thank you

  6. Maeve says:

    I’m also in the boot camp (no pun intended) if a Western vibe is desired b/c I think boots would balance the weight of the jacket. Interesting that on the RL site, the jacket is paired with a slinky black dress and high heels — just fashion and no pretense of anything Western there. However, I don’t watch Yellowstone, so I have no standing to comment as to whether this fits the look or not.

  7. Janet Hurlbrink says:

    I haven’t see Yellowstone series. Would it look good in the Northeast US? I only occasionally see anyone even wearing turquoise here.

  8. Kathleen McDermott says:

    I love Yellowstone though I’m not a fan of western wear. (Maybe prairie dresses.) This jacket, however, is darling. The perfect amount, length and placement of fringe. If it came in navy, I’d be tempted. The pumps are such a cute touch with this delicate, restrained western jacket. Love this outfit. (Love turquoise too.)

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Yellowstone is such a relevant series. love the snapshot of “progress” and its effects through the highly dysfunctional lens of the Duttons.
      Ralph Lauren always gets it right! This jacket is a prime example of the thought that goes into every detail.

  9. Lisa says:

    Well, I am the odd man out today. I prefer the shoes to boots.

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